There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

Apart from criticism, what's the next step?

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this week was completely two news big Wash edition, is the Ice bucket challenge with the landlord marijuana incident, also Watching an event, can have how many absurd development, side also has the friend reaction, these two news is really enough! Can we stop reporting this? This kind of dialogue is very familiar with it! Every once in a while, there is such an annoying idea, because it is too much to follow and explain, a small incident can be reported for three consecutive days, fatigue bombing to be maddening. (About Media chaos ?) : Everyone is the age of the media, what is your media principle? )

This week I faced with these two news, is also bombed to very irritable, began to have a lot of negative emotions or ideas, such as: Anyway, Taiwan is the case, the media is love, public figures love to show ... And so on, these criticisms of the Internet can be found a lot, and then these negative messages are accumulating, which makes me not want to follow the two news.

But because the woman fans feel that this is a matter of concern, so I continue to force myself to see the development of events, to use more different angles to see this thing. in the very painful in the process, because of deep love, so angry, but we must looking at the land of Love , looking straight into her flaws, admitting that we still have a long way to go. (Women fans want to do something different: I heard that women fans are named Ice Bucket Challenge .... ) )

It's hard to embrace idealism.

But Wei Xuan has been reminding us, to any thing, can not only stop in the criticism, must ask oneself: "This is not good, that what will be better?" "It is very difficult to deal with embarrassing things, turn around and not see it is very simple, see things are not good, pointing to shortcomings is also very simple, but to really stand up to do a little change, is the most difficult place."

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When you stand out, whatever you do, you may be treated with the same indifference or criticism, which is more common in Taiwan. Once a friend said I was too idealistic, but also have friends said I am very results-oriented, I admit that this is me, but also my contradictions, the reality of understanding, but still can not forget the ideal, in the night also asked themselves, really may change? How do you change it? The answer to the truth is that even they are afraid to answer. (those who embrace the ideal: Taiwanese people should not forget the name: to you! Zheng Nanxi for freedom of speech

Sometimes it's very frustrating to watch the chaos in Taiwan, but in those dark moments, it is always found that there are some people in Taiwan, with a simple ideal, silly to pay, in this piece of our beloved land, with their own ability, professional efforts to do something, even if that is very hard and painful.

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Once, a friend said to me: "Taiwan will collapse, but we still have to save," I said: "Why should we use so pessimistic the FA, should change the angle:" Taiwan will not collapse! Because of our "", even if we are full of frustration and dissatisfaction with the surrounding, and those negative emotions, I believe that a part of it from: "Gas himself no good way, you can put this kind of slanting greasy atmosphere Guide", then get up! Do something good , everything is possible! May we all be small but important forces that change the world. (We will be better: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )