The first lady asks the media to call themselves "First Citizen" instead of "First Lady", the first elected woman president of Argentina -- Christina.

This is a woman who is a lady in the spotlight: Her dress is like a Hollywood star. She loves to wear designer clothes, wear designer branded clothing, and prefer colorful short skirts and high-heeled shoes. She also insists on replacing shoes with her shiny brown hair. Her age has been more than 60 years .Politics, however, has a very different image of her appearance. Political means are known for being tough. Even in the face of national opposition, she still insists on sweeping reforms, saying that the word "compromise" does not exist in her governing approach.

's Top Ten Women's Most Influence Women rank in the thirteenth, the UK's Guardian > ranked her in the top 10 of the world's "most fashioned" leaders, and in the United States of America, this week, she called her" Mrs. Bellon in the 21st Century."

She is the first elected female president of Argentina, Fernandz · Kishnell ·

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the presidential election in Argentina in 2007, Christina Kirchner, the incumbent president of the ruling coalition coalition, won the first round of voting in the first round of the presidential election, becoming the first elected female president in Argentina's history.Her husband, however, became the "first gentleman" of Christina by the end of his term. 

Christina's political career was tightly tied to her husband, Kirchner, and was supported by each other, through the ups and downs of the storm, and thus called the Penguins and Couchmen.Cristina was born in 1953 in an ordinary civilian family in Argentina, and was politically influenced by his parents' passion for politics.She met with Kirchner at La Plata University, where both men were majeine in law, as Christina liked to debate political issues with male students and attracted the admiration of Kirchner, who married six months later.After marriage Christina worked with her husband for legal work, but the two still entered a political career at the age of 30, while Cristina, 42, was elected to the national political scene by 60 % of the vote.(You will also like: What are they doing in their 20-year-old?to look at the younger days of the world's top nine leaders )

In 2003, as Kirchner became the president of Argentina's economic crisis, Christina became First Lady.But she was unwilling to support Kirchner as the first lady's image, and chose to be the husband's most faithful supporter as a former senator, and she was always the first to defend her husband, who was called "my most important partner in my life", whenever someone accused Kirchner's government.

She was always clear, breathtaking, and sharp, and she was quickly aware that she had become an important behind-behind-the-scenes force in the Rose House, and that Christina did not have to rely on the mild text of the pillowcase to influence the president. Instead, she sat directly in the president's conference room to attend the most senior decision discussions.

period of Kirchner's rule, Argentina's economy gradually emerged from the trough of the economic crisis in 2001, with economic growth exceeding 8 % for four consecutive years, to become the fastest growing economy in the Western Hemisphere.Many people attributed the economic recovery to Kirchner's "chief adviser" Christina, so that after Kirchner ran for president, the lady who co-created Argentina's " China's Speed of Development , especially voters in the poorer and working class of the province, was a strong impression of Christina, expecting the new president to continue to steadily reduce unemployment, control inflation, and increase the happiness of the people.

Don't Gump Only First Lady, insist on being the main character

contemporary feminist Jerman · Greer has written: "First Lady, you are standing next to the leaders of the westernmost fashion, wearing skirts, pedaling high heels, and the kind of people who are lip-flop.""

But after Kirchner won the presidential election successfully, Christina became Argentina's First Lady, and she was apparently not in the first lady's frame, and became a beautiful little woman next to her husband. When her husband was elected, she told all Argentines: " Don't call me first lady, call me first citizen!" is clear that we still stick to the path of statesmanship and do not want to abandon the long political ideals, but to play the role of a" wife of the president ", and what happens next is beyond the expectations of many Argentines.

People were trying to persuade Christina to move into the presidential palace, playing the role of Kirchner's first lady, but at the inauguration ceremony, she did not stand by her husband and attend the ceremony as the first lady, but as a senator, sitting in the middle of the first row of the audience looking directly at her husband.

And Cristina was pushed away from the first lady, and since taking office, she has created the CFK and CFK's initials for the name of Christina, as well as the feminine fashion of the Argentine women.Cristina's high fashion taste has been praised by many female admirers, but has been criticized by the opposition.The focus on appearance led to praise and criticism at Cristina: The Argentine fashion press proudly said that Argentina had the most charismatic woman leader in the Americas, and even the world. Critics accused her of extravagant appearances, contrary to her Oath of "maintaining middle-class interests, opposing poverty and inequality".

In an interview with the "Black Pearl" " Naomi · Cambeir , Cristina hit back, with a focus on appearance and feminine as well as when the president can go hand in hand.

or in private, Christina, who appears in the media line of sight, is always moving: a soft, brown long curly hair and a healthy wheat skin, and she doesn't stare at her height and shows her figure of . For the complimentary appearance of the outside, she embraced the criticism that she was too much for her dress, and she responded with comments like "suppressing the development of women", "masculine", insisting that she would never be in the way of being in power.(Recommended reading: fall in love with yourself in a mirror, who says dressing is superficial!

Why is there no question of how many suits and ties the male leaders have?Rather than caring about the appearance, I should care about my political achievements!When asked about "how many pairs of shoes there were," Christina retorted the media and insisted on a more powerful governing style than the "iron-fisted husband".Kristina advocated that the state should play a leading role in economic development so as to reduce the risk of economic liberalism.As a start, the Cristina government raised tariffs on agricultural exports and sparked months of mass protests in Argentina, even with the president and parliament against her. But even under pressure, Christina still insisted on a policy of "good for the country" rather than compromise with opposition forces.

In addition to economic issues, Christina has spared no effort in upholding gender equality, Argentina is Catholic, and 91 % of the people are Catholic, but Cristina is still vocal about abortion and same-sex marriage, left by Pope Francis, who is still in the awe of Pope Francis.The legal abortion reform in Argentina was very difficult, during Cristina, was allowed when rape victims or the life of a pregnant woman were threatened by law, and many opponents chanted it as a killer, but Christina insisted on giving the sovereignty of the body to a woman within a reasonable range

In addition, Christina has made Argentina the first South American gay marriage to be legal. Argentina passed the same-sex marriage law in 2010, there was a longtime dispute between Catholicism and Cristina, who was denounced as "a plan to undermine God" and the accusation that same-sex couples had adopted children as "a declaration of war against God."But Cristina's hard-line response: "If they deny minority rights, this will be a terrible distortion of democracy ."For Christina, because the law is a product that reflects the aspirations of the people, she does not want the political process to keep up with the process of social reform, and Argentina is now the country with the highest gender equality index in South , with of Krysticine

Liz to lead Argentina to realize the Great dream

In addition to domestic politics, Christina's diplomacy is focused on rebuilding the self-confidence of the Argentine people.

Argentina emerged from the Spanish colonial rule as an independent nation state, Argentina's dependence on the colonial past has made it difficult for it to enter the rich country, where the people of Argentina are descendants of the Italian and Spanish who have followed the French, hoping that others would be mistaken for their own.In addition, because Argentina's influence in South America has always been a "second place" in Brazil, Argentina's desire to rise has become increasingly strong, with Argentines looking to increase their influence and voice in the international community, and also hope that their leaders will win more applause for Argentina in the international dance platform.

Cristina Cristina, who understands the psychology of the Argentine people, has failed to disappoint national people. She is not alone in attracting foreign media attention. She is more actively involved in international political affairs. She has demonstrated Argentina's global posture as a whole.At fifth Summit of the Americas in 2009, Cristina called on the Americas to unite as one of the leaders of the Americas to change the old ways of conflict and to create a new development of mutual win-win cooperation, and to express Argentina's commitment to regional cooperation.

This cabinet head, Albert Eberto, laughed: "It's very fashionable and it likes to wear makeup."When she is ready for dinner, she has to wait an hour."The Fuhrer of the" has made it clear the world a firm will, that no matter how much doubt she is questioning her beautiful appearance and the ability to govern, she will do her best, without hesitation, to the immediate past.

From the presidential story of the President of Argentina, the "First Lady" of the of Taiwan

Scholar Lola.Gipunis, referring to a new political style: "Spousal politics", in a society of marriage values, political figures do not have a good spouse and become a critical issue in the election.At the time of the election, the program begins to invite propositions to analyze the wives of the candidates with a gentle disposition, a gentle disposition, a gentle disposition, a gentle Hyun-Sook, a gentle virtuoso, a less capable woman's spouse, and so on, so that we can rest assured-whether it is an elite or an authority, and ultimately a "wife" in the career of her husband.

the of a male candidate, a female spouse has to play the role of a male candidate, but when the woman is a candidate, she often fails to ask for his wife's in the main . 27px; background-color: rgb (255, 255, 255); ">.

From the story of Cristina, we can see a huge contrast, as First Lady, she is not just a husband's role, she works side by side with her husband to achieve political ideals.In the face of outside criticism of her overly savvy impressions and extravagant appearances, she defended himself without fear, and would not attempt to change herself to suit her critics. The high value of women's stereotyped roles in Taiwan's spousal politics not only obscuses the political views and vision that candidates should be viewed, but also consolidates the division of labor and stereotypes, and further excludes women from political field and entrenched perceptions of patriarchal rights.

Cristina also lets us see a female head of state who does not lose power in politics, realizing the possibility of women in the political circle. Women are not necessarily good politicians. But we should all start caring about people that are closely related to politics, not only by men, but also by women's voices and changes.

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