Travel allows me to think about a lot of things, travel will make you forget a lot of things, but also let you remember the things you forget.

(Photo source:Peter Su)

Q1:peter Su's first trip to the 19-year-old, but also relatively remote South Africa, the initial opportunity to embark on the journey?

In fact, I entered the workplace at the age of 19! The first trip was due to a friend returning to South Africa, so there was a chance, in fact, South Africa has always been I want to go to the top three countries. Originally is the idea of their own society to save some money to go after, but will think things will not be so smooth, the present did not do, after may be difficult to reach! (Sometimes, you just need a kind of courage to say go and go )

The next chance to travel to South Africa may be ten or 20 years later, and it won't even go. I think the advantage of being young is that there is an impulse to make this journey.

Q2: What's your favorite way to travel? Traveling alone? A family trip? A trip between friends?

I think people change their minds at every stage, and every way they travel is good, but I'm past the stage where I want to travel alone. For me, traveling alone is the time of your life, and sometimes you are a person who can really talk to yourself. But for me now, travel with friends is a must, a group of friends to travel can release a lot of life pressure, a person travel compared with no way to share the feelings of the present. (Women fans tell you that women travel alone 8 safety codes )

In fact, every way of traveling during a journey should be tried.

Q3: What's the most common thing about traveling alone?

I like to sit by the roadside and watch the passers-by! I have a habit, no matter to which country, are accustomed to go to the local open-air café, sit all day, perhaps reading or simply sitting there, I think travel has a very important element is " Life ", I would like to go to a city where there is no itinerary for one or two days, I want to feel live in the local life, not just be a tourist. When you feel that you are living here and that you do everyday what you do in your daily life, that feeling will be different. When I sit in different cafes and listen to different languages, the people next to them have their own lives and you are in it.

Spend a day, leave yourself to the city, a serious and natural "life", and then tell yourself not to travel for travel.

Q4: What's the most thrilling thing about traveling?

In fact, many people would say that Africa is dangerous, but all the way down I feel really good, only once, I travel with friends, see a very beautiful church, see a Negro standing at the door, at the beginning will not be wary, and then when we left the church to cross the park, two black from front and back, He told us to take all the valuable things out, I did not know which one is wrong, in Chinese and my friend said: "I can not take it?" My friend said, "Do you want to die here?" "In fact at that time very not willing, because the first time to go abroad, now do not realize how scary, later found that is a shock, fear slowly surfaced, the people on the road to see you feel like the other side to their own how."

Suddenly feel the city is very quiet, and in this city, robbery can be very aboveboard.

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Q5: Is there a helpless moment in the journey?

In fact, I am a bit of a happy-go-lucky, or a little nerve, like in Qingdao, I like to get lost, because always go to a beautiful place, go to you do not have the default but very good surprises, I actually quite enjoy the process of getting lost. Only once I am in Los Angeles, I have no money, the phone suddenly broke, no one knows where I am, the flight is delayed, I was sitting there for 3 hours, completely no money, fortunately, I met the kind of backpackers who borrowed some money from me. (female fans secretly say that a person's travels, not always a person )

Q6: One of the things that travel changes you the most?

Travel allows me to think about a lot of things, travel will make you forget a lot of things, but also let you remember the things you forget.

I like to shoot the smiling faces of strangers, so I will do this when I go abroad, because through simple photography, you will find "laugh" is very natural simple thing, but because in their own city life for a long time, you will forget this matter, on the trip, you can see very simple moved. It made me realize that in this strange country, it was a familiar emotion, and it was fortunate for us to be able to travel.

Chiangmai's volunteer travel has also changed me a lot when I ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up. Most kids say they want to go to work in the city, and you suddenly feel like we're looking for peace in the country, but kids are chasing you.

We often forget how many people are eager to live their lives now.

When you actually hear the child say that, say to the city yearning, shocking, and from this moment, we began to learn contentment and Thanksgiving. In fact, the travel change is my view of things, and the attitude of life. (In fact, every time I run away is the way home )

(Photo source:Peter Su)

Q7: What are the most recommended places to visit?

I most recommend that you go to Agulhas Kok, this is actually South Africa's southernmost point, but because the Cape of Good Hope is more famous, so most people will not know, the scenery here is very beautiful, I imagine, I was the only one in the African plate the southernmost end of the people. In fact, travel sometimes is a feeling, this place is very quiet, but a little distant. I would suggest that travelers who help themselves in South Africa can travel by themselves, because the scenery along the road is beautiful and you will see a lot of exotic animals that are discovery to see.

The advantage in South Africa is that you can do a lot of meaningful things, usually we go to safari park, but because the cost is very high, so I chose to go to the wildlife refuge, where the South African illegal poaching injured animals, or abandoned, lost parents of animals, and all tickets will return to animal protection.

In fact, you can choose a more meaningful way of traveling.

At the end of the visit, we believe that Peter Su is not just a tourist or a tourist, but a traveler, an attitude traveler. So what he wants to see is not sightseeing, but to spend some time watching locals go, or more meaningful places. Next time, you're planning a different trip.