There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

Is once a week of weekly time, today want to share with you, why I choose women fans become my first internship company, in the end, what is the charm of women fans, so I am tired of dying every day, but still every day are looking forward to enter the company? Come and have a look!

Why it's a new venture.

When I first started looking for an internship, I made a clear goal: a new company. Large companies, small companies, new companies have their own characteristics, there are advantages and disadvantages, many people have written similar article analysis, choose which companies can, but the focus is: the suitability of the . (Recommended reading: work in a new venture, you get more than just a paycheck )

Choose Internship Company, just like many choices in life, to understand themselves first, understand the time point, can make a well-deserved own choice. For example, I know that I do not like to do too routine things, like to try new things, often have a whim, do not like to be bound by rules ... Wait a minute. In addition, before the formal work, want to test yourself exactly what kind of work in the field, because they do not like something, but like a lot of things, in the new company, the distinction between the job is not so clear-cut, there will be a cross-field project cooperation can know more about the field in the end what? Because want to greedy many wishes once satisfied, so woman fan, became my first internship life began. (same field Gayon: The voice of new employees: we are pursuing faith, not work )

Just do it, there's nothing you can do about it.

Work in a new company, be very careful with what you say. Because the thing that is exported in a woman's fan, may come true, often casually put forward an interesting idea, we will begin to do, and is very serious to plan, execute, edit immediately find all kinds of suitable resources output suitable content, design immediately hands-on design, engineers to provide professional assistance, Marketing began to want to have what can extend the part of the woman fans, as long as you dare to say that there is no thing to do!

When you find that your casual thoughts are being taken seriously, you will try harder to believe that this can come true, stealing the classic quote from a shepherd boy: "When you really want to do something, The whole universe will help you ", the start-up company is a step by step, failed to explore a number of reasons to improve, but success I think there is only one reason:" Believe "(No Impossible: Director: The Dream before hand, never let go of" ambition "Zhang Buri )

Believe in yourself, trust the team, believe in the ideal, believe that can be better, that belief emits energy, will make the whole company will be better, and let all impossible become possible.

A good companion lets you in heaven

Why do women fans talk about doing this? Because we have a group of good partners! A friend who worked with a new venture said that the company had a slogan: a café works only with a.

This sentence may be a bit arrogant, but there are a group of good team partners, stirring the wonderful sparks, really can let you go to heaven. Even in the "everyday" routine of meetings, also will not have the feeling of boredom, because you can see everyone full of enthusiasm, with everyone to share the mood, to put forward their own ideas, a flash of light, but also because of the serious attitude of the partners, the small idea to send a more complete concrete can also be implemented.

And the partners are not just the people in the Content Lab, the whole company's partners are your strongest backing and support, because sitting in the office without the other floor, so the ideas of various departments can be combined with different departments of thinking, different departments will use different brain to think about the same thing, design the brain, Engineers use engineering brains, marketing, and marketing brains, which makes a small idea more diverse and comprehensive. In this process, everyone's advice is respected and valued, which is a great place to learn from each other and to respect the professions in different fields. Steal the words of Shuan: "Good team can let you go to heaven", I live in heaven every day, too happy! (Yes we can: talk about teamwork philosophy from Lynn Howe )