French girls love sensory enjoyment, it is not a tool of temptation, but a way to experience life.

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August 9 is Audrey Audrey Tautou's Birthday! Every time I see her in the movie , she will always be attracted by her clever eyes . In fact, Audrey Bristow exudes the fashionable taste peculiar to French women, regardless of dress or any gestures. Let's take a look at the characteristics of French women's fashion today. (Recommended reading: Five sexy keywords for French women )

(in Emily's World of Vision), the director is particularly fond of this condescending 45-degree lens, allowing Audrey's playful and lively eyes to turn. )

Speaking of cleverness's eyes, saucy dimples, pretty short hair French actress, you must be the first to think of Audrey Audrey Tautou. She is both a quirky, some cute and kinky girl Emily, but also the amorous feelings of all kinds of Paris Gold Digger, to the "Fashion queen Chanel" is a graceful and always in her own Coco Chanel Lady . Audrey Rose did not have the kind of French arrogance in our stereotype, but it always reveals the kindness of the girl next door, giving an impressive screen image. As for her dress up is often one of the focus of attention, let us learn from her as a French woman dress philosophy of fashion model.

The fashion principle of 1."less is more"

French women will never have too many ornaments. Mrs. Chanel's words were always observed by French women: "Be sure to look in the mirror before you get out of the door, and then take something out of your body because less is more! "So in fact, they usually only have a focus, as the finishing touch of the use, never let too much of the jewelry blurred the focus of the whole wear, charm from the present." (Recommended reading: Five sexy keywords for French women )

2. Even if the whole body black, the use of different materials can be very beautiful

(bright silk texture combined with fog surface cotton fabric + different material bags and shoes)

Walking in the streets of France, I often see French women from clothes to shoes and black. But they are good at combining dissimilar materials and they will never make people feel lifeless. A shiny leather jacket for Lacey? The surface texture of the fog to take cotton quality? The combination of dissimilar materials is also a way of expressing their taste.

(Tulle with silk with the length of the skirt + bright leather belt + cotton hair ornaments)

3. Sexy Secret--perfume

Audrey No.5, who had previously endorsed Chanel's perfume, could see from that advertisement that the charm of French women was revealed through fragrance. "French girls love sensual pleasure," said Dawn Goldworm, fragrance director for New York's fragrance brand 12.29. "Their fondness for sensual pleasures permeates everything they do." It is not a tool of temptation, but a way of experiencing life. And because of this fickle, they always maintain a charm, temptation, and a very very natural sexy charm. (Recommended reading: perfume should also be seasonal!) Simple 5 steps to pick your winter fragrance

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4. Not overly advocating for too high heels

French fashion blogger Labériane Ponton once said: "French women will never wear high heels." On the streets of France, you can't find a woman wearing high heels dressed like Lady Gaga. " If you wear flat shoes more comfortable to visit the place you like, why wear high heels to torture yourself?"

As for French women who usually wear some shoes, Paris women's fashion biblical author Ines de la Franssage in the book, the French women in the shoe cabinet must have five shoes: flat ballet shoes, toe sandals, high heels, Lok fu shoes, boots. (Recommended reading:11 shoes brand name for female designers )

5. Never wear something that doesn't fit your style.

( when I was in Paris at a VOGUE cocktail party, Audrey Bristow wears PRADA Printed Pajamas Set With a dark blue windbreaker . , quite a personal style. )

The beauty of French women comes from their insistence on life and their attitude towards fashion. "you are what you are you, do not have to wear things that do not conform to their own style, because your dress in fact represents you.

From French women we see the most natural temperament of fashion, their taste not only from the show in the lap, every gestures, in fact, is the show of charm. It seems so, but in fact their dress logic is always full of small details of philosophy, because they understand the devil hidden in the details of the truth. French women's fashion is also a way to do their own fashion performance, they do not because of the star of the great wear and blindly change their style. If you like it and feel it, try the French woman's philosophy of wearing it one day. (Recommended reading:"Paris, I hate that I love you!") The charm of Paris women )