the 2013-year Taiwan Environment may have made us feel unusually dark and melancholy, but someone has let us see that the light is more visible in the dark. He is a legend in many people's eyes,

He is Wuke, shun son, Daipeni and other front-line stars of the hands; he, who founded seed music at the age of 26, became the youngest CEO of pop music, and he turned gracefully at the height of his career, took his monocular camera, traveled across Taiwan, found the beauty of Taiwan, and published the first edition of the album on eight occasions; Li-Wen Chuang Market, the founder of "Fengwen Chong", with Taiwan artists, onto the international stage. He is Tian Dingfung, a man full of success stories. (To tell you: winners are not good luck )

Many people think that Tian Dingfung, is the life of the Victory group, but few people know that in fact his success, are from all kinds of failure and the accumulation of darkness. Recently he has a book called "Phototaxis years", a word to say his dream journey, that is, from the dark set out. He grew up in the midst of the pain of home violence, have been friends cheat investment defeat, had to rely on sleeping pills and alcohol to continue to live, he once doubted the reason for his existence, but because he saw the light of the dark hole, so he does not escape, try to break, and forcibly injured, adhere to their dreams, bravely leather their own lives, When their own bole, pulling their own step-by-step towards the light running.

Can't stick to the dream, not qualified to call a dream

"Music, is my first dream." "When it comes to music, Tian Dingfung's eyes are still visible in the flames of passion." Do music is childhood dream, in pocket money not much of childhood, he saved the money to eat, braved the risk of being scolded by his mother, just put the money together to buy a cassette. While in the dark listening to the western, Chinese music written by the vegetarian people, while the dream can enter the record company. A few years time flies over, Tian Dingfung firm footsteps accumulate strength, take oneself all the way to that year never imagined height, not only realized the dream, but also founded the seed music, at the beginning only three people, in the record industry mercilessly out of the world.

That year, he handed over the beautiful pioneering work: Xinzhe's transformation album "Tolerant" sell millions, he is behind the scenes the biggest hero. But behind the scenes and applause, no one found his extreme lack of security. At that time he had to arm himself to speak, and the pressure was too high to sleep without sleeping pills. A few years later, when the record market was depressed, for three years, the record, the Investment pub, was a mess, the investment in medical beauty, the lost money, the struggling friend, hid. Tian Dingfung When he said those stories, laughing, when walking in the cold streets, the real body is no cold heart cold.

In the face of frustration and difficulty is painful, the accompanying may be self-denial or escape, in that moment, Tian Dingfung did not have the same choice, he did not run away, but took himself more forcefully in the dark running, tell himself: "If you want to leave, you should leave at the best time, not adhere to the dream, not qualified to call the dream." "Teeth run through the dark moment, those dark instead became Tian Dingfung to the power of light." (such as he, accustomed to fall, enjoy failure )

At the lowest ebb, he became the most powerful bole. The eye unique promoted at that time no one optimistic, was labeled "a Singer" Wuke, Tian Dingfung The atmosphere of Pat shoulders told him: "Your album, you write the song." No listeners, no fans, pick up the microphone stand, go to the streets to sing to everyone, as long as you have the ability, your voice will be heard, you, will shine in the crowd, you will have the ability to go to the light. "This is Tian Dingfung tell Wuke words, is also Tian Dingfung all the way to pursue dream power." Even in the dark, there is still light, just open your eyes to see. (same field Gayon: Nine knives also say that there is love, even if it is dark, can bloom light )

"I don't like to talk about success, I like sharing failure." Because we are all losers, without failure, success is meaningless. 」

Tian Dingfung words are meaningful, looking back at those days, his heart only thanks. Without the latent nourishment in the darkness, he would not know that he could bring himself into the light, he would not take a more serious look at his life "to" and "Do not". It is not easy to admit that failure is painful, but also because of those failures, it is possible to truly define your own success.

People to do things that they can't imagine.

In front of the Tian Dingfung, the body has the tenacity of gentle strength, with not noisy pursuit of dream strength, promising a colorful life. Two years ago, Tian Dingfung chose to leave the seed at the best time, gently waved his sleeve, removed the music director's identity, turned to pick up the monocular, lived in simple ways, and condensed the beauty of Taiwan with photographs. On the way to the Pat writing, he met the 70-year-old in the Mino umbrella of Li Grandma, she felt the sense of mission of cultural heritage, at the age of 60, the first time to pick up the brush and learn umbrella skills, in that moment, Tian Dingfung regrets that he found the power of Taiwan, regardless of age regardless of the industry regardless of academic qualifications, in fact, as long as you want to learn, what not? (Give yourself a chance to learn: no best, only better )

"People want to do things they can't imagine, it will make your life different." The definition in the eyes of others is not important at all. "The most restrictive of our lives is not the others, but ourselves." Relax your heart and want to learn anything. Everyone, can be their own bole.

Tian Dingfung continued to smile from the past until now, never a period of time as comfortable as now, feel the double down-to-earth step on the ground, feel the sun on the body, magnifying sensory feeling, life basics, inspiration instead of the endless drilling. Carrying his monocular, he spent more than 400 days walking through Taiwan, and the photos of Kerala would speak without any polished, only the most sincere feeling of life, the true beauty of Taiwan's land. Published last year, "Feng and Li" Photographic Collection , publishing house suggested less print, but Tian Dingfung once again proved himself: this did not go to a photography class writer first experience, created a reprint of eight brushes record.

For him, there is never too much to be done, Tian Dingfung time and time again to set new challenges for his life. In 2013, he resolutely devoted himself to the creation of a market in Taiwan's art literature. Why is art writing created? In addition to Tian Dingfung's own fondness for art, also felt in Taiwan's artistic creation environment also seems to be in the dark, in the absence of strong support and government subsidies, Taiwan's artists not only have to work while the creation, even in the international exposure is far inferior to other countries, works can only be in the exhibition or art gallery in the Pan, Where is the light? Many people could not help shaking their heads and starting to give up. (See Japanese artist: Kano, village-long succession disciple interview )

Taiwan's artists are so good, why Taiwan can not have village and Nara and the United States wisdom? A Tian Dingfung his own unacceptable problems, he chose to face, and efforts to his gentle strength, light Taiwan's artistic creation environment.

"In the process of making a record, I learned something called marketing. After not making music, I wonder what can I do? Later, I thought that I should start from the art I care most about, and come to the art revolution of Taiwan. "At first, many artists in the art world could not accept the combination of business and art, but Tian Dingfung said he wanted to bring art back to everyone's life because it was closer to life to be more forceful." Now Fengwen has six different styles of creative creators, "I want them to be more people see," Tian Dingfung smiled and said, he always does so, want to be light others. (This female director, also in the most gentle woman revolution )

Those dark, more proof of the existence of light

Those who succeed are not taken for granted, not born, but in him, and we see how he finds the direction of light in the dark.

Not to mention their dark past, Tian Dingfung said, "My family is broken, the pain of the memory of the family, there is a long time I do not dare to face the dark years." But also because of the broken, so I would like to prove to my father, I can be a different person. "In the discourse, we hear the fragility of Tian Dingfung, and his memory is still pain, after many years, Tian Dingfung muster the courage to tear off the scars of childhood, with a pen to complete the" Phototaxis years "this anthology, only because want to sincerely use their own experience to do the most candid communication," I am not born a successful person, I have so much suffering, I also had a good pain, I also have thought to give up their own, but looked up, I saw the light in the distance. The children in the darkness are more able to fill phototaxis power. (also come to see: keep going, success will come to you )

If you want to run away from the dark, go ahead and walk into the light

Phototaxis years This anthology spent Tian Dingfung a lot of effort, wipe and write, changed and changed, every time the writing is hot. "It was painful to think of that moment, but if I thought of the publication of the book as a way to help those children who were also in the dark, one or two, my pain would be meaningful." "Tian Dingfung very gently said, mother's love made up for his father's hate, friends and family support is the light, pierced the dark, gently inspired him." "I can walk, not because of how brave I am, but because of the kindness of light in my life." His mother, the most important woman in his life , smoothed his pain with love and made him more courageous to go forward.

If you dare to rush, the worst result is failure. "We can break the rules, because if everyone relies on the rule of thumb, the world will not have new possibilities, dare to rush, but the worst result is failure." Dream, will not sweeping, but as long as you do not give up to it near, one day will come. 」

In Tian Dingfung's body, there is the insistence of pursuing dreams, and with more Taiwanese people's strong sense of mission forward. He's been through too much, so he wants to share those who have, and give more to those who want to go forward. He used his accumulated various failures and darkness to reflect those shining successes. That night, he was like a child with a warm smile, the eyes still flashing the dream of Light , we cross-examine those successes, he smiled to tell his failure, his past and Thanksgiving, the first time we feel so deeply that those reefs can be stirred by the beautiful spray. We see a hand in the dark, courage to pull up their own, but also want to pull up others to the light run to the Tianding abundant. (Recommended to you: life is very short, go after the dream!) )

He heard the story of women's obsession , and generously promised that in 2014 next January, Tian Dingfung would become a legendary author of women's fans! Listen to his fearless and we talk about pain, talk about the dark, talk about love, pull us together toward the light forward.

Tian Dingfung's first article 〉〉 the first time lovelorn, who said the man lovelorn not pain?

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Look at Tian Dingfung's Phototaxis action raise.