Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Hey, honey, if you're a little bored with life becoming a regular cycle of day after day, if you feel like clocking in and your life is a little bit less stimulating, if you feel like you're becoming more cautious and imaginative about life, do you want to take a Binghuangmaluan adventure with a woman? (Recommended reading: Life is the same?) Eight secrets to live each day happily.

Always have a bold and interesting imagination of life!

As an internet company, be ready to take on new challenges: This week's women's obsession is the "where we go Next" Action Office! It happened that the office building where the woman was obsessed was renovating, and the network would be disconnected for three days. Just heard the news, the office into a silent panic, as must walk in the forefront of the network media, no network, no telephone, how can?

But on second thought, perhaps this is to give us "break the Law" Challenge! When we are too accustomed to the rhythm of daily life, occasionally a little binghuangmaluan, occasionally things do not go as expected, occasionally things out of control, more alive in the present feeling, personally to feel, every minute is so real. (same field Gayon: don't let Life be kidnapped by the future!) "Live in the present" three actions )

The most powerful thing about being a network company is that we are like transformers, everywhere, and can take roots everywhere. So at the next stop, we moved to Neihu's café and immediately built the event office.

As Womanyors, we also pay attention to the perception of the environment. Moving from the office to the café, facing the open dining environment, people coming and going, only a big table, everyone must nest together, no office lattice division, all reshuffle reorganization, different environmental composition, different space feelings, different working mode, and immediately born.

One might wonder how efficient it is to be in a café full of voices. In fact, the report from the University of Illinois investigates the moderate noise in the environment, which can induce "not smooth mind processing" (process disfluency).

Simply put, distractions can disrupt the flow of thought and allow you to move on to a more abstract, broader and creative path. The researchers found that if the environment produced a moderate amount of noise (about 70 db), perhaps someone next to the radio or watching television, or the noise of a vacuum cleaner, would improve creativity. In other words, if you want to have an endless stream of creativity, you must be in a "easy" and moderately "distracted" environment.

No more opening coffitivity, pretending to work in a café , and making yourself more creative, we're in the café! Listen to womanyors for this action Office challenge, have anything to say ... (same field Gayon: work secret!) Make good music create good work time )

Engineer Little crab: "Don't talk to me at work."

Engineer No. Second Little Guo: "Well ... This code..."

abby:"the whole of Taipei, it's my cubicle! 」
(Did the eagle-eyed man find a womany sticker on Abby's computer?) )

sophie:"Café is a good place for work."

lulu:"has the wine, has the food, has the good partner, the work can be happier! 」

yoyo:"Café background music can improve work efficiency, the action Office of the natural background sound to keep us creative and work more happy. 」

At this moment, we work in the café! What about you?

Perhaps life is a need for some unexpected adventures. Also want to invite you in front of the screen, with us to break the rules of life adventure, may meet very different, you prefer your own <3

Ask the Taipei café to look forward to our occasional surprise, and look forward to meeting you next time in a café in Taipei.