Everyone is waiting for one person, and we all want to be able to see our soul mate in life.In fact, he's right next to you. ~

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British playwright William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, "Jack and Rose of Juliet," The Romance Dawn "," The Romantic Conversation, "and" True Love for the real world, have found to have been a lifeline the .(You'll like: One day is timeless, at dawn )

soul mate: the other half?

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"Everyone is waiting for one person," we all want to be able to meet our soul mate in life, and we believe that there is another person in the world that will exist for us.The discussion on the soul mate has never been interrupted since ancient times, and philosophical explanations of the search and desire are not a cause of loneliness, but a desire to be made from time to time.

Plato in the < Drink > mentions that in the past, people had four legs, four hands, four arms, and a two faces, because they were blasphemous and were cut in half as a punishment.Since then, people have exhausted their lives to find their own other half, making themselves happy.(Recommended reading: Love is the last answer )

Theology says that every human being created by God has the soul of both men and women.It explains that people are divided between the sexes because people leave the punishment that God has swallowed on the Earth.So we are always searching for a soul mate who has been looking for a hit, and finding it so difficult is that after all the debts have been paid off, the two and a half of the people will be able to be able to get together and end up in the end.

Both arguments can show that we are so eager, both from the past and the modern world, that there is a person who is born because of us.

But does the soul mate really exist?

We spent the rest of my life looking for someone who was born to know who you were, but based on a recent United States social psychology survey, " People who believe that they are growing up and solving problems with their partners are the people who are the perfect soul mate, and often the relationship is worse."

myth of the "soul mate" may easily give people greater dissatisfaction and disappointment with love. Most of the long-term, long-term romantic relationships have to be built up through the growth of the two.So perhaps what we should do is not to look for or look forward to the so-called soul mate, but to treasure Mr. Right Now, let Mr. Elton have a good life. Right Now becomes a person willing to work together for the rest of his life.(See, Breaking the Dilemma of the Search for True Love )

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France's ethnic-spiritual expert Toby · also referred to "The soul mate has always been in the picture: the memory of her relationship with his mother at birth and her lifelong love of feeling, so we created this image of the perfect other and he/she doesn't need verbal communication, and he/she will forever protect us from the loss."" (Extended Read: Let Love Freedom!Attraction not equal to "soul mate"

Through interaction with the other half, we feel each other and then see ourselves, the soul mate actually represents the desire to be yourself, because we all want to be the best of ourselves, and we want to be more imaginable.So while we still have a soul mate in the middle of our hearts, we should not let such expectations distort the causes of the first two people's love, nor should we allow imagination to restrict the free development of emotions.(days: seven trivial things that let you know and really miss )

Next page, hold on to your Mr. Elton. Right Now

Where is my Mr.Right?Hold on, Mr. Right

Perhaps what you need now is not the Mr.Right, but Mr. Right Now. He is not necessarily the flawless person. He may occasionally be fascinated by video games. Sometimes you don't understand the emotions of your friend. You often can't see that you wear a new earring. But these are not only 100 % romantic, but also by mutual communication, tolerance and understanding by the two.(The survival of love: nine happy marriage secrets )

How can I find him?Five little secrets to share with you, maybe you'll soon find out the Mr.Right Now!

1. Before you find him, please find yourself first!

If there is no soulmate of the soul.

First to understand yourself and listen carefully to what you want. We don't necessarily have to cater to all the love that everyone wants. Our love doesn't necessarily have to have flowers, but we can have a definition of happiness.Try to ask yourself, " What relationship do I want?" You will find that the list of leftist thoughts on the left and the right is in fact a hope for themselves, so you can see yourself more than ever, and you can see what you think of the future.(Come on: Create Your Value in Love )

2. seeing the nature of the future men.

The future is a little bit of a drop.You must have a happy man's imagination, and then look at whether or not he has this kind of personality to lead him to that future.If you want to have a rich and half, no problem, but now you shouldn't be directly looking for a wealthy man, but finding someone with ambition and ambition, because these qualities will lead him in that direction, and now the benchmark will become more practical and more developed.

3. See his inner, love his heart

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It's not just his appearance, it's because he sees his advantages, because he loves him.If you find out that there are restrictions on the conditions of your friendship, then you might also find a man who can judge your man with your height and weight, so that love is always gone too fast after the year.

4. courage to continue to love after getting hurt

Maintain a heart of love, even if injured, to cultivate more interests and hobbies, communicate with more people, not fear, bravely, and follow your heart.(Don't be shy: love = action )

5. Don't think too much!Be brave to believe in your sense of the sixth sense

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Just let the romance go forward! Enjoy each moment with him, and don't worry about the future of a program that doesn't meet every element of a good man.Believe in their intuition, the sixth sense of women may be more useful than cognitive.(Recommended reading: Eternal way of love to become a belief )

You want a better relationship, and the more grinds and difficulties are, the person is not an effective drug that makes life a hundred percent, a mirror that makes you feel naked, you show yourself, and then you adjust yourself, and these challenges, you experience, experience with you, you make a better person, and you make the soul mate and True love more likely to exist.(You would like to: Believe in love, believe in yourself: love is not perfect, it is only complete )