Looking for my own journey 30, 30, you will have a new perspective and a new idea, you will be more assertive than the young.

Kylie Brie of the City of Desire said, " 20 years old and used to enjoy fun, 30 years of age, learning at the age of 40.Prepare to spend money to buy bars."

When you were 30 years old, you finally understood what Callie was talking about, thinking about 20 years old, you worked hard, went to work, started working, and you had a little bit of fun, and you had a lot of fun. But you still can't know who you are and what you really want.

Looking for my own journey 30, 30, you will have a new perspective and a new idea, you will be more assertive than the young.

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1. Not you looking for a job, but a job opportunity to find you

Due to the accumulation of 20 years of age, there is also a good track record and personal connections, and because more people are exposed, it is possible to try more job interviews or get the opportunity to work in a free job.When you succeed in the area of work, the more people are more important to you, and your 30-year-old job may not be reduced, but it will make you happier and feel more challenging than the day before.

2. You know how to treat yourself.

When you work hard, you get a little bit of income, and you start enjoying life, maybe you're going to leave yourself a fake, eat a good meal, or go make a cozy spa.But don't forget to save, so that after retirement, you can continue to enjoy it.(Extended Read: With European Woman, Enjoy Life from Life )

3. Experience Generation Smart Power

The philosopher Bacon said, " Knowledge is power." In your field of work, in all your life experiences, your knowledge is expanded, and when your elders ask questions you've asked before, you feel more confident because you answer him, you help him, and you strengthen your power.(Recommend you: The annual woman's intelligence quotations, we are all your power )

4. You take care of yourself in the right way

You start to track your own lives, start to know what you want, who you are, and when you become a positive, happy, successful person, everyone else wants to be on par with you and be friends with you.

At the same time, you feel sexy, because you're wearing better taste, starting to become active, eating well, eating habits, reading habits, and taking care of what you love, and what you have.

5. You and your parents are ungrateful

You rely on your own life independently, so you understand the hard work of their home, and they start to stop arguing with their parents, and gradually open their hearts to their parents and chat and chat, as if they were your best friend, your biggest spiritual pillar, and accompany you through many of your life's landscapes.(Extended reading: menopause mommy, you should look after )

6. You value close friends more

After graduating from college, everyone is building their careers and contacts. Many of the bonds have been changed since then. They have to cherish those who can always chat with you, listen to you, play with you, and even curse your friends occasionally.And 30, you find that they are essential to life, and that they can rely on without any conditions.

7. In love, you know what you want

You've dated a lot of Ru guys, and you finally understand what you want to get from your guy, and when you find that you can't see your ideal qualities from an object that you're dating, you're separated, and you're going to find the right person and love it's going to be in the long run.

We are all afraid of getting old, afraid of youth, afraid of life, and afraid of the loss of people who love it, but forget to think about it. What can we bring in addition to the changing and changing times of the past?

The time has accumulated to make 30 a better place. Don't forget, young people are not our money, and the years are only.