In these dramas, the fascinating reason is not: due to exquisite human portrayal, power struggle between the dark, love and hatred between the entanglement.

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In addition to Taiwan drama, VCDs , Korean dramas, American drama is also a good companion for many people's leisure , and the most grand party in the television Circle: Emmy Award, in a recent successful ending! Although there is only one award, but women fans feel that many of the beautiful drama, the actor 's excellent performance, behind the moral is worth sharing with you, so the special selection of five, so that people can not stop the American drama to share with you. (Extended reading: The practice of drama Dream, brave and different theater when a man to repair)

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Yesterday, the 8/25 66th annual Emmy Award was successfully concluded! If you love watching American drama, you should be familiar with the Emmy Award (Emmy Award), because the Emmy is the United States to honor the television show and staff set up awards, the importance of the film academy and the music industry's Grammy Award. (The same field Gayon: brilliant Oscar behind-the-scenes screen!) When Oscar meets Instagram)

And this year's biggest prize: the best series from the Breaking Bad, the best comedy is: "Modern Family" (modern Family), the best drama actor by the "absolute poison" in the actor's role in Bryan Cranston won, the best drama actress is "Pride The Virtuous Wife" the Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife).

Five TV dramas for the best series: The House of Cards, the song of Ice and Fire: The Power Game (gameof Thrones), the "absolute poison" (Breaking Bad), the Mad Men of the Wild, the Men Manor (Downton Abbey), not only the plot is splendid, the actor performance is outstanding, in these TV dramas behind has many profound implication, causes us to ponder deeply, that lets us look together, these five wonderful albums!

The House of Cards (Cards)

Power is like real estate, so the most important thing is "position", the closer to the center, the more valuable. Power are a lot like real estate. It ' s All about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.

It is a remake of American politics, which is currently divided into three seasons, and is still being filmed in the third quarter, mainly about the Frank Ander of the majority party whip in the House of Representatives (Frank Underwood, Kevin Speci) in politics.

The best part of the drama is the dark side of human and political power, the subtle nature of the human race and the vagaries of politics, one of the reasons why Solitaire is so fascinating that even U.S. President Barack Obama is the biggest fan of the drama. (Women in Politics: The Life of Mrs. Thatcher, the Iron Lady Iron lady〉)

Song of Ice and Fire: Power Game (Game of Thrones)

man can be brave only when he is afraid. that's the only time a man can be brave

Fantasy novel by American writer George Martin: "Song of Ice and Fire" (English: A Songs of Ice and Fire), a total of seven novels, currently published to the fifth episode, the story set in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, where "summer lasts for decades, Winter lasts a lifetime ", a power struggle that describes the kingdom's seven aristocratic families vying for the Iron Throne.

This drama is like the ring version of the show, there are many fantasy scenes, Non-human species ... And so on, let people seem to be in another space-time, the plot is full of tension, many fans have said that watching the ice and fire song is always due to the story of the ups and downs of the mood, is a torture but also can not stop, like the fantasy plot, very recommended this epic drama. (You'll like: "Hobbits: The Unexpected Journey" after the start )

"Life poison" (Breaking Bad)

Do you think I am the man who opened the door and was shot to death? No! I'm the one who knocked at the door. A Guy opens he door and gets shot and you.  Pop I am the one who knocks! '

Premiere in the United States January 20, 2008, on September 29, 2013 broadcast a big finale, a total of five seasons. The plot describes a senior high school chemistry teacher Watt White (Walter White) 's crime story, suffering from the end of lung cancer, and his career is not satisfactory, in the chemical talent can not play under the life into the trough, so his desperate collaboration has been taught in his Jesse (Jesse Pinkman) manufactures and sells methamphetamine, hoping to leave money behind him to address the immediate financial crisis facing the family.

The absolute poison division has won 10 Emmy Awards, Warren Buffett is also one of the fans, and the story of the most special place: Most of the drama is bad, but this film reversed the general concept, is to make good people into bad people. Protagonist a crime when the heart of the struggle to finally become a stable and restrained criminals, this film challenges our moral judgment of good and evil, dramatis personae of the dark and meticulous description, more lifelike people dare not look straight, is a very wonderful crime album, it is worth looking for. (Extended reading: trial or redemption?) The ugliness and beauty of the best Foreign Language Film Oscar "the City of Beauty"

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"Mad Men" (Mad Men)

The essence of advertising is: Happy advertising is based on one thing, happiness.

The Mad Men, who are frequent patrons of the Emmy Awards, have been awarded the best TV series for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2010, and are currently published for 6 seasons. The Mad Man set the story's background in the 20th century's 60, while the Draper was the title of the Madison Avenue Advertiser, and the story was about the work and life of the advertising company's creative director and founder partner (Jon Hamm).

Because of the relationship of time setting, the drama is full of two postwar money doctrine supremacy of the social atmosphere, the protagonist lead a glamorous life, for women's freedom awareness has not yet been established, so there will be occasional jokes about the female figure, or the work of women's ability to doubt that women only need to be a flower butterfly, Or a stay-at-home housewife. But this American drama is still the brutal competition in the advertising industry side, described very realistic, and interspersed with many historical events in history, so that this historical drama has added True color. (Luxury time: "The Tycoon Biography" is themost luxurious costume in New York )

"Downton Manor" (Downton Abbey)

Every life has its own rules, if you do not want to obey the rules, then this life is not for you. There are rules to this way. And if you are are not prepared

It's not a Native American drama, but an era miniseries produced by ITV, a four-season, fifth-quarter 2014-year broadcast. The story takes place in the ancestral mansion of the hereditary nobles of Crawley (the Rt Hon the Earl of Grantham), a fictional Downton manor, which revolves around the life of the family and its servants.

The story is a profound description of the British upper aristocracy and the strict hierarchy between the servants, exquisite outline of the various human nature, and the role of different strata of the psychology, and the integration of love, betrayal, power entanglements ... and other elements, so that Downton Manor in the United Kingdom was rated as the "Pride and Prejudice" since the 1995 version of the most good-looking TV series, if you love the European Manor story, quickly to rent the entire album to see! (Love in the Manor: The trials of true love in the Old society)

In these dramas, there is no compelling reason: because of the delicate depiction of human nature, the darkness between power struggles, the entanglement between love and hatred, even if these dramas are outstanding, on the other hand, we find that these drama centers are predominantly male, and the reason behind this is that the television circles are mainly male-dominated, In television, women are only 27 per cent more engaged than other ethnic groups, earning less than white males (92:1 dollars).

The Emmy nomination also found that women accounted for only 26, such a representative of the television industry, the award reflects the entire industrial values, some worry, such an imbalance of the proportion of media will be more limited perspective, can not have more points of view, if the drama circle could join more women, or other ethnic groups, perhaps there would be a richer theme to create a fascinating story to attract more viewers.

Perhaps in your heart, there are more wonderful albums are not on the list, welcome to share with us, you think the Emmy winner should be who?