So perhaps the most romantic words are not "You are My World", but "you are the one I want to explore the world with." 」

The most impossible thing in the world to deduce logically is love. Can not say why fall in love with you, do not understand why you clearly agreed to go to the end, but suddenly do not love me, I do not know which corner of the city I will meet with me for a lifetime of people.

Chan said: "Every day is a kind of practice, with today to change the past, every day is a new practice, with tomorrow to change the lost." 」

Every relationship is more of a practice. There is a point, there is a house, may sound cliché, but we are not a broken heart of the past, in exchange for more and more good now? Yes, now looking back, what about the lovelorn? What about being cheated? What happens when a secret love fails? Each breakup has become a better nutrient for us, and the next relationship is a new story. together to practice, more to happiness near it!

Practice one. To define a relationship without having to go through it.

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He may have had a few ex-girlfriends, and you've had a couple of complicated relationships, and who doesn't care a bit? But what about it? At the very same time, we have hurt people, but also people have been hurt. We do not talk about the first love is sensible, but a good risk every time the relationship is to return to their own zero to start and learn.

Because of love, so willing to practice without the past experience to define him now, do not use his past to calculate your present, not to pull the crowded past into the happiness of the present. Every moment of love is only your present. (Recommended reading: Every man has an ex-girlfriend in his heart?) )

Exercise two. The balance between loving and being loved

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We all like to ask whether the lover is happy or being loved. Is it better for him to love or is it more enjoyable for you to love? That, can be occasionally I love you a little more, occasionally you love me a little more balance?

Because I've been hurt before, so we are afraid to put our world into a man who might destroy us, and we are beginning to fear giving, trying to hide in the arms of a doting person, and thinking, "He loves me, that's enough, at least he won't leave me again." "We want to be loved, but we lose the power of love." (Recommended reading: not love, just don't want to hurt again )

But Ah, love, has always been the active word, is to take the courage to bear the risk of injury, is Mingchi to Hu Shan line, knowing you may make me sad, but I believe you so love gently put in your palm. One day we will slowly understand to pay and be loved, each have their own happiness, and we'll eventually meet a let us pay to be reconciled, loved happy people.

Exercise three. To be intimate is to be in your own space.

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In the past several times, we have mistakenly put love as a vacuum room. My world can only have you, your world can only have me, so over time, more and more hypoxia, this relationship becomes more and more suffocating ...

Love is that you have two people in the world, have their own world, but also have a bigger world. Some things always like to do with him, but also like to spend time with himself. You know when he's upset, he likes to go out and walk, and when he knows you're not happy, he likes to eat his own stuff. Two of people who are close to each other need their own time and space. Because the real loneliness is not that he is not around you, but learn not to be alone with himself.

So perhaps the most romantic words are not "You are My World", but "you are the one I want to explore the world with." "(also come to see: lonely, lonely Good?" )

Exercise Four. Learn to listen and communicate in good faith

We all know that communication is a learning discipline, but often ignores the need to learn to listen.

Not only the other half should be tolerant of our happiness and sadness, share our anxiety and confusion, we should do that can make him brave, let him believe that tomorrow will be better, the sky collapses you top of that person. The good way to get along is to be two-way, we listen to each other, and we communicate sincerely.

In the love relationship, we are always not stingy to each other chatter, but also willing to embrace each other's fragility. Who told us that we are the people who should care about each other most? (same field Gayon: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

Exercise Five. Imagine a better future.

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It is a waste of time to talk about a relationship where you don't believe in the future.

What would you say if you could imagine the future of this relationship? You must have heard the self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-fulfilling propehcies, when we hold more beautiful imaginations about a relationship, it turns out that we can often practice our imaginations step by bit, and vice versa. A happy relationship is actually from the imagination, and then in each other's imagination, looking for the most perfect rendezvous. (Recommended reading: love, is his future with you )

Again difficult, but also to the Universe orders, want a have his future.

Exercise six. Don't project what you want on the other half.

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No one needs to be with someone else and become all that he likes.

We all admit that in love for each other change is not hardship, but a faint happiness. But at the same time, in the love of another difficult lesson, is that we learn to put down many of our hearts to the other half of the beautiful blueprint, put down their own too much persistence and projection, recognizing that we are with a real person in love, not love their own beautiful imagination. We are more and more aware of reality in love.

Maybe he is not so perfect, he occasionally burp after dinner, his temper is a bit bad, he did not let people see the red heart of the mermaid line, he may one day gradually bald, he was never your dish ... But he's the one you don't know why you've been loving, and that's enough. (Also see:"complementary" or "similar" is not important, it is important to be willing to change for each other )

Exercise Seven. Remember the feeling of love

Remember the feeling of love, that little bit of enthusiasts, that a little blush heartbeat, is he holding an umbrella in the rain medium you, is the first time you pretend inadvertently hook up his hand, is he gently rub your hair, is you forcibly hold him said henceforth you are my ...

It's the feeling of love, the urge to love each other after a quarrel, and when you feel like giving up, think of a person who used to look at you with such a gentle eye, and you deeply moved; in sad time, think of a person once said to grow old or to lead your hand around the world, if not in love, what is it? (Recommended to you: a new formula for a couple photo, let you live every day Valentine's day)

Seven exercises may not be enough, because love is always naughty, often day by day slowly evolve, there are always new challenges, there are always other checkpoints, but can have a person in your side, together with the break off, together with the card, but also belong to you stumbled happiness?

Hey, think about the old relationship, think about it now, write down your love practice!