Again, said: "Give up is a very scary, just a few hours of hard work, but give up will be a lifetime of regret, is not cost-effective!" 」

The protagonist of this visit may be a fantasy career in everyone's mind: fashion supermodel, and the protagonist of the visit, Lin also stood at the first sight of her, she proud of the height, symmetry of the body, the sun's tan skin, photographed naturally not artificial, like the imagination of fashion magazines in the distance beyond the super model, but an opening, Her hearty laughter and lively body movements, like the next door lively big girl, still from time to the heart of the monologue with us, let us know more about supermodel life behind the true face. (Extended reading: The most authentic window model )

In addition to outstanding professionalism in his work, there is also the possession of free and unrestrained soul, so she used a variety of extreme challenges, enrich their lives, from the faint supermodel to challenge seven days and six nights across the 250-kilometer Sahara Extreme Marathon, this crazy challenge, below a bunch of people's glasses, let us look at, This rebel model, which is not tied to a supermodel, has other life-related experiences to share with us in addition to the behind-the-scenes story of the modeling circle.

Models are civil servants in the fashion circle.

Many people think of the model industry, may be wearing luxurious clothing, living a high-grade life, contact with the upper class society ... Wait, 17 years old, because the rookie model tryouts champion, after entering the model circle, tongue good and became the focus of the spotlight, to get a lot of the previous school did not feel the sense of accomplishment, at first she also felt that such a life is fresh and interesting, but then gradually found the model circle, not as she imagined the beautiful.

For the model of this line, but also said: "We are waiting for" to be chosen ", so always keep the perfect state, in the daily running notices, audition life, no one will praise you every day, but to continue to accept other people's criticism, rejection. And the models in many ways are not the main control, but also said:

"Our own body and life autonomy is very low, even the color of hair, nail polish color is stipulated, even if the day before with a boyfriend quarrel, also can't cry or eat, because tomorrow may have the work of filming, must always keep the appearance of perfection."

In addition to the company's rules, the model life more restrictions are from the media and public opinion, a lot of times a casual speech may be taken out of context as a headline in tomorrow's newspaper, and in the personal life, it says, "Maybe you're not focused on the spotlight at the moment, but if one day you become a household figure, Everything you've done in the past will be found out, so you need to be disciplined in your emotional life and other things. (Real fashion industry: want to enter the fashion industry, the focus is not just fashion but perseverance )

And in the management of their own life, for the media reports, but also the state can hold a positive attitude to face:

"As long as you understand yourself, you do not need to be swayed by other people's thoughts, care about the people you care about."

Because of these restrictions and the media to enlarge the view, but also to have a more powerful than the general psychological quality, to absorb other people's criticism and advice, with positive thoughts of these setbacks into motivation to motivate themselves.

In the frame, you have to be yourself.

Because very young to enter the field of modelling, even if it is a strong personality, but also stumbled in the way, know the time to show the soft side of women, she said: "Not necessarily smooth sailing to reach the peak, Encounter setbacks but can make the story more exciting ", when the face can change things, they try to change it, prove their ability, but when things can not be resolved, learn to" show weakness "can make life more smooth. (You will like: learn to fail on success!) See the story of six successful women )

But no matter how to learn to adapt to the model life, she never forget the true self, she said:

"My personality is not fit to be a good model, and I do not want to go the way other people walk, but I do not rebel to do their own, but to choose a work on their own to help the way to open up their own life, so that they get rid of the shackles of the small frame of photography. 」

Therefore, in addition to the model life challenges, but also the choice of extreme sports to release their own pressure, but also enrich their lives, she played skydiving, bungee jumping, skiing ... And so on, a heart-racing extreme, but ask her what the craziest challenge is, and the answer is nothing exciting: a marathon.

The speed movement challenges courage, but the marathon challenges willpower.

"I used to think that madness is a rapid challenge, but you can't control speed in the challenge of the speed movement, it's just the limit of daring," he said . the limit of the marathon challenge is different, you can always give up, but if you want to complete this matter, the challenge is the limit of the physical strength, but the limit of willpower. "

In this seven-day six-night Polar Desert Marathon Challenge, in fact, on the second day, the foot of a large blister, and the last day of the race, is also a feeling that they have faced the biggest challenge, has been 24 hours without sleep, facing the grim terrain, endure the descent of the knees and the pressure of the soles of the feet blisters pain, It really wanted to give up now, but when he saw the empty eyes of a teammate who was forced to retire from his physical condition, she reminded herself earnestly:

"Give up is a very terrible, to survive just a few hours of effort, but give up will be a lifetime of regret, it is not cost-effective!" So she tried to stick it out and finish the game.

Then I recalled that after the end of the race to get the bronze film, she used a dramatic expression, grief and indignation to say to us: "At that time really very angry!" For that rotten piece of copper, I actually suffered so much suffering, really feel that is not worth it, but this mood only to maintain less than half an hour, because she said: "This challenge, the most worthwhile is not that piece of copper, but the seven-day six-night challenge, With the three months before the game, in this challenge, the most impressive thing is not how strong the body can be, but how much a man can change by willpower, and then say, "This challenge, which can be determined by sheer willpower, is much easier than the challenge of working." ", so the next Atacama, Des. De to prepare for the next marathon challenge, but this time she hopes not only to run for themselves, but to meet the match when the friends learn, she wants to run for the public good, let the running this thing can be more meaningful! (Extended reading: " audio and video" The story of a hobo running half a horse: Every runner has a firm reason behind it .)

To be seen, take the initiative to face the challenge.

The original challenge of 250 km of the marathon is simply not admit defeat, because many people think this thing is too difficult, let alone a just because of running fainted girl, but like her new book "You Are not brave, no one for you strong" said:

"Those who say you can not reach the end of the people, usually even the starting point has not seen, don't let belong to your chance, just die in someone else's mouth!" "And because of such an idea, after completing this challenge, another life goes into another realm."

In the fashion industry, maybe the model is the passive side, many people will expose their copper body in order to gain more exposure or topic focus, but so do not know how to run their own way, will only let themselves be destroyed by the environment faster, from the completion of the running jump after the war, she said: "After the run to find, Really have to build some self-confidence and experience for themselves, others will find you ", and the previous she, may be really very passive in the home and other work, but she found to let others see you. (same field Gayon: supermodel Lin also walked through the desert to learn: "You are not brave, no one for you strong")

In addition to tidy their own appearance, training their own posture, more important is to take the initiative to accept a lot of challenges, when you successfully conquer, that self-confidence and others to give you the response is greater than the imagination.

Whether it's a challenge at work, or the initiative to challenge a marathon horse, all show the tough side of girls, even after entering the model industry, found that and their own imagination is not the same, she is still able to adhere to, and with their own intelligence and soft, will setbacks and criticism into the strength of growth.

And not let the limitations of the models ' lives bind themselves, in the maximum, to complete their own, so that their lives are still rich wonderful, out of their own stretching platform, I hope that we not only appreciate the beauty of the appearance, but also from this sharing, see her body of women's soft and strong, Let's make a brave woman with confidence.