A woman's most fascinating time is when she is most confident, and the moment of loving herself is particularly fascinating.

What is a confident woman? After seeing the June, we deeply see that this is the confidence of women to emit the brilliance.

June, in 2001, "reverse female" won the TV Admiralty Award unit drama Best Actress award. Under the new challenge of lesbian roles, it has to be said that the performance of the June is amazing. And now, she also began to challenge when the hostess, in the shed secretly look at her us, it is not difficult to see her regardless of acting or presided over, have a very dedicated attitude. (Recommended reading: model: Dedication, is the most beautiful attitude Natalie Pickles)

Five o'clock in the afternoon, we contractual to the East Mori television station, preparing to interview the Long-awaited June. Waiting outside the shed for the moment, in addition to secretly enjoy the studio in June presided over "one of the 2 points strong" when the professional style, We also saw the June itinerary, from morning to night with four episodes, each episode is about to shoot 2-3 hours, a huge workload really scared us. Already is expectant mother of her, pregnant five months, the limbs or is quite thin, the figure looks like the female high school student as young lovable. June in the shooting "one of 2 points Strong" time to accept our visit, even if the work has been working all day, even if there is a program to record at night, she is still smiling face, friendly attitude, completely let people feel no star of the shelf.

Pursue what you want to do, be a woman with confidence.

"Going to New York for a tour and LONG STAY is the most I want to do in my life." 」

For the June and Li Yi after the marriage of life, we are a little curious, did not expect June said in fact, after marriage or work full file, there is no time to share the joy of marriage. "Get married and go to Hualian work, then go to Kaohsiung and Penghu, and then spend nine months." Then I went on my dream trip and went to New York for six months, so I got married for three years and 1.5 wasn't home. "June. We feel that she is a very good woman, as soon as there is a free file, immediately embark on the journey of practical dream. What you want is really careful planning and practice, so that we admire from the bottom of our hearts.

At the same time, we are also curious about whether Li Yi will feel a protest about staying home alone. "Do you know that there is a word of protest invalid?" "June jokingly said," No, Li Yi before marriage know I most want to go abroad to study, so he felt is to complete my dream. "It's not hard to find her rising corners of the mouth, a hint of sweetness." (Recommended reading:MBA Gatekeeper!) Want to go to foreign business school you must know the noble

A woman's most fascinating time is when she is most confident, and the moment of loving herself is particularly fascinating. When you are confident and love yourself, you will be very very happy every day, there will be many people watching you, want to be as happy as you.


For the things we pursue, it seems that no one can stop the June. Perhaps, it is because of constantly enrich themselves, practice what they want to do, so that the June the whole person exudes so confident brilliance; in love, perhaps because of this, just let two people's relationship has always been the husband chasing his wife running happy state. (Recommended reading: where is the confidence?) A little secret that makes you more and more beautiful.

Life is to enrich yourself constantly.

"The schoolwork in New York is very heavy, but even if I was drunk the day before, I was on time for class the next day, and I never skipped a class." "June," said proudly. June has been very focused on the self-development of the people, uphold the spirit of the dream forward, she went to New York two years after a trip, spent six months of study tour. In our eyes, June is like a sponge, she went abroad to language school to learn language, also learn to perform related courses, so that their ability to act more fully. With rich experience in acting, she also went to the performing arts class in Taiwan, and recently picked up the host stick, seriously challenged her to think that the program is more difficult than the drama, let us see her to her own requirements "good and better" to enrich the attitude of life.

In addition to the skill study, she has been changing the "life". When she came back from the tour, she realized something: "The most I've learned from New York is that I think I should slow down because I spend so much time working every day, but I don't get anything else but work and money." "has been a shoulder to carry many things, busy life, she also learned to slow down, feel every moment of time flow."

June: I love my brother and sister

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Compared to the previous female fans and the Super view of "one of the 2 strong" cooperative Women Small Men Survey , about one-third of women can not accept the male daughter Big love. But June bluntly said she just like to talk about sibling love, and finally and small her seven-Year-old Li Yi married. June smiled and said: "I like to talk about brother and sister love, because I'm in love with older people. I can't control him, I will not grasp the point of the old person to speak, will think that he said is true, but if with the younger than me, he is a liar I know. "Perhaps it is because of this trust and tacit understanding, she Li Yi to the" Management Policy ", a week has four days to go out for a drink and have fun, of course, but also very important on the other hand," because I am also a person who loves to play, in charge of his own I can not go out to play! " "June," said the hearty. From the conversation, we can see that they give each other a lot of freedom, both sides have a lot of personal space, but the heart has always been with each other, trust each other. (Recommended reading: How long have you been alone?) Learn to be alone so you can live with others.

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The original flash let a lot of people startled, we also asked how June then decided to marry this person. June said that the Japanese tsunami made her feel life is impermanent, "if one day I encounter a natural disaster, always should marry once!" "Playful and lovely words seem to be so true, plus at that time Li Yi and very intimate care of the June, rare to meet the young and so love her people, in the life of the uncertainty of the understanding of the decision to marry." Perhaps the decision to marry is always a bit of a shock, and the impermanence of life is not the best reason?

In the proposal of love, for the more than 20-year-old girl, June suggested that the first need not to talk about siblings, you can start from the mature man to find, because this time do not know a lot of things, but experienced men can take you see a lot of different world. If already more than 30, already understand oneself very much, June suggestion can talk about seeing sibling love, her own experience, June playful say: "Will have completely different impressions!" 」

Marriage advice for girls and women

"Husband and wife are usually like this, when encountering big difficulties, usually are hand-qi walking through, you will break up divorce is only because of small things." 」

June feels comfortable with Li Yi, and two people's values are the biggest frictions. For example, see a pair of trousers more than 20,000 very good-looking, husband Li Yi will not hesitate to buy. But in the June, which is responsible for housekeeping and helping to calculate money, it is felt that Li Yi does not have a family-priority concept. "I think values are a difficult thing to communicate, and we do it through priests and third parties," he said. He doesn't listen to me, he thinks I'm picking on him, but if it's an older elder or a priest who says to him that boys talk to guys like that, he'll accept it. "June suggests that if couples encounter problems with poor communication, they can go to the church to ask for help." Many men put things in their hearts, and the best part of the church is to encourage them to share, so that someone will know what your problem is and share it with you. (Recommended reading: love, like a Man and a woman duet Love song )

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In love, June describes Li Yi always bring her warmth, while she is like a Li Yi Haven.

in June, thinking about what Li Yi was a definition for her, she saw her smile so sweet and beautiful. Perhaps the marriage is always started with a big and small disputes, but through these processes, will have the present indifferent happiness.

June Three keywords: passion, strive for progress, modern chivalrous woman

At the end of the visit, we met the June broker-Kiki. Although still busy with other things, but she was very kind and detailed to talk to us about the June. If she were to describe June, she gave us three adjectives:

1. Warm and kind, is a person full of love

The growth of the June is actually some lack of love, but grew up in the June, decided to let himself be full of love, and can bring to others love people. Although the June has a star aura, seems to have some distance with the public, QiQi said private June very cordial, and very kind-hearted. She cared about what happened to the world, cared about Taiwan's social issues, and cared about everyone around her.

2. Constant pursuit of their own progress and growth

Even if has become a movie queen, for us June's acting strength has been Brong , QiQi said she still have to sign up for the performance class, let oneself a higher level! From her solo trip to New York, you can see that the desire for learning in the June will not end with the aura of substance. Even if not acting, June for other things she did not understand, but also holding a passion to learn the heart.

3. The head of the woman, elder sister

QiQi finally described June as a "chivalrous woman". In the case of the Kaohsiung gas explosion, in June, she said to her: "Why are you still spending the effort to investigate the responsibility without quickly helping the suffering people!" may be because of natural love to protect others, let her in the group has a kind of elder sister head temperament. Whether it is social issues or close to the people around, as long as injustice, June will be brave to jump out of the right.

In the eyes of the June: enthusiasm, strive for progress, modern chivalrous woman, in our and June to talk about the same to be confirmed. from the eyes of friends June, let us understand--her self-confidence, her pursuit of progress, is to practice their own begotten. June also want to tell you girls, women, their careers, love and love themselves must have confidence. Don't put all your weight on another person. Love yourself before you know it, so you can realize the true happiness. Hope that all girls can bring self-confidence into life, enjoy your life! (Recommended reading: Love yourself: I love you, but I love myself more )