She is China's early pioneering CEO of the network, but also Koemeng Podan editor-in-chief. She is also an entrepreneur, in order to let women live their desire to live and work hard.

30 years old, what is it like? Some people say that the 30-year-old is the most beautiful season, some people worry about the 30-year-old after falling 20-year-old fell. There is such a Chinese girl Wang Yu under the network write "write in the 30-year-old arrival This day", the text is sharp and profound comments on their 30 years old before the journey. At that time, she wrote ...

"The condition of love is to let oneself from the spirit to the material, from the soul to the body, because the other side is better than the former state." Why else? 」

"Don't wait for the time to mature and start doing something." Swimming Middle School can swim, drive to learn to drive, touch a stone can cross the river. The premise is to afford to lose. 」

"It's a good ending for two of people to end up with the day," he said, "because many people find it" totally different after marriage. 」

Concise, bitter experience, the sentence in the online One night crazy biography, many girls and women so moved or disillusioned, so again to play the spirit, to examine their own way of life, she is dashing Miss Wang Yu. Chinese women's web site early CEO, an entrepreneur, but also believe that all women, should have thought of the life of the people. (Recommended reading: as a woman, we do not need to prove anything to the world )

A story, and thus had a net of the early

In the afternoon session, we specially invited Wang Yu to meet. Also women's websites, women fans want to hear more from China's voice. In front of the Wang Yu, mature and charming, the words are full of intelligence, and her seat to talk, we feel particularly deep.

Now she, at the same time with three identity, writer, Chinese version of Cosmopolitan Dan's editor-in-chief, as early as the founder of the network CEO, but she said in fact is the same thing in essence: hope to provide a better tool for women. Wang Yu himself as three people to live, treat their own life expectations and social responsibility can be imagined. talk to oneself, Wang Yu said others may see her to have all sorts of identities, but she sees oneself, always regards oneself as the entrepreneur .

Entrepreneurship, because do not want to give their lives to a few people master, because she just want to create their own destiny, to maximize the experience of this life.

Did the early, behind the story of such a moving. When Wang Yu launched the "woman understand to be early" a book China sales, 2013 she went to Shanghai readers meeting. At the scene, a reader stood up and said: "Your story, changed the fate of our family." When I was pregnant, my husband got melancholia, I don't know what to do. After reading your book, I decided to start to master their own destiny, now my shop is Taobao mother and child supplies of the country's second shop, won a year 150 million of the results. Your story, also changed our story. "This share, let Wang Yu on the spot moved, feel that they should accept their mission, so the introduction of" early "service.

I did the early, the concept is to hope that women can go through life in accordance with their own will, do is online and now life management tools, I provide a method, free dissemination of the values.

Now we are relatively happy, more and more people are aware of the identity of women, we also and Wang Yu talk about the plight of Chinese women. "The obstacles that Chinese women pursue in life come from many ways," Wang Yu said. From the influence of the environment of growth, to the imperfection of education, to the traditional values, all of them have great influence on the development of women's life. 」

Women's gender status, subject to great influence, the pursuit of their own will in a huge suspicion, dare not make choices, not according to their own will, often a little depressed life, and began to regret, I do not want women to have such a day.

CEO Wang Yu

Wang Yu's eyes were firm, the words were earnest, and she could hear her anxiety and anticipation for China. China has an absolutely huge market, Wang Yu choose to return to their own, from the care of women, to the fundamental twist and accompany the growth of women on the road, do is not a temporary service, but a life of planning, ambition, there is a warm story behind. (Recommended reading: Everyone should fall in love with their own life )

When you are young, you know the difference between "lively" and "rich".

Achievements and strength, the most need for the accumulation of time, today, we have the shadow of the past. 20 years old Wang Yu, in CCTV live on the whole point of news, the test of physical PR company, also set up their own consulting company Motionpost, hosted Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Beijing tour. The experience of the year, to achieve her confidence today. Now she is very satisfied with the identity and rhythm of the entrepreneur, more described as "entrepreneurial environment, it is difficult to return to the rhythm of normal life." Very tired and very enjoyable. 」

Through the ignorant groping life direction of 20 years old, Wang Yu Smile said, 20 years old is young, the most suitable for some basic falls together fell a fall, lovelorn ah, the cause is not smooth ah, can, heartily put the horse over. At the age of 30, you have to fall in the place where you've never fallen. Because, life, is constantly wrestling, but try to the same fall, not two times.

Looking back on their 20 years old, the environment has been challenging, while the test of Wang Yu's physical strength and logic, Wang Yu also special to girls and women such advice, you can learn a way of thinking: when looking at things, learn to use the ultimate judgment to see it. Wang Yu Seriously: "When you imagine yourself to be 80 or 100 years old, you are going to die." When you think about yourself at this time and remember the day of the 20, will you still choose to do so? Then you'll have a better idea. "

"This is called the concept of practice, young children, should learn to draw away from the present predicament, practice using the way of contemplation, to have a larger pattern." Especially when 20 years old, online information 杂沓, we are easily "lively", "rich" two things confused. If you are 20 years old, you will go a little faster. "Wang Yu said.

20 years old, learn to see where you are now. If proportional, the pond and the river are different. In the pond, there are small frogs have small fish, very cute, but it is a stagnant water, will not go to greater, better and farther. You have, just lovely lively.

But the river is not the same, you will feel that you are growing, is moving forward, you know all the times, I am more spacious than today. This environment is full of predictable opportunities and surprises. Although there are small shrimp with small fish to accompany, but you will know, they can only accompany you to walk a paragraph. For example, the current work, the current friend, the current relationship, just accompany you to walk a paragraph of things, this is called the richness of the environment.

We looked at Wang Yu talk, thinking behind what will be the course of mind so she can see so thoroughly, also think of Ma said that: "Young people, not the most can endure hardship of the age to choose a comfortable." "The separation of" lively "and" rich "is always our clear topic. Because our life, we should not join the fun, but the pursuit of rich, pluralistic value. (same field Gayon:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth." "Write a letter to you who is puzzled by the work."

Three growth lessons necessary for life

Life this road, winding walk, big spicy go, how to go all only once. Wang Yu's book, " women understand to be early ," listed in Taiwan, known as "tens of millions of women's Social Survival Code", we also specifically invited Wang Lialai to talk about survival and life. Wang Yu first smiled and said that all the deep understanding had been written in the book, but still wanted to remind everyone in life, everyone has to face three of growth lessons.

No matter how the life of each person decides how to live, there are three growth lessons, how to hide can not hide. Only through these three growth lessons, we may become better ourselves, Wang Yu pointed out that these three things, is: see the world, see yourself, brave to insist. (Recommended to you: self-confidence not arrogant, insist not stubborn )

Look at the world and see what the world is like. Look at the local and foreign media, to understand this moment, all over the world what happened, to understand with your age, not the same age of girls, choose what kind of life, choose to be what kind of person. To see the world, to think about several ways of living in the world. You will find that every way of living, there are people fame, and some people are defeated. Then you will know that the key is not only in the living, but in people.

Therefore, after seeing the world, can be a good look at their own, will not be confused about what they should become what kind of person. See yourself, you have to know your talent, long, interesting. Can do what, want to do, see oneself is a lifetime of topic, I also still groping oneself is what appearance, but the road that passes, let me be closer to oneself a little.

Finally, the courage to insist. This remark cannot be mentioned. Because we are in an "effort may not be successful" era, but again, do not work hard will not succeed. Many people do not recognize this and even try to do so. Courage to insist, because success, need time. The growth of homework to do well, to see their homework well, the next is to accumulate their own ability, dare to take out three years, five years, seven years to accumulate their own, waiting to see what they can become. (Recommended reading: Take risks while young, because you can afford to fall )

Wang Yu smiled and said that he had kept the three lessons to himself until now. To now are still trying to see the world, see themselves, brave to insist. 30 years old walked half, she knew now most need to know is own boundary, what thing certainly cannot do, what thing can do very well. Finally Wang Yu smiled and said, of course, some people do not see their own circumstances, went to brave pursuit, that is, we say that success is not happy people.

Every choice you make now is the butterfly that vibrates the future.

When Wang Yu talk, there are always strong eyes. Speaking of her motto, she said she had always believed that "a person's luck is the result of his choice, just like his misfortune." " This is the godfather of the famous words, the perfect proof Wang Yu walk through the road." Many times, we will feel that we are being manipulated, are others let us make a choice, but did not make a choice, in fact, it is your choice.

So failure, do not complain, do not blame others, because many things, are their own choice, success or failure, we will become what kind of people, are the choice of the past constituted.

Wang Yu said that he particularly believes in the butterfly effect of this matter, you have to believe that now do things, not casually can be the next decision, and then small decision, will stay in your life, you each decision, is to let the butterfly vibration of the future.

And what we can do is to do the right thing in a second, that's all.

Wang Yu more talk to oneself face life of calm, she described herself is a particularly strong person. Her strength comes from, she accepts this world is such, sometimes is very unreasonable, the person is also lonely, but also not therefore sad. Because the stronger you are, the more you can face the reality of society. To accept that "it is so" and to do it better.

She also frankly described herself as "opportunistic"! This surging tide of the times in China, the choice of entrepreneurship is basically to believe that "opportunism." The world is big, she said she can do not many things, but she craves the surprise of life, believe that good things will happen, and willing to live like this. (Recommended reading: One day, we are not to get the dream, but to become our own dream )

In the end, Wang Yu also made her observations on Taiwanese girls in particular. Wang Yu earnestly said: "I think the girls in Taiwan are particularly" peaceful "and" humble ", these two characteristics are I think people will be mature after the character. So especially good. 」

Wang Yu added: "To be honest, being human is apt to exaggerate the importance of" no ". Taiwan has a good place in Taiwan, China also has a good place in China, but all the characteristics are double-edged. Of course, when we think of China, our mood is inevitably complicated. When we put Taiwan in the same place as China, to put up with the best score and to grumble that the Taiwanese are not fighting for it, perhaps we overlook the importance and necessity of "learning from one another". China and Taiwan are good at where, plainly to see, and go to the review, seek truth from facts to observe, this is called positive.

Looking at China in Taiwan, we see China, in order to make up for the huge gap between the urban and rural disparities, momentum, can-do, compatible has become the Chinese survival and the pursuit of personal success have to have three key words. When the atmosphere and climate of the environment, intangible plastic our characteristics, counter to their own, in Taiwan, we, at least more conscious to understand the different social and market operations, see Yin and think Qi. See not yin and internal self-examination, good and bad, both amending, can find in the era of the torrent, Taiwan's foothold in the way. (Recommended reading: no more comparisons )

and Wang Yu a seat to talk, feeling good deep. Listen to her, you can see the big storms, that particular large and broad pattern, but also hear her for the Chinese market unlimited expectations. Wang Yu speaks straight but sincerely, perhaps Taiwanese society, which is in need of her sharp sharpness, knows the point of youth, do not be lively and rich confused, even when growing up, must continue to practice seeing the world, see yourself, brave to adhere to the lessons, and of course, the need to be responsible for their own lives.

Share Wang Yu life experience to you and you, hope our life still fall some necessary falls, but can early understand their life value, come to life this is a bad, also calculate worthwhile. (same field Gayon: Phoenix TV chief anchor Wu Xiaoli: Chongrubujing's life )