There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

This week, I want to talk about "women obsessed with current affairs", from "original burned 10 yuan to change meal roll", to "ice bucket named Fever" to "the landlord drug "Because of the constant acceptance of new information, let me find out how to digest this information is a very important thing, which will change how you pass a you want to" choose the value of "go out, women fans standing angle should be what? There are more than 10 people in the team, although we are a group of like-minded people, but there are a lot of different ideas, however, the voice of the network is even more noisy, and sometimes the masses even more than the network community earlier voice. Because in the female fan slowly become a initiative to learn news of the people, but also found that this is a person is the media era, in a so many views of the case, how to choose the angle of the female fans to tell? (same field Gayon: Wang Pingyuan Cooking Roll phenomenon: We should exchange for the confidence in Taiwan )

"Because there is nothing to do to change."

This week, after Yoyo finished an article about the ice bucket, I remember she posted on her Facebook: "A few days in a row by the ice bucket and marijuana news, the more the more irritable, even do not want to catch up with the two news, the completion of this article today after the sudden surprise, originally my boredom is because:" Gas oneself have no good method, can put this kind of crooked and greasy atmosphere guide. After reading her dynamic, I also thought for a long time, think of their own powerless. Remember that week as long as the lunch time we chatted about the topic is a face distress, feel the Acid people wash version of the good annoying, feel how will be in the voucher quarrel point to the Taiwanese, how will in the public service when the torch attached to the "body" vision? (Recommended you see: Everyone is the media age, your media principles are?) )

(Freedom of Speech and responsiblity)

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Yes, I was the kind of person who saw the chaos and wanted to avoid it, and I might refuse to express my position when the news happened, I would just say: "It's boring." "That's because I can't change anything at all, and I even think what these events need is not a consolidation of their position, but empathy."

Now, we are learning to speak slowly, to understand the "objective", but also to think about the situation in which all the people who absorb the information together need what? Perhaps our content may not be as powerful or critical as other platforms, for example, in writing "original burning vouchers" and filming "Women's Ice bucket film", we want to say is not to divide the Taiwanese, do not divide the public and love , in the case of ice bucket, We believe there are many shows and performances, and even though these people are not entirely correct in their starting point, they do play a topic to get more people in touch with this information.

When the public welfare imbalance, we choose to let everyone use another angle to look at this matter, not necessarily is "forgive, tolerant" so great, but we definitely want to start with warmth, although always do not know how much the value of this spread? At least, now we don't suspect that he is doing it. (Would you like: Ice Bucket Challenge, is it fun?) Or do good deeds? )

Women's Ice bucket film: I heard that women fans have been named Ice Bucket Challenge ....

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"Some content, even if not Hit also to do"

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Audrey once very firmly said this sentence. This sentence I also keep in mind, always remind myself. It is very realistic that our website should have the traffic, companies to find more channels of revenue, we can continue to talk, continue to 1.1 points to our ideas to one or two people, if every time one or two people can understand, that is not the future, we can have more objective, multiple value, willing to listen to the real voice of the media? In the ideal and reality we explore that balance, such as one day to think of a woman to shave the right knowledge of the article title, we will think of women fans have been " women's armpit Not free " article series, so in the title of this article will be particularly careful, Because we must always remember the value of their own, we do not encourage you to shave your armpit hair, but we do not think that you shave your armpit is a woman under the parental sanction.

Sounds very ambiguous, doesn't it? We have a pluralistic view, what we want to say is just one thing: "Whether you shave your armpit hair or not, we just want you to do it for your own pleasure." (Same field Gayon: The Most beautiful love is to let you find love from yourself )

Here, I find myself to tell and see the view, also hope that, after a long time, I will remember the present self, I will not because of an incident how angry on the loss of reason to abuse, I can not because of the unanimous accusation that it is absolute voice, one thing may have a lot of cutting face can be seen, Continue to learn to use a society to help the angle, a little bit better, even if it is to let everyone see a little warm, see let people realize that "I can not be indifferent", let people believe that "real or exist", I want to have been absorbed, always read, always write. (even after the past is also obsessed:2013, you have a good? )

September 2014 26 Hong Kong Home News at the end of the period, I am thinking that a world is less a "want to help the community" voice, if one day, I live in the place also become so, an incorrect media market, an not free society, a lack of capacity to speak for citizens of the environment, I will choose what to do? (same field Gayon: defend the Love!) March from Hong Kong to see the world we live in

I wrote this on the paper that day, "I hope I will not regret what I am doing in ten years, and I still know what is right." 」