Robin Williams. There is a sentence in the Heart drop: "Be a happy person, happy to let others see you will be happy. "

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Remember the McGuire professor in the heart catcher, or the President of the United States who always rode first in the night of the museum scare? These two different styles of characters, in fact, by the same excellent actor Robin Williams Robin Williams performance, in bringing us joy behind, he was suffering from depression , on August 11 left us, but we will always remember the laughter he brought us , R.I.P. For Robin Williams. (Extended reading: unlock 14 of the crux of life, let the heart of a lifetime of Freedom )

Robin Williams Robin Williams, a famous American actor, who is a humorous comedian in front of the screen, has won an Oscar for the best supporting actor for the "Soul Tonic" film, as well as the Golden Globes, the American Actors Guild Award, and the Grammy Award. He was involved in a lot of comedy and educational film shows, all bring us good memories, in friends and often play the happy fruit of everyone, once in the film play "Superman" Representative figure: Christopher Livai injury, he played crazy insane doctor to visit, let Christopher regain smile. (same field Gayon:"Big Dreamer" brings happiness to the world Walt Disney )

after he had joined with the movie "Heart Drop" There is a sentence: "To be a happy person, happy to let others see you will be happy ", bring us a lot of laughter Robin Williams in fact long suffered from depression, in the August 11, 2014 at home was found choking suicide death, It is an infinite regret. But we hope to continue his positive power in the movie and talk to bring the world, Let us review Robin Williams once gave us 10 words, even if he walked with sadness, but in our hearts left his eternal smile .

No matter what people tell you, words and thoughts can change the world. No matter what people, words and ideas can change the world.

Robin Williams, as a public figure, will naturally receive a lot of people's comments, but he tells us that no matter what people criticize you, just keep your thoughts, use words and deeds to prove that the world will change because of you.

As long as you stand on this stage, you can do anything in public places, when the stage, you can enjoy the performance of their own, and the audience can understand you, this is your job. stand-up is the "where you can do things" you could never does in the public. Once you in the stage your ' e licenced to doing that. It ' s an understood relationship. You are walk on stage-it ' s your job.

Robin Williams is always fully invested in his work, so whether it's an impressive classic costume in "Slim dad" or a professor of McGuire in the heart catcher, he can play every role harmonizing, the joy or educational significance of the play, Gently but firmly conveyed to every fan. (Extended reading: to do a good job, "mission" is more important than "passion" )

Only those who have dreams can get real freedom, and this is always the case. But only in their dreams can men to be truly is free. It was always thus and always thus would be.

Robin William plays one of America's greatest presidents in the Museum Night series: Diodo Rossford, the use of this sentence to encourage the protagonist to strive to pursue their dreams, and he also put this sentence to us, hope that we can find themselves in their dreams, and then get real freedom. (You will like: Freedom, is peace of mind to do yourself )

There are times when you are faced with low tide, but these things will wake you up when you are not looking. You'll have the bad times, but they'll always wake you up to the stuff your weren ' t pay attention to.

Robin Williams in the early years contracted cocaine addiction, but after his friend Belushi death and his son's birth, he decided to abstain from drug addiction, after the success of his said: "Cocaine is God warn you of the way to make too much money. " There will always be a low time in life, but life is not going to let you down, there will always be a key to people to stand up again, if you are at a low ebb in life, choose a Robin Williams movie to see! Maybe that's a turnaround for waking you. (Recommended reading: cocaine addicted to him, running back to life )

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Even if you think you've done a lot of wrong, the things that stay are good. What ' s right are What ' s left if your do everthing else wrong.

Although Robin Williams has been addicted to drugs, but also immersed in alcohol, but he for himself and the family are active treatment and quit, his honesty and courage to change, but also quite inspiring. Maybe we have missed things, but the great thing is that we can find it in time, and continue and strive to improve, so that our lives can be better.

If you have a good idea, you have to keep trying, or people will forget it, and that's dangerous. You are have this idea so you ' d better keep working otherwise people'll forget. And that is dangerous.

Robin Williams Life left countless works, in the 63 years, to find their own comedy after the day has been in the comedy circle work hard, he had in the film "Aladdin" dubbing impromptu performance, so that the magic lamp elves have 52 different character characters , because of his continuous efforts in his own days, to be able to fully immersed in his role in the creation, no matter how long it takes, his unique theatrical style and wonderful performance will never be forgotten.

Some people are born great, some strive to achieve greatness, some people in the study of great achievements. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. Some get it as a graduation gift.

In addition to his comedy talent and outstanding performance in the Performing Arts, Robin Williams devoted a lot of his energy to philanthropy, organized several charitable foundations and participated in many charity performances. He worked hard to achieve greatness in his life, as President Barack Obama said: "His spirit is so unique, it touches everyone's soul," Robin Williams finally gave his spirit as a graduation gift to everyone in the world.

There are a lot of things to learn, everything has a great place, and even mistakes are wonderful. There is still a lot to learn and There are always great stuff out There. Even mistakes can be wonderful.

Robin Williams life Experience the peak, also experienced a low tide period, but these for him are the life is worth learning, he taught us to learn from the mistakes, grow, write the best story for their lives. (same field Gayon: habit Falls, enjoy failure )

I started to be a comedian because it was the only stage I could find because I had a pure idea that I wanted to stand on the stage. I am also interested in the process I can continue to learn, and enjoy working with a group of excellent people. I started doing comedy because that is the only stage of that I could find. It is the pure idea of being on stage. That is the only thing this interested me, along with learning the craft and working, and just being with People.

The sudden departure of Robin Williams, the comedian's Steve Martin on Twitter, said: "Robin Williams's departure has made me very surprised, this acrobatic performance partner, he has a real soul."

It's a lucky thing to think of your dreams as your job and to have a group of like-minded partners. Thanks to Robin Williams's devotion to the work and the perfect tacit understanding between the partners, we can learn from their performance more profound life topics than laughter and tears.

You may have a crazy little spark, and you must not lose him! ' re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn ' t lose it.

Robin Williams's plays, always full of his personal style, humorous and natural and unconventional performances, each appeared to make people stunning. Because he is always able to find a small spark of the heart, and in a natural way to extend the performance, which is why fans will like his performance reasons. Hope that we can also follow Robin Williams together to find the crazy spark of life, tightly grasp and create a more brilliant fireworks. Read on: The first day, looking for something to brighten your life

Robin Williams Life brings us a lot of laughter and meaningful performances, but in the end, but still not against the shadow of depression left us, I believe that his life to bring us joy, he will want us to sigh at the same time he left, can be more concerned about the depression around the family and friends, as he said: "There will always be a low ebb of the moment, But we always need someone to wake us up ", when someone is deep in sad mood, they need someone who can give warmth and love, help them out of the abyss of low tide, let us together will Robin Williams bring us laughter, bring more people to need it!

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When we're all in a funk, we can do this when our friends around us get sleepy.

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Not afraid, we together against the low mood, give life a little bit more likely, may be different.