Remember that phrase "diamond forever, a perpetual" classic lines? But you may not know that it was created by a team led by a big man.

When it comes to jewellery brands, some people may think of the Cartier of Noble Gas (Carroll), or the Water blue Box Tiffany (Tiffany), these well-known brands are spending decades of time and effort, in the hearts of consumers, the seeds of the brand, in Taiwan, there is a quiet deep 15 years of jewelry brand: D &d Jewelry.

Under the efforts of general manager Wang Jiarui, d&d jewelry become Taiwan's first self-created jewelry brand, is also the beginning of the 2000 De beers"Diamond Heng Long, a perpetual spread" advertising important behind the scenes, and stressed the professional services, like the annual spokesperson Dream Girls recently personally tried this intimate service, personally draw their favorite drawings, and then discuss with the designer, just completed three full of youthful flavor of jewelry, show everyone unique personality, but also the desire to complete the hearts of women. (The most unique girl: A different group of women Dream Girls)

Image source:d&d Jewelry

In the chat, the general manager of the Wang jokes the hard work, cloud light Wind said the 03 SARS Storm, and the 08 financial tsunami faced the dilemma, in his humorous dialogue, we saw his expectations and insistence on the Taiwan jewellery industry, let us look at, As a man, he wrote a wonderful story with jewelry!

Why does Taiwan not have its own jewellery brand?

Figure:d&d Jewelry general Manager Wang Jiarui

Born in the fourth generation of jewelry family, the general, after the discharge began his own and jewelry 23 years of indissoluble bond, as a male, stepping into the jewelry of the female customer-oriented industry, at that time, Jia Bao Jewelry mother shop Only He a boy, from cleaning, moving goods to purchase, sales, accounting, management of the inlay, maintain the factory operation, design ...... And so on, everything is learned in person and thus lays the foundation for a thorough understanding of the jewellery industry.

1997, looking at more and more foreign jewelry brands stationed, Wang can not help but ask himself: "Why foreign, Taiwan has no own jewelry brand?" Starting with this simple idea, he and his brother found that Taiwanese and Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, London, people are not the same, Taiwanese because they like to taste, the acceptance of the new brand is relatively high, the number of brands at that time is not much, so in consideration, the king decided to go this one although bitter but must go the road, in 1999, Taiwan's first branded jewelry: D&d Jewelry was born! (become "brand" to have higher value: oneself is the best brand! Planning the 4 golden rules of Life to know

He said: "Perhaps at first we could not be as famous as foreign brands, but we can definitely do as they have international level of jewelry!" 」

At that time D&d jewelry name has not yet opened, in the department store cabinet can only pick the rest of the election, because at that time to do a lot of diamond brand, so d&d from the natural color Pearl began to create a brand into the market, each pearl in clam shell experience pain, spend several years, In order to give birth to a perfect pearl, pain will pass, but the meaning of the United States will leave, so that the pearl's moist added a lot of moving elements.

Some people will think that the pearl must be full of shape is beautiful, but d&d jewelry but the road, d&d respect each pearl natural generation process, will be transformed pearl through the designer's skillful design, so that the original is not loved by the deformation bead, still transformed into a pleasing jewelry, Just like every woman, in life through many stories, only to become a different woman, do not need to cater to the so-called "beautiful" standard, as long as they see their "unique, irreplaceable" characteristics, enjoy the play, is the most fascinating pearl. (Every woman is special: They all want to say: Woman, not only one way )

In the appointment of the Red Star actress: Lin Xin as a spokesperson, D&d jewelry Start step by step to open visibility, and diamond Promotion Center, the launch of several impressive ads, so that "Diamond Heng Long, a perpetual spread" this classic line, become memorable memories.

Then Taiwan began to have more and more competitive jewelry brands, but Wang always adhere to the "brand" of the high standard of service, from the purchase, design, playing plate, mass production, or tailor-made for the guests, D&d are single-handedly. In particular, the design of this piece, but also cost the company a lot of resources, he seriously said:

"The simpler things the more difficult to design, how simple and elegant but unlike others, our team really spent a lot of thought to build, because we hope that one day, when the guests see our style design, will recognize is d&d design, it is worth it!" 」

Not only in the design of this painstaking, he is more in the purchase of goods to show the critical side, so for the recent food security storm, he was quite touched to say: "You know?" In fact, the jewelry industry also has a lot of black-hearted problems! 」

Jewelry also has a black heart problem?

Recently, the problem of food safety has been serious, with a series of storms starting from upstream of raw materials let everyone to the manufacturer's black-hearted behavior, feel dare not to believe, and Wang always point out, in fact, the jewelry industry also has a similar problem, because jewelry identification needs to have certain professional technology, so the general purchase of consumers can only rely on international GIA Diamond Certificate, Get the most basic protection. Wang always said:

"We this industry too many people do not understand, so do not know d&d jewelry insist on what, sometimes with the consumer explain, they still listen not to go in, but I still insist, all diamonds to send GIA identification, is to let consumers can buy at ease"

Image source:d&d Jewelry

Recently d&d spending millions of dollars, all the purchase of diamonds, all the GIA the latest certificate, and the certificate can clearly see each diamond data analysis, to ensure that the quality of jewelry no doubt, Wang said:

"Each diamond even if the lathe, grade, but the value of the instrument is not likely to be exactly the same, d&d on the Diamond Turner insist on, specially from abroad to buy SARIN infrared scanning diamond Turner Precision instruments, for the Diamond Turner again review, confirm the correct will be made after the D&d Jewelry of goods. Let each round drill in the lathe to maintain the perfect proportion, perfect polishing, and perfect symmetry, is super perfect lathe, so d&d jewelry Slogan will be taken as: love of light, omnipresent. 」

In addition to the most easily identified diamond levels, to contain platinum, K gold and other metal components on the insistence, is also the king always very care about things, he said: "Before we also like this problem, trust upstream to our metal purity, but then we decided to spend more than 1 million to buy the metal components of precision instruments, Even the metal sold to us by the Swiss bank must first test the purity of the content, determine the product after the production, after the completion of the product, confirm that there is no doubt, to sell to consumers. 」

We asked the general manager Wang, why so much money, the purchase of this only national identification center of the equipment, consumers may not understand? The King smiles the explanation:

" D&d Jewelry attaches great importance to the brand image, but also willing to spend resources to achieve these original things should be done, these equipment for us, not only to protect consumers, but also protect their own companies and brands. Maybe we are like the I Mei Food factory, is a "not gregarious" Company! "

Even if consumers have no expertise, no test, but Wang always care about the commitment to customers, and unwilling to disappoint the trust of guests, in each small detail, you can see his intentions, even if not necessarily will be seen, but still silently guarding the brand the most important "integrity" spirit. (We all need: Oscar host Alan Allen.) Dichennie Graduation speech: Honesty is the true success.

"It takes 15 years for a brand to have a result."

In this online shopping is very common Era, Wang Jiarui frankly, d&d jewelry in the E-commerce market is still a novice, after all, the spirit of the brand can not be communicated to the guests on the network, only to enter the physical store, so that the GIA professional training of the retail staff, to provide customers the most detailed introduction, and understand the needs of each guest, the completion of customized services, can truly achieve d&d service-oriented spirit.

In the conversation, Wang always a leisurely demeanor, as if the establishment of D&D jewelry 15 years, for him not too much hard, he said: "Once heard an entrepreneur said:" A brand to build at least 15 years to the results ", we smiled and said that D&d Will wait to enjoy the results! (As long as you want to believe: keep going, success will come to you )

Wang always replied: "It is possible" there will be results, not necessarily results! 」

Wang always said he was a sugar cane, he believed that as long as willing to insist, energy will continue to accumulate. When the time is up, the brand will be seen, so until now he is still working hard, hoping that more people will see D&d's insistence.

In the interview process, it will be found that the king of the three sentences "perfect", regardless of the jewelry from the procurement of raw materials to meet with guests face-to-face professional customized services. He insists on maintaining the spirit of Taiwan's own brand, always with careful and professional to ponder every thing, let d&d jewelry bloom the most dazzling light.