The maintenance of each relationship is not a simple matter.How can we maintain the feelings of love and maintain the stability of the long-term flow of water?

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There's a song like this: "There's no love to love forever," and forever in love, a desire for more or less, but love can't just wait for true love , more than two people's love for romance, and more practice love ten lessons to love and love.(It's him: Don't look for a soul mate again!)Cherish now Mr.right now )

Like a person, you always want to take care of each other, but sometimes you can't manage a small theater or a minor character in your mind. " How can he not return my message to me, or I'm bored?"Although it shouldn't be so sticky, it's a good wish to see him at all times."

The maintenance of each relationship is not a simple matter.How can the relationship between the two people be maintained, so as to maintain the heat of love and maintain the stability of the flow of water?Today, let's practice 10 important love exercises, so that we can love to always love.

1. "What does he mean by that?""

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Sometimes we read too much, every word that the other side said.When watching TV together, the boys praised the woman as being of good figure, but we misunderstand. He is dislike us in a big cry. It is because of a slight misunderstanding that it is not worthwhile to let one person feel sully and the other person suffering the anger of the anger.

The best method is: Let it go ~! Let it pass.To constantly investigate the meaning behind each other's words will only cause more friction. Whenever we are misunderstood, we will feel aggrieved when we are misunderstood. Therefore, we should not excessively explain each other's words or conduct so that each other can do its best in the face of each other. It will make the relationship even better. (Sibling: Why is it particularly easy to "think too much" in the face of gender relations? )

2. I believe in you, and I believe in you,

" Why doesn't he answer my phone?I don't want to be in the club."He didn't have a kiss today, did he not love me?"At times of romance, sometimes because of their lack of self-confidence, they let themselves be suspicious of each other, and these questions are in their hearts, just like snowball rolling, getting farther and farther away from each other ...

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To get closer to each other, you should start from believing in yourself, and then trust each other, and don't let the suspects become obstacles between the two. No matter what, they need to grip each other's hands, firmly believe in each other, and face any challenges together.(Extended reading: Believe in love, believe in yourself: fear and betrayal )

3. Although I want to be stuck with you, I learn to understand each other's space

" Good to see him at any time!Do you still remember when the two people started to miss each other when they were in love?Those thoughts make us even more deeply in love with each other, and there is a person who misses you all the time. It's also another kind of sweet in love.

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But I love that you don't mean that I'm going to tie you to a place where you have room for each other, so that the two people can expand their circle of living, and more can be shared when they gather together.When they were separated, they thought of their thoughts, and they would be thralling out at the meeting, so that both sides could understand their love for each other, and the relationship was even more important.Because of love, you can't know how to live without the other person, but rather to make the lives of both of them even more exciting.(I'll always be around you: June: True love, it's safe to give each other's space )

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" Dear, my greatest dream is ... riding a bicycle island!" There may be dreams in everyone's mind. Of course we have the other side. When we share our dreams with each other, we are a kind of trust, and we hope to be supported and encouraged by the people who love it.

So in good gender relations, two people should encourage each other to retain their interests and interests, freely expand their friendship and live their lives, so that the lives of two people will become richer. In this way, it will not be boring in the next decade or so, right?(About the dream: [Video] The simplest dream of a little girl, but it's the life that everyone wants to go through )

5. Two people together, you don't need to win or lose.

" I don't want to say I'm sorry, it's not my fault!When the views of the two people are different, they will sometimes lose their face and feel that compromise will be lost!Therefore, it would be naive to insist on some "principles", and the result of inflexible and hard-to-meet will only hurt the feelings of the two people.

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Appeasement does not mean giving in, nor does it mean losing power.We all have the principles of persistence, or the logic of looking at things, but the other side may not think so.There is no need to win or lose. If you agree with each other, you will sincerely affirm, accept his proposal, or adopt the idea of two people together. This is a way to get two people to grow up together.(Soft wisdom: Kids teach me 12 lessons, Lesson 9: Moderate Compromise )

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6. Even if you're not a invincible superhero, I still love you!

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" If he knew that I was a big idiot, would he laugh at me?" Not everyone is a superhero, there are no shortcomings (and actually superheroes are also weak), because we are all human, inevitably there are defects, and even if we can't even do it ourselves, how can we ask the other side like this?

When we become close partners of each other, showing our weaknesses doesn't need to be shy, mature and stable love is: "I love you, even your own shortcomings," and when you understand each other's shortcomings, you can help out in a place where the other party is not good at it, and make both of them better. (to learn more about each other : Relationships that have never been close to each other )

7. Those who used to be, I didn't have time to participate, but we must have a better future than memories.

People have a lot of baggage. We have some love stories in the past, and of course the other side will have.We cannot go back to the past, and erase the memories that have happened. Some things can be overcome, but there are things that cannot be changed. How can we struggle to move forward in the past?

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Instead of being tangled up with these unchangeable problems, choose to accept it!Then, after throwing these problems into the brain, we will work together to create a better future together. If we hold back those things that cannot be changed, instead of letting each other go, it would be better to let the memories stay in the past, and not to disturb us again!(In the past it was learned: Breakups are not nothing!My last boyfriend gave me three keywords )

8. I forgive you, and I am truly sincere.

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There are no couples who can never quarrel at all, and in quarrels, you don't need to compete for a win or lose. They are all our own people. How about a win?Instead, we should learn from quarrels about how to resolve disputes, and better understand each other and avoid the occurrence of the next bickering.

the most important thing is that after the fight, you have to forgive each other sincerely, forgive yourself, and have a quarrel, and let the problem go over. Don't go over the old scores again when we quarrel again. Otherwise, the more you accumulate, the more you bring down the relationship between the two.(The more quarrelin is the better: Taroo: How can you resolve the ongoing quarrel?)

9. If you want to come out of your heart, you will only hold back internal injuries.

Sometimes we imagine that the other half of my love, like in the story of Korean dramas, will be sent to your bed in the morning, or to your bed, or to give you a deep feeling of hugging when you feel sad. What a beautiful and romantic story!

If you have these expectations, say it loudly!The communication allows each other to understand what we expect and how to be loved, all of which can help each other and find a way to love you. Instead of putting your wish into your mind, you might as well say your wish to your wish pool.(Still, don't have the dream of fantasising too much time, after all, not everyone is as omnipotent as professor of all!(Sibling: Abandon "If he loves me, he should ..." he should be ... ")


" Do you love me?" What do you think?"In the two people's relationship, if the game is played again and again, it is sometimes counterproductive to welcome the game."Perhaps we should be practicing "to say how you feel," and "Let the other feel love".With pleasure in getting along, there may also be emotion in life, and only honest expression of emotion can make each other enter a more open and truthful next step, and love more truthfully.(Actually, I n't say, "I love you, but I love you even ")

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When we use each other's ways of understanding each other's love, we don't have to spend time speculating on each other's intentions, or creating unnecessary misunderstandings, feeling the satisfaction of love and love in the relationship, and will make the relationship between the two people more stable and lasting.

We may have talked about a couple of emotions, and in these relationships we learned to be in love with another person. There may be some old stories about love relationships. But it is not only that you want to do it, but you have to work with your partner, and hope that we can all work together with the other half of our relationships.