"Want to give your life a chance to start again." "It's a simple but firm reason for Ronnie to run," he said.

Do you like running? Today we want to tell you the story of the San Francisco marathon runner Ronnie Goodman.

Ronnie was a heavy drug addict, taking cocaine, crack cocaine (crystalline cocaine), heroin, and he often felt that he had traveled between Hell and the world, not knowing why his life had come to this step. And when he went to prison, he began to think back to the past, and found his deep desire to feel the wind again, I want to look at the stars, so want to find their own life back. So he said to himself: "Hey Ronnie, you have to learn to live a good life!" 」

So, he started running!

when ronnie:"running, I was completely free. When I was running, people no longer regarded me as a poor hobo, but as a determined runner. " every runner has a firm belief behind it, and if it's not that unyielding belief, we're not going too far," he said.

Ronnie said: "When I am running, I feel that the real world, the external I seem to have disappeared, I ran into my body, I feel completely free." "(Recommended reading: not to miss the world's Top ten marathon )

Every Runner has A Reason from Heist on Vimeo .
Subsequently, Ronnie attended the July San Francisco half horse, for once in his difficult time to help his public institutions to raise funds.

"When running, everything seemed so calm. In fact, I want really not much, I just want to get up every day, can meet a healthy day, feel my existence every moment. And I think that's true of all runners. "

In the running of the moment, the sun on the Ronnie body, as if everything is gradually becoming unimportant, only the rest of their own. The more you run, the more clear you can feel your own breath and spit, down-to-earth and own, but also with the land communication. This picture, so beautiful.

"Want to give your life a chance to start again." "It's a simple but firm reason for Ronnie to run," he said. everyone has their own running stories. What about you? What are you running for?