Nearly a year, let Womany take you back to the great women of these years, the Malala for Education , the promotion of Lean in the Face Book Operation Exhibition, Sander Borg ,Yahoo, female president Marissa Mayer , the annual woman "Women of the Year" plan to run, today we want to talk about the story of a letter.

Raise your head and the tears won't drip

We have all heard the story of Ashin, whether or not we were born when we were introduced, but thinking of the letter, we would immediately emerge with perseverance, tears to swallow, sacrifice for the family dedication, warm woman image. Ashin all the way to always believe in himself, she is after suffering, out of a beautiful flower. Maybe some people would think that: Ashin represents the traditional feminine value of the past, now we have come to the 21st century, young because of the poor home and must be home to fight the situation has ceased to exist, women are no longer attached to the role of men, there is no longer like Ashin the way to walk so bitter. ( vintage Posters that put women under sole in those years )

Yes, we are very happy now, the voice of women is gradually heard, we are no longer bound by traditional values, and can live their own appearance . But in Ashin, some do not change with the times, should retain the beautiful value: Faith! We should all for the love of the people, for themselves, for the ideals of the faith once. Whether you are starting a business, or are chasing the ideal life of you, hard! Tired of time, raise head, think of own dream, we can like Ashin as the more and more brave. (Womany also so expectations of their own Ah! )

When the Ashin TV 30 anniversary, Ashin's touching story will be on the screen again recently, let's take a look first!

"Synopsis of the plot"

Gu Cun's economy was impoverished by crop failures. Father made (rice Yuan Goro) in order to reduce the household, at the cost of a Biao, the seven-year-old Ashin (Tienz tone) to send a domestic workers. All the reluctant letter, had to in the mother (on the house color) exhort, endure sadness, go to the Sichuan Timber shop .... Ashin in Nakagawa home from morning till night, but was extremely harsh treatment. One day, the store lost a sum of money, Ashin but innocent was affected. Qibuguo she decided to return home, to seek the warmth of family comfort, but alone lost in the snowstorm, finally because of the strength of the scattered and fell down ....

Ben will sleep the ice and snow of the letter, fortunately, the kind-hearted people saved the life. The mother saw the daughter safe return, although happy extremely, the father is worried about the family economy, henceforth will be more trapped gloom. Increasingly considerate and sensible letter, decided to take up the livelihood of the family, volunteered to Kaga house rice shop domestic helpers. What other difficulties will ashin encounter? She can spend one by one with tough vitality? This story that once warmed the world's audiences will once again give you the most persevering love and strength ....

"A letter movie story"

01. The story of the original scene, 零下10℃ shooting

Unlike in the past, the film "Ashin" returned to the original story of the mountain, even in 零下10℃ 's strong wind and snow shot, and by the well-known director draft Jays Senlai directed. Different from the past focus on sadness, this time more aggravated the warmth and happiness between the family members of the communication; the film theme song also extended the super popularity of the two big days group-May days and mortal spectrum common cross knife.

02. Eight-Year-old "little Ashin" the spirit of perseverance moved tens of millions of viewers

In the six-year audition audition process, Tienze from 2471 people stand out from the crowd, become the focus of attention. In the film "Ashin" filming, when the 8-year-old she had to be with homesickness, in the cold snow in 零下10℃ shooting, and she can overcome all kinds of difficulties, fully demonstrated the letter of perseverance, hard spirit. No wonder plays the mother's on the color, will always look at "daughter" Shore Tienze said: "Ashinjin in her heart!" "The play shows optimism, lively characteristics of the shore Tienz sound, as well as playing her father's Rice Goro said:" The music sauce is our little sun! Can warm you my heart! 」

One months away from home, "little Ashin" personally ashin Spirit visited Japan's major cities, with her tenacity and happy smile, to move thousands of viewers!

03. A letter that touched everyone's story

Tienze, who plays Asin, said: "There are a lot of hard times, but are very happy, the family sister is very good, like a mother care about me, to me, and she together I will be particularly relieved." Feel hard, I will imagine Ashin seven-Year-old will go to be a servant of bitterness plight, will feel oneself of no big deal. Filming to Ashin touching scene of crying, I will imagine their parents died or think of ashin experience of suffering, it will be very sad, tears will not help to flow down. Originally read the script, feel Ashin very lonely, very pitiful, but she met many instances, make her slowly grow, learn to overcome many problems. I admire her indomitable spirit. 」

Play Ashin Mother's on the color said: "I zhuancheng to look for a TV version of the 5 minutes, has been unable to help tears." Always with want to act like spring ping son so perfect determination, also often be director told me not desperately to "play". When filming a scene immersed in a glacier, I took Ato's determination to forget myself and almost forgot that I was acting. In the end, like Ashin, the story of a young worker who has been uprooted by his family's poverty seems to be non-existent in many places and may be hard to imagine for some viewers. But this story is hidden in the heart of the family, this belief can be moved to the audience to create a total of. 」

"A letter movie trailer" bite Teeth, live bravely

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