Each person is unique and the only individual, only more open to the face of their own, in order to be as honest as Alan to treat others, look at society.

Womany Knitting Press: Famous host Allen Dichennie Today's bright, all because of the past a lot of experience, despite the way setbacks, she is brave to live out of their own, and strive to create their own style. Womany want to say to all women, women are many, and you are the only. Like Alan calmly face himself, find the most comfortable posture, in their own way, to love themselves , love others, and love this society. (Recommended reading: the Golden man dedicated to the world Oscar actor Jared Leto)

"Follow your passion and keep your nature. "-Allen Dichennie (Ellen DeGeneres says)

Allen is one of the most famous and popular hosts today, and her confidence with wit, as well as for being Gay Confession has set a new paradigm for women.

Alan, however, was not the girl who was so shiny from childhood.

At the age of 13, the parents divorced, the mother remarried, after the remarriage of the stepfather to her Sexual Harassment . at that time her mother had breast cancer , and her stepfather told her that he had found a cyst in her mother's chest, so she had to touch Ellen's breasts to check. later stepfather's behavior became more and more excessive, one day, her stepfather tried to forcibly enter Ellen's room while she was sleeping, she was afraid to escape from the window, in the town hospital floor for a night. Her mother did not believe in Ellen until she found that his stepfather's excuses were changing, only to understand that his stepfather was lying. (extended reading: There is a line of intimacy, how to encounter workplace sexual harassment?) )

Allen at the beginning did not understand his sexuality, high school and boys have dated, 19 years old to the family out of the ark, because the mother of the religious factors refused to live with her, and later Allen in the gay bar found a partner, began to be different from college students working to earn money.

Childhood family problems to the youth's self-awareness, she has been in fact very confused, the future is also, so began to try a series of different work , has been a legal advisor company's instruments, chain apparel store sales, restaurant waiters, house painters, waiters, bartenders. all These experiences in the Society Lay the foundation for her future stand-up comedy show.

one day, she went home on the way to a car accident scene, did not expect to lie there, incredibly is her girlfriend. After that, she went back to the empty room and wondered why his girlfriend had suddenly disappeared. for Life and death, she wanted to call directly into heaven and talk to God.

So Ellen wrote down what she wanted to say to God, she looked at the answer, and suddenly she was ambitious: "I want to be the first female guest to be interviewed on the show in The Tonight Show, the talk show King Channing Cassen (Johnny Carson) show." "This manuscript became the famous" call to God "talk show, and later, she succeeded in" stand-up comedy "(Stand-upcomedy) into the showbiz.

"Only in their own way, people will not live in fear, people have freedom." ”

However, after a shot and red, Allen has been slow to open He's gay . The fact that she was afraid of losing her job, it also came true. in 1997, Allen, after several struggles, decided not to deceive himself, she was in her TV series Ellen, in front of millions of people in the United States out of the closet. After three years, there is no work to the door, until one day suddenly thought that they can write the script, then began to cheer up, slowly play the spirit, and continue to work.

through the low tide, Ellen was reborn. she would no longer have to be secretive and be magnanimous. In addition, a young man wrote to her, saying that she had wanted to commit suicide, but because of her out of the closet to eliminate the idea. It made her realize that her existence had some meaning. (You'll like: Facebook's little gestures, corporate attitudes: support for same-sex marriage legalization )

Ellen and his wife Portia

"Only when we are with ourselves can we make a contribution to the world with our true self." ”

today, Allen's unique style of hosting has made her a place in American showbiz, and she has done all sorts of things: talk shows, "Allen jokes," film dubbing , situational comedy and film show, presided over several Gleys awards, Emmy Awards, Oscar Awards .

there is no redlight in her humour, no Gender Differences , there is no racial discrimination, using the rhetoric of contradictions or self-deprecating, it makes everyone laugh. Every visit, no matter who the guest is, will allow him to show himself, creative, break the rules, let the host and the unfocused.

The Oscars and the stars.

in the momentum of Allen's star, but also everywhere to show respect for the sincerity, her understanding also shortened the distance between each other. She is a vegan , actively engaged in animal protection activities, but also in response to many human rights , humanitarian issues related to the activities.

Alan's natural frankness, the charm of his own life, is the result of experiencing setbacks and conversations with himself, don't be afraid of you not like the others. , people would have multi-Sample appearance , and everyone is unique and the only individual, only more open to their own, will be as honest as Alan to treat others, look at society.

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