"I like being a smart person better than being a movie star," Natalie said in a visit to the New York Post.

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If you have seen the movie Black Swan, you will not forget the most impressive character in this incredibly difficult movie, the sick girl walking between the light and the Dark, the Black swan that interprets desire. The film gave her an Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman (Natalie Portman). Everyone said, "If she's not the winning group, who is?" "Beautiful and intelligent, she seems not only the cause of smooth sailing, with a happy family and love, Natalie Portman How to become the people in the eyes of the victory group?" Let's go back to her childhood and see!

Life Victory Group, is 20 years of Kung Fu

13 years old, the age at which we don't know what the future is, Natalie Portman has begun her dream in her first maiden show, Loubesson's "Ultimate Kill order."

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Natalie Portman was initially introduced by modeling agencies to film role selection, external traits and intrinsic attractiveness she was quickly Loubesson by the big director, who was said to have needed Natalie Portman to smoke, and her 13-Year-old didn't want viewers to think she was a maverick in smoking behavior. Bad girl ", but through the director for her play, explain smoking to the play symbol, Natalie accepted. When she was a child star, she had learned to be "dedicated". She started early, but she did not give up learning, Natalie on the one hand, the tireless completion of school, one side in Hollywood gradually. (Recommended reading for your own learning opportunities: no best, only better )

at the age of 16, Natalie took on the drama "Anne's Diary," and many people wondered why she pushed the gold producer's "Romeo and Juliet" instead of a full year as a stage actor? In fact, born in Israel Jerusalem cold She has Jewish blood, Natalie said in the performance of the play, she thought of grandparents were trapped in the concentration camp in World War II, whenever the memory of the family heavy memories, let her mourn for that dark age.

The Diary of Anne, which records the sufferings of the Jews, reminds her of the feeling in her heart. And Natalie's refusal to do all the movie shows in a year, and her hard work, gave her an hour-long applause at the curtain call. What we see Natalie Portman differs from others is that she abandons the more easily seen movie invitations, sticks to her inner voice, and chooses only what she wants. (Recommended reading: can't realize the dream?) Then cut the dream to pieces! )

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She picked up the hottest Star Wars in high school and made her a household name, but she was not dazzled by fame and fortune, and in fact she gave up the premiere of the film for her high-school final exams. after the film's Hollywood sensation, Natalie decided to suspend her acting work first, and her parents supported her decision. Since childhood has been learning dance, performing dance, but in fame, her parents did not rush to help her daughter sign a variety of contracts, but chose to protect her childhood. Rather than letting their daughters roll into fame and fortune, they are more supportive of the Star University and life goals that Natalie aspires to.

"My parents are very good, they pay a lot, try to protect me, so that I can be in school with friends, my childhood very full of happiness." I feel very fortunate that not every child actor can be like me. 」

She gave herself a stop-loss point at every peak of her life.

"I like being a smart person better than being a movie star," Natalie said in a visit to the New York Post. 」

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After Natalie was admitted to Harvard, with her real name at school, she didn't want her classmates or fans to find out that she was the beauty on the screen, Natalie Portman, who said: " when people call you a beauty, you are left with a look in their hearts , and your charisma and intellect become less important." So it is very important for me to study at Harvard, because only with these exceptional students, I can see the real myself. "Students at school will inevitably look at this big star with disdain, but Natalie has proved herself with a + in every class ."

Her law professor saw Natalie's talent and accepted her as a research assistant, and he said: " She's not a Hollywood star who Zhang Shi to be heard. Her words are valuable, and it is worth listening to because of her background, experience and knowledge. "(You will like: the annual woman Smart Quotes, we are your strength )

Natalie Portman: " I know what I like and what I want, so I work hard ." 」

In reality, Natalie also lives in a very low-key way, she said she did not want fans to disturb her private life, and rarely appeared before the movie screen, many people say she is aloof, perhaps we are too harsh on the ideal star, not all Stars to the performing arts as the only life, at least for Natalie Portman is not, She knows that acting is her interest, but it's not everything to her.

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Later, in "cheating" as a stripper, for the first time for the arts dedicated to the physical performance, so she entered the Oscars and Golden Globes best Supporting actress, but she suspended her acting work back to the ancestral home of Israel's Hebrew University study, learning Arabic, and more understanding of her Israeli history. Fans also call this the "Natalie Portman style" of the typical move, it seems very proud of their film star is so loyal to their own life! In the next year, Natalie will also launch its own self-directed film of the Israeli motherland, it is worth everyone looking forward to this "Natalie Portman-style" long film!

It's not the God who favors her, the perfect image comes from her affection for herself.

In 2010, Natalie Portman starred in "Black Swan" Red International, she further stood on the world stage, the film, let her back to the past the Oscar-winning actress, in the film, Natalie not only acting in the play, but also mastered the four different emotions of the role.

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In the face of such a high degree of difficulty, Natalie once said that in the face of the role of the heart there are many collisions, she thought of childhood to develop the perfect demand for themselves, but also because they want to curry favor with their parents and the performance of the teacher at that time reluctantly, So Natalie understood that the characters were forced to fall into another abyss because of a higher performance situation, and that further thought of personality splitting and transcendence of the self was a further way of keeping Natalie Portman's life as deep as the characters in the drama. (You will like: Perfect is not beautiful, fall in love with their own small defects )

The film, Natalie insisted on nearly a year of the devil-type high-intensity training, 5-8 hours a day dance and swimming training, strict control of the diet, she lost more than 20 pounds. At the end of the choreography, she was injured in a lift with a broken rib, but she kept training, and Natalie said: "It's a routine for ballet dancers." (same field Gayon: Natalie.) Portman's slimming trainer: Three strokes of butterfly sleeves

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We see why Natalie has become the Victory group in everyone's eyes, just because she is hard enough, she is too clear about every goal of life, not afraid of the requirements of the ego, everyone in the eyes of Natalie's "perfect", perhaps she did her best. Natalie Portman doesn't think she wants to be mainstream, she understands her needs, and she's been involved in indie films and theatrical performances, and she's broken through the "Hollywood stars of the ideal" Natalie Portman didn't stop challenging herself, focus on your goals in life. (Recommended reading: falling in love with one's life )

The role of daily life, also worthy of heart performance

At the time of the Black Swan, Natalie also met her life partner, the film's French-speaking choreographer--benjamin Millepied, when the media and fans shouted the difference between the two people, but in fact, Natalie is just not the choice of most female stars will choose the number of Golden male star, producer, director, But to fall in love with a talented dancer.

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Natalie said: "I prefer men who have a manly temperament, full of self-confidence, and constantly pursue their goals in life." "This year's Oscar, Benjamin Millepied led the pregnant Natalie Portman to take the prize, and the son of his belly witness, this woman the most beautiful serious."

Natalie, whether it's a movie show or a relationship, doesn't decide everything in terms of external conditions, perhaps because she knows how to feel the truth of things, she loves to explore the core values more than she does on the surface, and she finally decides to marry an artist. Natalie has two more roles in life, a mother and a wife. Although she was very reluctant to expose her family life to the media, Natalie said, "Thanks to my son, because he helped me stay away from the glitz of Hollywood, and I'm trying to be a good mother." "(same field Gayon: mother, the most gentle name in the world )

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Natalie's interpretation of her role in life is perfect, in life she tried to be simple, not only do not pursue brand name, she is a strict vegetarian, highly educated Natalie is also committed to caring for environmental groups, engaged in public welfare. Her dedication from the film career to life attitude is obvious, Natalie does not want to become the Harvard talented woman, the goddess of knowledge, second Hepburn, Oscar-winning actress, even as a mother, wife, passers-by, she is our mind the most "Natalie Portman-style" day-to-day role.

Next, let's take a look at the many roles Natalie has played, and see why she's more play than anyone else. Maybe it's because she always challenges herself in every single interpretation!

In the final kill order, with Chanrenot's killer, a year of forgetting.

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In Star Wars, a noble and fickle queen.

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She's a stripper in "cheating."

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Natalie Portman shaved the show in V-Geek.

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The world's valiant physicist who strayed into the thunder of Thor

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Natalie Portman is not an easily stereotyped actor, like her life, always at the height of the career suddenly pulled out to do something unexpected, why do we think she is the life of victory Group? Not because she's a career. A fan of the Oscar-winning actress, but she is willing to leave the "star Halo", loyal to their attitude towards life, to go more to fill the life meaning of the path, in this intelligent power of women we never seem to surprise her to make a better life choice. (see: Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres: to be free, for herself )