Take a look at Little Yan sister, how in the turbulent showbiz has kept the heat, adhere to their principles, and constantly bring to Taiwan's audience unlimited joy and moved.

If there is a woman who can represent the Kuaiyu in Taiwan, she will be "sound" in your ear when she sees this problem, she is a part of the history of Taiwan's comprehensive art television, she is the Chang Hsiao that accompanies us for more than 50 years, Xiao Yan.


We remember "Super Sunday" lively Xiao Yan, remember "million small school" and children play together Little Yan sister, remember this June Golden Melody Award Brave strong Mrs. Peng. But Chang Hsiao's story is not only these, she said: "Without the ability to move, there is no happiness." Find their own happiness, do not complain about why not happy, not happy. No one should give you happiness. "(Extended reading: the possibility of finding happiness )

Whether it is to do programs or get along with people, Little Yan sister cherish the existence of every moment, also do enough homework, want to be brave to carry out the happiness. Her rich life said also not to finish, she for the whole Taiwan to bring happiness and happiness road also endless.

The godmother of Taiwan's comprehensive arts: insist on the family watch

He was a child star, and won the Asia-Pacific Film Festival "the Best Child actor Award" for three consecutive years. Xiao Yan's performance of the road is not so smooth, adolescence because the face acne is often assigned to play the role of D, later, because of the constant encouragement and support of Zhang's father, she found her own style in the host sector, It is not only the Chang of the Admiralty Award, but a new way of Taiwan's comprehensive arts.


Starting with the 100 of the arts, she regained self-confidence, decades down, she is consistent, she presided over quickly, always very energetic appearance, Little Yan sister unique warm and interesting rhythm, no one can surpass, she insisted not to talk about redlight color, not to dig other people's privacy, not to do the program, so many years, Xiao Yan sister has been hoping variety show is a let everyone happy place, she also did her insistence, each of her programs, are able to laugh with the whole family, together with the family to watch. (Recommended you see: the family together warm sheet )


Pushing the younger generation to fly, to bring nutrients to the showbiz

Already all-powerful Little Yan elder sister, not only did not play the big cards, but unceasingly for the new person creates the opportunity, she through the "Super Sunday", the success of the cultivation of Yu Cheng Qing, anthers Jiao, Buliang and other people, there are rumors that as long as the Little Yan sister will be around red, Buliang jokingly said: "Unless she does not want us, otherwise we will always rely on not to go." 」


Xiao Yan sister also cultivated many female descendants, such as Millet Lu Jiayi, Zeng Baoyi, pottery crystal. Tao Crystal said: "Even if we later have what ability, but before also need someone to trust us, give us the opportunity, we can do well." "Xiao Yan is always very accurate to know what people should be in what position, can try what different." Xiao Yan elder sister in the interview mentioned: "She knows that the effort must be on their own, but the opportunity is someone else, so I hope that they have the ability, can be a lot of promotion of younger generations." 」

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Not only is Xiao Yan sister's artists taken care of, other to participate in her program, can feel the warmth, she let guests become the host of the program, but also because of this, everyone can in the small Yan sister's program on the talk, can pour out their own lungs to tell the story.

Xiao Yan sister like the wind, low-key to the children's direction, let them go to fly, now they all become a brother and a sister, Xiao Yan elder sister like a tree, so that all the entertainment in the backward sense of security, every gentle words are nutrients.

In the face of Love, Chang Hsiao is also a little woman

After two marriage of Little Yan sister, and all women are like a spoiled brat will cry will be fragile, in love she is also a little girl, the first marriage period, only in the weekend and each other meet, married a whole week after seven days in a piece, life is difficult to adapt, eight years after the divorce ended, Someone asked her what was wrong with the marriage? She answered that there was no big problem, just like shoes, a pair of beautiful shoes, although beautiful but very painful to wear. (Extended reading: Ghosts and Goblins in love )


Through the divorce pain, Xiao Yan sister met the second husband Mr. Peng, Xiao Yan in this year's 25th annual Golden Melody Award for the passing of Mr. Peng's best contribution award, said: "I am the happiest, the most fulfilling, the happiest, that is, Mrs. Peng's time." He's great, I adore him. I adore him. There is a pair of eyes can see other people's talent, there is an ear can hear the most beautiful voice, have a nose can sniff out the market demand, he is a performer, all musicians are gathered together. 」

When Mrs. Peng, Xiao Yan put down the big sister of the great Smart, to rediscover the weakness and firmness of being a woman, Mr. Peng died before she wrote a word: "stupid", said she was stupid, Little Yan sister is not stupid, but Mr. Peng is too clever, too painful her. (Extended reading: Velvet glove, is a woman's most beautiful power )


Through the pain of a loved one, Xiao Yan thinks that women don't have to be too wronged, but they can't love themselves too much. Otherwise, I will only think of others how not good to me, will only be self-pity, feel very pathetic, but never happy, "rather than always waiting for people to love me, but also try to do something, so that people around you are very happy!" 」

Now the little Swallow sister life low-key and busy, in addition to the host, she is also in charge of Fung Wah Record and Dapeng brokerage company, but also to keep her lovely dog sons, although busy, but as long as the dog talk, Xiao Yan elder sister can feel satisfied, the private Little Yan elder sister lived a fulfilling ordinary day, very contented. (Recommended reading: Contentment, is the real victory of Life Group )


As a woman, Xiao Yan sister frankly accept the joys and sorrows of life, find peace and stability of happiness, she also has been playing her ability to do more of the bole, at the same time, also did not forget to use the most true, the most Chang Hsiao way, always bring laughter and warmth to the Taiwanese audience.