"The Magical Journey of the shepherd Boy" said: "If you truly desire one thing, the whole universe will unite to help you." 」

In the afternoon of Sunday, women fans first held a large hundred salon, invited to the humorous and brilliant Huang Junrong teacher, and beautiful and distributed the strength of the Cross-border musicians Su Zihin, share their life story, face their favorite things, how they walked to this day step by step.

At the beginning of the salon, women fans co-founder Wei Xuan begins with a remark in the "magical journey of a shepherd boy": "If you truly desire one thing, the whole universe will unite to help you." "About the future, two dream-dreaming, brave teachers say that after ten years, they will like themselves more than now."

The dream is a road, insist, out of infinite possibility

Zi Yin share their growth process, since childhood is music trained, all the way to learn classical violin, 15 years old and his family moved to the United States to continue to study music. She never had time to think about herself and the music, the relationship between the violin, until the beginning of the school to read the work of the auction company, began to think of the violin, music in the meaning of life, did not touch the Qin this time, found that they really like music, so decided to return to the music this road.

"What kind of music do I want to make?" What is it that I want? 」

From the solemn classical violin to the brisk Irish violin, and then to the Jazz violin, Zi Yin very much like a variety of different styles of music collision process, the timbre of the changes to the child a lot of inspiration, like a palette to add more and more vivid colors, a few times experience, the son Yin want to do more different styles of performance, And hope to continue to go on like this.

Along the way, people always say: "You finish the Master of Julia Music, you want to do this, you crazy?" "and" the market is so, how can you have such a luxurious insistence? "In the face of doubt, Zi Yin continued to do her favorite music, continue to take more different cooperation cases, each project has paid a considerable effort, hope that the final finished product will be the way they like." (Recommended reading: cross-border musician Su Zihin: If life is a paycheck, there's no sense of being alive. )

"Stick to it once, twice, three times, and slowly everyone will respect your insistence, and then you will start to like your work because of your insistence." 」

Zi Yin want to tell the pursuit of the dream of everyone, do not give up, do not fear failure, because the most is back to the original appearance, when you continue to go on, dream this road will have more beautiful possible.

Next page, listen to the dream of Huang Junrong teacher

Enjoy the dreams you have, not the rewards, the achievements

"If I say something today that you are very moved and useful, don't write it down, because I will become experience and authority." Alang teacher on the stage on the handsome said this remark.

Alang teacher thought that a mere dream was nothing to do, very simple, because the simple things can really enjoy it, otherwise, not a good enjoyment of a dream, but mistakenly think that they have a dream to complete the dream, the dead of night, or will not be happy, and then blame the world, it is entirely because of the wrong thinking from beginning to end "Dream".

For the love of the Dream, Alang the teacher with the "love of Parents" and "love for Lovers" to use metaphor. We often pay a lot of heart in the lover, so we will feel that the theory should be more love, Valentine's influence on us is also relatively large, but is it true?

He observed that most people, with their attitude towards dreams, were like lovers, such love, it is easy to catch crazy excited, easy to meet, affect people very deep, like suddenly have a dream, will start to think about how the dream will bring how much satisfaction, like when in love to think about each other to bring you what, bring you what joy, pleasure, pleasure.

"A Dream is a dream, something you want to do, a dream and an achievement." 」

Alang teacher said, always think of achievements in fact represents the hope that the dream can bring a lot of rewards, but obviously have met the dream, this is the most happy to meet the most wanted things, if you want to get something else, it is too greedy. (Recommended reading: Stop it!) Dream meet is to earn! In this life I only do Huang Junrong )

If you have always held such a mentality, this life may be difficult to enjoy themselves, because it is blind, according to the rules of thumb, according to the people around you, let you feel that you must be happy.

When we start to think about the relationship between the price of dream and achievement, just like in love, there is a demand for each other, there is a demand for dreams, so it is not easy to go to the end.

At the end of the speech, Alang took us on a breathing exercise, closed his eyes, and then felt and observed that he was breathing. (Recommended you see: Women and girls, please love yourself )

The teacher said, a person in this life is very difficult to feel their own, we are through to other people's reaction to mistakenly think that they exist. If you can enjoy yourself first and realize that you exist, you have the means to realize the existence of things around you, because your life is like a movie, even just breathing is a very beautiful movie, I hope everyone can keep aware of their existence, only so that you can enjoy all the things associated with you, not through the book, teacher , experience, and authority to define one's own life.

Q & A Time

After the sharing of the two teachers, woman fan elder sister head Wei Xuan also talk about their ideas to the two teachers: "Zi yin like jobs said connecting dots, the past is a bit connected to see the present and the future, and Alang teacher is like a black hole, the surrounding things are sucked in, Then spit out very new colors and spectra out. 」

The three people began the question and answer about the dream with a relaxed atmosphere.

Wei Xuan: When the dream stalled, blind and overwhelmed, how to like yourself? Don't like yourself, how to do?

Alang: You don't like yourself, it's because you think you're going to be very happy. You can only like yourself, there is no other way to go.

Zi Yin: This is a good time, because you believe you at the bottom of the time, you will know that the next step is to go up the possibility, you will not go down again.

Wei Xuan: What to do without inspiration?

Zi Yin: To do something that is not creative. I am usually on the road, I have my senses open very big, so every moment of my life is to accumulate inspiration.

Alang: I have two kinds of inspiration, work inspiration, it takes a lot of time to work hard, I do not think he is a kind of inspiration, writing a book inspiration, is not really inspiration, is a love or care. Because my book is to state the extent of a love, so more considerate of others, care about others, as long as willing to observe everyone, often think for others, it is easy to have inspiration.

At the end of the salon, Wei Xuan asked two teachers to send a message to everyone present. Alang teachers want you to enjoy the dream you have, because the dream met, on the value, do not need to achieve what! Zi Yin said, don't forget the original intention, never forget the enthusiasm of the original you are what it looks like. (Extended reading: to youth, those who can not forget the original intention )

At the end of the salon, many viewers stayed with two teachers and women for a photo, chatting about their dreams and talking about themselves.

Regardless of whether everyone is meeting the dream, we all very much hope that this short two hours is a great journey, is very important nutrients, can change something or more determined something, so that everyone away from the dream a little closer.

Finally, once again, thank you for the female fans have completed the dream of hundred people, we will continue to hold more good salon, I hope that we can support yo.

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The world, as if it were so close to me, but it seems so far away, the woman fan invites you to give yourself a new time, to become more sharp, clear, in the busy life through dialogue with their own a healing, a kind of rest. You will see the world again and the world will treat you again.