Break up, lovelorn no big deal, never give yourself a happy opportunity, not by which he to coax you laugh, you have to do your own happy fountain.

And a person in love, passion, indifferent, break up, in the face of continuous parting, how do we say goodbye? The best way is: Live the life you want! Sometimes break up is indifferent, because to this person has no expectations, you even hurt have no feeling; sometimes break up is the sky, you think you are going to lose the whole world, a few months later you can smile as usual, feelings wonderful, like waiting for the reincarnation of life, always to miss a few people, will be closer to a lifetime.

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Dear, we know that you cry to tears alone why, but you have to believe that in this world, you do not have to who, not because of the loss of who can not live, only waiting for a lucky, waiting for each other to come . If you're just breaking up now, we want to congratulate you and congratulate you on being a little closer to the right person.

Don't worry no one can save your sadness, this person, is yourself. Now, follow us to do these things together, tell yourself: Break up is not a big deal, lovelorn also does not matter, give yourself a new look, always give yourself a happy opportunity, not by which he to coax you laugh, you have to do your own happiness fountain. (You would like: from girls to women, we learned 10 things )

One, cry.

When the tears are out, the rest is strong.

The Miracle of the Holocaust

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Don't force yourself not to be sad, to admit your sadness, to see your weakness, is the first step you face yourself.

You can have a big bachelor party, you can be a person to drink lovelorn wine, you can find a good sister to vent your current unhappiness. Speak out, make yourself feel better, you may be thinking about this relationship for a long, long time, because we never doubt that every relationship makes people grow up, so you also have to believe that the bad man will make you Happy from love, you have been loyal to your choice, and now you are only to carry out the final responsibility, a good sad, Do not have to squeeze themselves out of the smile, do not reflect, and so you can brush your teeth and wash your face out to eat this matter again.

Believe that the scars will become the medals of your growth, and be more complete in each relationship. (same field Gayon: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

Second, to create a relationship with their own! Enjoy your little time.

People will die old, but once had the experience of the heart, as long as the Awakening, will beginnings as new, the beautiful memories will always be stored in the hearts of the corner, and then embrace the rest of life may

"P.S. I love You"

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Draw some beautiful nails, watch your favorite Korean dramas or albums, writing leave their feelings, in this space may have your memories, you may even feel sad to bathe, before he was in, you stay up to watch his love of basketball live, never cook you wash his hands to make soup, together with the clothes, Now that this space is complete for you, you must find a way to make it "yours".

Memories are in, spend a little thought to create a love of life, perhaps very small, a pot of new plants, boring time to see you want to go self-help travel books, these things help you to return to your own life track. (Dear, Do you have me time today?) )

To be the helmsman of my life and time

Be true to yourself, to be with everything you like, to be irreplaceable!

"The later will be"

Hey! Call a good friend you haven't contacted for a long time. Now you don't have to report it, you don't have to worry about when he gets off work at a friend's party, he talks to his friends until dawn.

If your relationship was too serious in the past, you would find yourself having trouble moving freely, because he always wants to master your whereabouts, he is worried about your protruding butterflies, now you really do not need to sacrifice for who with friends, family time, if your life without other feelings of irrigation, the heart will become poor, Of course we hope that this good habit you can keep to each relationship, a person who loves you will respect your original pace of life, you do not need to do for each other do not like the change, also may not need to penetrate each other's everything, people always need to give themselves a big mouth breathing space. (Recommended you see: really understand you, is to love you )

On the next page, fall in love with yourself again

Four, please yourself is enough

A person always take a strange road, see strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in some casual moment, you will find that the original is to try to forget things really so forget.

"My Blueberry Night."

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Congratulations, you can finally do not have to go to the cinema every time to see the hero movie, you can try to go to the cinema alone, no one will be watching the movie when you touch your hand to disturb you! we know together, in fact, will also want a person quiet do not speak, but also afraid of the other side think you are angry, now enjoy you a person's movie! Or go to a dessert restaurant that you've wanted for a long time, but because of the difference between the two people's eating habits, they always miss it.

don't miss the things that make you happy, from now on, start to agree with life, start a small task to please themselves, is to spend two hours bubble fragrance bath, wear the most beautiful underwear in front of the mirror flirt fall in love with their own sexy, painting the most gorgeous lipstick go to the bookstore to stroll, All the things that will make you feel a little happy, do it! (You will like: Six a moment, let you listen to yourself again )

Five, no longer owe to life

Life is so long, a day did not come to an end, you do not know which one day is to accompany you to the end of the people. Sometimes you meet a person, think that is him, and then look back, in fact, he is only this section of the road to give you what you want.

"To the youth we shall die"

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If the last relationship left a regret, if you can not stop sad, if you still resentment each other, if you feel guilty to him, we will not ask you to stop all of this, because this is the inevitable process, accept it, it will be a good start.

People will not be endlessly sad, perhaps ten years later, you still a little sad to think of this thing, the traces that once existed cannot be erased, we must try to see it, accept that he is in love with someone else, but it is not entirely whose fault it is, if he has not been so ugly as to split his leg, we may learn forgiveness after a scolding: " Love "is moving because it is unpredictable, because the heart leads us to feel." That's how he fell in love with you, too. And you have to firmly believe that you will also love another person, each love to our feelings are different, we will cherish all the previous lovers, because they have been rich in our lives, and you are each other's memories of a unique love. (same field Gayon: breaking up is not nothing!) Ex-boyfriend sent me three keywords )

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Perhaps now you still can't forget how cruel he has done to you, and cannot accept that he will leave and cannot believe the end of your embarrassment. Remember the first day of knowing him, if you can love again, can also go through the love of sour sweet, still can be a person once deeply occupy, listen to him hum love songs, drench The Rain, walk through the road, you may not really regret this relationship, you just a little regret, admit you are reluctant to because memories so intoxicating, Also tell yourself that you did not love this person, even if he did not teach you anything, at least let you know how to cherish yourself.

Finally, the woman fan has been: "I may not let the rain stop, but I will always accompany you go to the rain stop." "Midnight Paris"