Let's listen to this, which will bring Taiwan's music to the international arena, singing the Taiwanese mood of the young generation of Independent orchestra.

Have you ever heard of the tiger Chocolate band? Maybe you are not familiar with it, but only two years into the army, they have been invited to the Texas Music Festival performance, Taiwan's music to the international arena, the beginning of the orchestra, by a personal album "Neptune" Zheng Yi Nong, a collection of four friends without music, drummer: Hiko, guitarist: Xu Mei, bass hand: Celine Together to create the music beyond imagination.

For indie orchestras, our impressions may be: personality, strong ego style, ideas ... Wait a minute, but after listening to their albums, Let's be more curious about what kind of community it is to create sophisticated, yet pure music.

In front of the visit to the Tiger chocolate imagination, but after the visit is completely broken! What kind of orchestra is this? Can let a person see every time is full of stunning, let us go into their small universe to find out!

The tiger chocolate? We don't know, either.

These four young people, in the process of growing up, are no longer inseparable from the music, lead singer Zheng Yinong from an early age did not accept any music-related education, but very like "voice", in college time to pick up a roommate's guitar, it can not be put down! In the 07, because of the movie "The Tail of Summer", with four simple chords, the young to make up the film's tail song, in order to promote the film, she first boarded the stage, when the farmers nervous to even the strings are not good, step down also a big spat, but this opportunity, let her find that the original: "Music is what I want to do."

Lead singer: Zheng Yinong

and drummer Hiko is starting from the national small, because of the cartoon rock, began to like " Rhythm ", in the course of growing up, also met several times to give up the time, but the joint broke off are still to drum, let him find that he really can not leave the music, he resolutely resigned from the work of the engineers, and strive to become a professional musician; bassist Celine, a small regular music class all the way to high school, she said:" Although I like music very much, but when it becomes a kind of responsibility, actually will begin to have repulsion, after graduating from high school with the family revolution, choose not to continue to read music, even feel oneself possibly lifetime can not touch a sound! "But her relationship with the music is not interrupted, high school saw the rock band in her heart buried group of seeds, and just met the former guitarist William, with her on the music road to find direction."

Guitarist Xu Mei, who was a musician at many concerts in college, after the discharge of the idea of the Creation orchestra, after two or three years of work in the studio left, began to have more time to think about the group of things, just at this time the Tiger chocolate invitation, so, four people because of music and gather together, But when asked what they thought about Tiger chocolate, they smiled and said, "Well, we don't know!" 」

Tiger Chocolate since the creation of the group, it is important to create, so they do not set their own want to become, but always want to break through their own, so Tiger chocolate is the same as life, although unknown but is expected. (The infinite possibility of music: the Su Zihin musician: If Life is a paycheck, there is no sense of being alive )

Tiger chocolate = Young man of this generation

Lead singer Yi Nong said:

"Many orchestras may decide the direction or musical style of a good orchestra when they are in a group, but in fact, when it comes to Tiger chocolate, I don't want us to be categorized, I hope it can be broken and challenged in this group, and we are always brave enough to do things that are beyond our imagination, and then make these things" real " On the stage to share with you.

Like this, you'll feel Tiger chocolate is like a young man now, we cannot answer our present or future appearance, for we are all looking for ourselves in chaos because of the fear of indecision and uncertainty about the future, and the hope that we have the courage to break through reality, in concert, when the lyrics are projected on the screen, Many fans will sing along, and some will cry, and for the fans, oneself is the lyrics of that protagonist, because the farmers will be the taste of their own life, magnified to the song, will this generation of young people the same experience, are written into the lyrics, so in the music playing in the present, will let people feel: we are together, That kind of resonance is a very good thing. (We all need music: good music draws closer to each other )

In the way of playing music, what is often asked is the balance between reality and ideal. This is where the generation of young people struggle, guitarist Xu Mei said: "We always say to fight the economy, but I think should be spelled is" the State of Life ", playing the orchestra may be an interest or life sustenance, We may have more time or make more money if we don't play music, but today we choose the band, which is a form of "life".


Tiger Chocolate put their own choice and attitude to life, very honest into their music, so always in their music to hear the pure outside of the earthly,

Drummer Hiko said: "Playing music this thing, is to keep our pure, rare meet one thing, can make you happy, of course, will choose to continue to go on, although we may have to pay more efforts to maintain life, but we are willing, this is not everyone can do it."

Yi Nong Honest said, playing music is not to make money AH! But we will have their own way to make money, we can still live very well, everyone in the heart may more or less have courage, willful, idealistic ... Wait, just be repressed by a lot of things, so in the tiger chocolate music, fans can see these things again, so that we realize in the ideal and reality between the choice, there are many different possibilities. (same field Gayon:"Tedxtaipei @ womany" musician: a beautiful woman from within, Wu Yunji )

(Next, the team can give each other more)

Thank you, my dear Tiger chocolate.

Although choose to play music is very happy, but always very hard time, then the tiger Chocolate became the common strength, like drummer Hiko said: "At this time there will always be members of you to pull you, we can again blunt, It's a pleasure to have members come here. And the lead singer farmers think Tiger chocolate is to make their own rapid progress of the driving force, because in the league members need a variety of communication, and because it is independent orchestra so before the curtain, behind the scenes need to take care of, have these friends around, can let me continue to break through growth, she said: " I really can't imagine what I would be like if it were the status of Zheng Yi Nong. It's going to get stuck! 」

Bass player:Celine

Bass player Celine said: "Here is a place where you can show your self, sometimes in the community there will always be some people's thoughts can be ignored, or be beaten guns, but here everyone is willing to give each other a lot of space to play, so that I can realize that my thoughts are the joy of practice."

Xu Mei said that because there are two women in the league, so get along with more family feeling, but also a sense of belonging to each other's strongest backing, but also to each other more forward.

Guitar Player: Xu Mei

Tiger chocolate Everyone, in fact, like the "Tiger", full of the ambition of music, but each person can still maintain their unique personality in the team, and these characteristics like what kind of animals? The lead singer, Shannon, is described as a clever cat, mystery is not easy to close people, and drummer Hiko is a loyal Akita, guitarist Xu Mei is thoughtful and love the beautiful "mother" of the Poodle, the last bass hand Celine like a lovely sea otter, usually silently sacred hidden, but as soon as one appeared, There will always be amazing behavior!

Watching the members laugh and describe each other, it is not difficult to imagine the deep feelings between them, so that they can understand each other, in the music to each other to play the space, but can bring each other warm and power, create the tiger chocolate can not be ignored. (To be the strength of each other: friends walk together in life )

Let's share the music

In addition to encouraging each other among the orchestra members, being the driving force behind the evolution of Tiger chocolate, in March of this year, SXSW, an independent orchestra, was elected to the American music season for Austin, where they were able to make a successful trip to Texas to fulfill their dreams, where they saw the music of the world, Whether it is melody, musical instrument, music composition ... Wait, all let the tiger chocolate eye-opener, get more different music nutrients, also found that we should be more confident of Taiwan's music, as long as we continue to adhere to their own side , to retain their own characteristics, we can use music to make the world know Taiwan. (The Fascinating music festival: Eternal Love and peace!) The colorful Woodstock Music festival )

In addition, they encountered the other three Taiwanese orchestras: Wanford, manic, sheep, in fact, the orchestra circle is not very good at teaching friends, see other circles will be curious but dare not approach, but this encounter let the band break the boundaries, Yi Nong besides with manic sheep singer talk about music, More exchanges of experience in the operation of the Independent orchestra, I believe that the tiger chocolate through the baptism of music offerings, must be able to transform the creation of a different, we will wait and see!

Finally, we invite the Tiger chocolate, and share their favorite song, let us from the music point of view, once again know Tiger chocolate.

The lead singer Yi Nong said, her favorite is an unpopular song "Nameless", would like to share because this is the Tiger chocolate members of the first song, there are many different from the previous attempts, is a new beginning, although some of the music is negative, but very naked to present the real side.

Drummer Hiko Favorite "How to do", because this song, not too gorgeous rhythmic skills, only a single rhythm can be molded out of a very feeling atmosphere.

Guitarist Xu Mei, like to drive at night to relax, the most love will be projected to the "Night Factory" in the sentence: "I am a swift traveller," The Night factory also album name, because the tiger chocolate want in the night, bring people a moment of light and warmth.

Bass player Celine favorite Taiwanese song "Sara Nora", this is the original Zheng Yi Nong individual issue "Neptune" in the song, but the tiger chocolate in each performance will have different ways to adapt, regardless of the way the performance, this song is very good, so she loves this song!

Have you found that every song has a different surprise? This is the tiger chocolate is the most unique place, because there is no limit, so there is infinite possibility, in each performance or song creation, Tiger chocolate is always with different people, stirring the unexpected sparks, like this year's Small Universe concert final field will please to the Tube chime and Jin Cooperation, To bring the fans more different Tiger chocolate! Let us go to the scene to feel their charm, in the music collide with each other's small universe, communicate the purest of each other, release the repressed mind!