Koemeng Podan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles is directly said: "I want to use politics, the choice of life back to women!" 」

When it comes to women's magazines, we usually think of fashion, or beauty-related topics, but do women really care about these things? In fact, women are rich in curiosity and curiosity, so that women also like to read financial magazines to increase their knowledge of finance, read the management of the magazine's deep work skills, and browse the world of economic and political news to understand the big things. We believe that reading magazines can not only make ourselves more beautiful outside, but also send out intelligent temperament from the inside.

Joanna Coles, the editor of Cosmopolitan Koemeng Podan, a well-known foreign woman magazine, also held the idea that the women's magazines, which taught women how to please men and look more attractive, began to have different elements. They started talking about birth control, politics, and women's obsession with politics, and we believe women are important forces in the world, so we want to empower women in every way, including politics, let's learn from cosmopolitan and see how women's magazines talk about politics! (Extended reading: What is the relationship between women and politics?) )

Girls can talk about mascara, and of course they can talk about the situation in the Middle East

Cosmopolitan this May, the introduction of 12 pages on the "birth control method" article, for a major talk about Sex magazine, this is a big breakthrough, but editor-in-chief Coles want to break through more than that, she let the Women's magazine began to discuss "politics." Cosmopolitan The idea of these changes, as evidenced by the introduction of the May contraceptive theme, is that contraception is definitely not a matter for women or men, which is a topic of concern for both sexes, and the issues related to democracy.

But when Cosmopolitan began to do political-related projects, some people thought it was a strange thing for them to encourage women to vote and participate in politics in women's magazines. Because women reading magazines only want to know the latest fashion, talk about politics, it is beyond the reader's understanding! But editor-in-chief Coles with the following words, perfect comeback!

"There are so many layers of women's lives that we can learn about mascara and the situation in the Middle East," she said. I can't understand why women can't talk about fashion, sex, love or how to make money, and are considered as serious and deep as men. "I would have women ' s lives are multilayered." I have no problem understanding that women are interested in mascara and the Middle East. I don ' t understand why women can ' t talk about fashion, or sex, or love, or wanting the more money and not being taken as Ser iously as men. "

That's right! Modern women, compared to the past, have more opportunities and resources to learn, we talk about the topic, in addition to nail polish color, make-up products brand, but also can talk about related issues such as: women's equal treatment in the workplace, contraception related issues, but also to expand their concern about international situation, environmental conservation ... So, in a magazine dominated by women readers, it is definitely a smart decision to encourage women to be concerned about public issues and actively participate in politics. (Want to secretly tell you: change the world, start with care )

Participating in politics is like going to an interesting national Party!

Cosmopolitan Magazine believes that we have seen enough men in the political arena! And we also face a lot of deadlock, so it is time for women to stand on the political stage, bring some changes! More than Taiwan, cosmopolitan editors in the United States argue that public and political issues have long been too uninteresting and too difficult to understand for the average person.

As a monthly media site with 30 million people watching, editor-in-chief Coles to take on this important mission, combine Cosmopolitan's influence and young women's favorite social web sites, make it more interesting to care about life issues, and turn political participation into a party-like charm!

Cosmopolitan creates an environment in which candidates are invited to work on equal pay, abortion rights, birth control ... Wait, put forward their views and endorse the candidates with the same opinion, so that readers can use various ways to understand the candidates. This is the first attempt since the magazine's publication in 1886, and it is a risky choice, but thanks to the online media, the editorial team can interact with the reader at any time to understand the reader's ideas. In the process of communication, women readers can understand more, who can choose? And how do they choose? (You will like: from Europe and America to see Taiwan, women in politics to make society better )

Without making good use of their rights, we are not entitled to complain

Editor Coles said: "Think about the important issues related to us, if you want to let others pay attention to your needs, it is necessary to use their own power to make a sound!" It's easy to sit down and complain, but if you don't use your vote, you're not entitled to complain. "" What we re trying to say are, ' I'm about the issues that are important to you, and if you want to have a voice, then yo u need to use your voice. It's all very the OK to sit back and complain, but you don ' t have a right to complain if you don ' t use your vote. "

The editor-in-chief believes Cosmopolitan readers are very good! Especially the young women of this age, we have more female leaders than ever before. In the American business world, we can see the good performance of the Facebook Sheryl Sandberg , or Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, but in the political arena, we are expecting more role model to appear, so that more women Sex believes: "I can do it too!" 」。 This is not to say that every woman has to go into politics, but we should give women more equal opportunities, and psychological encouragement, so that women believe that they are in the political field, there is unlimited possibility! (Female politician in Asia: South Korea's first female president Park )

Some say Coles made Cosmopolitan magazine more political, but Coles that she did it by"Changing the Way women live"because every decision we make in politics can have a huge impact on life. She did not want women's lives to be left to the older white men in Washington, D.C., who wanted to Coles the choice of life back to women! (Extended reading: in Iceland, politics is a woman's world. )

Women are obsessed in Taiwan and working with you

Women fans and Cosmopolitan Dan Cosmopolitan, believe that women have unlimited potential, but also have the ability to choose and change our lives, the current social difficulties and deadlock, if more female power to join, there will be many different changes. As with Cosmopolitan, when women are obsessed with politics, many people ask: "Why are women obsessed with politics?" "Because women fans also believe that if we have expectations of life, we should not give up the decision of life to others." We should use our own voice, loudly say our needs, only we brave expression, expect things will happen!