Sometimes we know that you will like the clean sound when the tumultuous emotions in our lives are not resolved. Listen together attentively!

Sometimes, when the mood is agitated can not be distracted, feel that the world is too fast, hope life around a little noise interference, you will begin to miss very clean music.

All bustling scattered, not too many gorgeous arrangement, not too much to rob the scene of the music, not necessarily to attract your attention to the heavy beat, only clean pure voice, only the acoutstic flavor, only to invite you to slow down, listen to a good song mood.

Clean, also like the life of the prototype bar. We always do not forget to add some fresh spice to life, but when the taste is too much, it makes life more and more taste no flavor. So to speak, "take away" too much flavor of life and sound is also a learning must be learned? (Recommended reading: life is Chunhuaqiuyue, survival is daily necessities )

To share with you the 45 not-plugged version than the original song more moving good songs, we know you will like this clean taste. after all, Kaneshiro said, the world is fast, the heart is slow, right?

You're not the only one who dreams.

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Imagine, Jack Johnson, the Big Beach Boy, wants to let the wings of imagination fly you softly.

"You might say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." Hope that one day you can dream together, then the world can do a beautiful dream together. "I amsay I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one." I hope someday you to join us and the world would be as one. (same field Gayon:"Don't talk about the dream" Dream Practitioner Lin Hongquan )

Creep's mumbling.

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Radio commander Radiohead creep, less tearing burst of music, leaving the creep mumbling, do you hear his voice?

"I hope I have all the things that make you happy, I hope to satisfy all your desires, because you are so special, I only wish I was so special" "Whatever makes you happy, Whatever you want ' re so fuckin ' Special, I wish I was special ... "

When crazy in love becomes soft and clinking

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Crazy Extreme, but is a gentle sweet kiss. Beyoncé crazy in Love through the Daniela Andrade adaptation, singing a different love flavor. (Recommended reading: Each relationship is a practice!) Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

"Your Love makes me so crazy, it makes me look so crazy now." ""Got me looking so crazy right now, the Your love ' s Got me lookin so crazy right now. "

Happy is a kind of life attitude

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Before the Red World Pharrell Williams Happy by Skylar Stecker, converted to acoustic version of the Happy, a lot of free and hearty taste! (also to jump!) Tens of thousands of netizens together happy! One MV jumps out of Taiwan's human face)

"Because I'm really happy, if you feel relieved to clap with me, because I am really happy, if you think" happiness is truth "clap with me! ""because I ' m happy, clap along if you are feel like a room without a roof. because I ' m happy, clap along if you are feel like happiness is the truth.

Hey dear, what do you like to have no plug-in version, also leave a message tell us!