getting married can be impulsive, but it's important to ponder. 10 questions, enough to love a person, not self-evident. How dare you try these 10 questions?

"Is it good to be married?" 」
"Does marriage need to be conditional?" 」
"Is he really the one I want to be around?" 」
"Will he/she love me all my life?" 」

These questions seem to have too many answers, love can be very romantic, but in the face of marriage, we absolutely need a little more honesty. Be honest with yourself, and be honest with the other half, and trust the other half from the bottom of your heart to deserve your honesty.

Marriage can be very impulsive, but the back can not be less than the 10 to ponder. If you have considered entering a marriage, the following 10 questions, you can ask yourself first, and then ask the other side of you, not purely for marriage, but also in order to allow themselves and the other side of the future can walk in a more consistent way. (Recommended reading: 20 hidden "but" marriage killers )

1. Why do you love me?

I love you, I love you, I love you, but I hate you, I still love you, but I hate you. So, just because the light depends on love can not be sustained, it is called Love.

Yamada Yong Mei

Love flows like water, and the best and most wonderful thing is that maybe we don't love each other for the same reason forever. But what was the reason for you to fall in love with me at the first moment? Is that the moment of the heartbeat, or my childish? Now, what do you love about me now?

Many people will say that there is no reason for love, but in fact, carefully recall that there are always a few moments, so that you feel that people around you is really cute hopeless, you suddenly feel like to spend a lifetime with him. The seemingly great question of "Why Do You Love Me" can help two of people more honestly examine the percentages of their love, and the elements of love, so that the future is no longer filled with so much uncertainty. (Same field Gayon: "I Love You" why often?) )

2. Why do you want to spend your life with me?

Heartbeat, like, Love, love for a lifetime. What stage are we in?

There are a lot of people in the world, but there are probably one or two of us who want to spend our lives together. So before you spend your life, be sure to talk about your vision and goals for the future. life is too long, can walk more than one, and you want to go what kind of road, what kind of life? Life is too short, do not start to find that the original two people want to live fundamentally the opposite, on the road to regret looking for this companion.

Think of your other half as a future venture partner, and before you go, ask your partner if you like the destination you want. (Recommended reading: deceptive enthusiasts!) Three key times in intimate relationships

3. Would you like to grow with me?

True love is not gazing at each other, but looking in the same direction.

The little Prince of St. Matthew

Marriage is not the end of a relationship, but a new beginning full of challenges. We don't know what the future will look like, but are you willing to grow with the one you love? (same field Gayon: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

Are you willing to accept that there are always new challenges in life, after the first marriage in order to daily necessities YOUYANJIANGCU tea of small noisy; After two people have been working too busy to talk to each other, through the tension between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problem, walked through the emergency room nervously to greet the first child; Discover the most tedious headaches that you have traveled together as the most beautiful and true moments in your memory.

Close your eyes and think, and ask each other, "Do you want that person to be me?" 」

4. Can we get through the hard times together?

Putting on a wedding ring for each other does not mean that you can walk for a lifetime, the present "I love you" does not predict the future of happiness, but I want to go through the good days with you and bitter day.

There is a kind of lover, only with Gan hard to share bitter, just want to drink wine together not willing to drink boiled water; Only you in the side of the time to love you do not want to separate also think of you, just want to enthusiasts not accept the eternal. are you such a lover? Is he such a lover? Are you the two people who are willing to walk with each other and have a hard day?

In fact, what we need is never a perfect relationship, but a partner who is unwilling to give up lightly. (Recommended reading: The conditions of happiness: feelings, to withstand the parting )

5. Are you willing to compromise for "us"?

Compromise two words, is a marriage cannot face two words.

According to the study, 99% of all quarrels have nothing to do with "facts" but with "values". Values are deep-rooted and quarrels are unavoidable, because basically when we choose a person, we choose a group of problems that must be faced. But when the crunch comes, are you willing to step aside for "you"?

There are too many things in marriage that can detonate a quarrel, and do not need to be at the end of everything, compromise is not to swallow, or to give up unconditionally, but to calmly discuss the outcome. For the future, we are willing to put aside too much pride and perseverance, so that "we" can be better. (Recommended reading: mutual dislike or sweet life?) Gender psychologist tells you the key to a happy relationship

6. Would you always remind me how much you love me?

Because in love, we are not hundred confident, confident that he will always love you.

In love, we tend to love the more lazy, more and more of the other side of the existence as a matter of course. After getting married, when we become more and more accustomed to each other's existence, you forget to hug him, he forgot to kiss you, you live together every day, but less the former fervent eye intersection. Over time, you feel like a "tenant" in your home, rather than a "family" in your life.

We all need to feel the love of each other more often, both men and women. We all have their own way to express their love, should not be stingy to remind each other "in fact I have so love you!" 」

7. Are you ready to be a father/mother?

Marriage is not equal to having a child, having a child does not mean getting married, but the closest two people, talk about the plan to have a baby!

The question is practical, but it has to be asked. How old do you want to have a baby? Want to have a child or a football team? Does the other half want to be a responsible father or mother? No one is born to be a father/mother, but at least we have to be a good mom and dad. don't forget, it's a choice not to have a baby. (Recommended to you: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having children")

8. Can you accept my good and bad?

Love a person not only love his good, but even his bad also love.

After all, is to walk a lifetime of people ah, so love you suit upright, I also love you in the morning with a bird's nest head to get up and yawn, love you raise your chest full of self-confidence, but also love you in my arms like a child crying, love your strong and fragile, your courage and weakness, your arrogance and inferiority, because no matter what I feel good and bad, It's all part of you. So I decided to love together.

If I could accept your good and bad, would you accept mine? In marriage, we hope that we will not be afraid to face, but can be unreservedly to become themselves, including those who are good and bad. (Recommended reading: My love, make you happy?) )

9. Will you continue to pursue your personal goals and ideals?

Because I love you, so I know I don't need to tie you up, because I love you, so I want you to do what you want to do.

Because I love you, you are free. I don't want you to feel lost because you're with me. Because I love you, so I know you deserve the dream you want. Because I love you, so I will be very proud of you when you are chasing a dream.

The wonderful thing is that marriage is not about us alone, but it's not just about us. "We" is important, but don't forget that you are important too. When I was young, I thought of the crazy dream, do not have to draw a rest because of marriage. If you make yourself good, "we" will actually be stronger. (Recommended reading: women after 25, why not have their own dreams? )

10. Would you like to have a good time after I leave?

Life is limited, because of you, I would like to think very far ahead.

If one day we are old, old hair gray, afraid of who we will first leave, if I first left the world, you would like to promise me to go on well? This problem may be heavy, perhaps we do not want to meet for a lifetime, but we do not want to love people, after we leave from the collapse. We love him, so secretly hope that he is not so great, let his later life become indifferent and tasteless.

I want to take possession of the universe we have shared, but after I leave, I hope you can find your world. This is my love for you. No matter who leaves in life, we can walk with each other for a long or short way, can meet each other in life, are already extremely fortunate.

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10 questions, in the heart has the answer, enough to love a person, not self-evident. Seemingly rational analysis, hiding a lot of tenderness for each other. Perhaps each pair of lovers, also should have their own 10 problems, not just to walk into marriage, but in order to go into the longer term, two people are satisfied with the well-being of the relationship.

What about you guys? What are the 10 questions that belong to you? Let's talk about it today!