Women fans for your inventory of nine of Cross-border boutique designers, to see their hands to build a stylish hotel, has not decided where to go for annual leave, may wish to note it!

Now what all talk about Cross-border mixed, even fashion designers across the border to rob Hotel design job!

Trip Advisor taking inventory of 9 top designer hotels, from the sleek yuppie Armani to the fashion Lagerfeld Karl, all incarnate Boutique hotel designers, from Paris, France to Queensland, Australia, have their design traces, The unique fashion aesthetic sense of seamless integration into the tourism life, is not very exciting?

Can not afford to buy their own brand-name products, at least choose a fashion design hotel to live a few nights have a good addiction! Come with us and guess which of the top designers of these 9 design hotels are fencing? Also quickly put these hotel list on the travel bucket list, Add the travel fashion index!

1. Domincan Rep. toutuga Bay Hotel puntacana Resort & Club

Designer: Oscar De la Renta

In addition to the First lady's love of Oscar De la Renta, you will not forget the beautiful wedding dress he had created for George and Aramudin, despite the death of cancer, which he left to the world as an endless vision of the Chinese costume. Oscar De la Renta is a Dominican-American and has left Toutuga Bay Hotel puntacana Resort & Club Creations in his hometown. So going to Dominica for a holiday is now another way for fans to Huanghui the spirit of the red carpet master. There are even guest messages, this is the closest place to heaven. (Recommended reading: Tribute to fashion world master Oscar De la Renta's legendary life )

Want to honor Oscar de la Renta? Get your wallet ready, come to Dominica!

Address: Punta Cana | Altagracia, Higuey. Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

2. Italian castiglion Del Bosco

Designer: Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is a well-known Italian shoe bag designer, love shoes into the crazy he is more in order to make a perfect shape and good walking shoes, deeper research on human anatomy, so that the United States shoes no longer torture women, Marilyn Monroe has openly expressed love this shoe brand. Ferragamo was born in the southern Italian town of Bo-Li, full of Italian low-key luxury, this time for the famous Italian wine Mondachino Montalcino Fencing Design hotel, no sense of Shong. Since then Ferragamo this name represents no longer just the beauty of shoes, but also a Tuscany in the sun under the intoxicating experience of accommodation. (Recommended reading:11 shoes brand name for female designers )

Add: Castiglion del Bosco, 53024 Montalcino, Italy

3. Jamaica Round Hill hotel& Villas

Designer: Ralph Lauren

A very fresh try! Ralph Lauren just as his brand logo, has always been a strong polo color, introverted and gentleman, came to the enthusiastic Jamaican Montego Bay, will rub out what kind of spark, quite let people look forward to.

Address: John Pringle Drive, Hopewell, Montego Bay, Jamaica

4. London Claridge ' s

Designer: Diane von Fürstenberg

Speaking of Diane Von Fürstenberg, not to mention her design of knitted dress, light, practical, have type, in the 70 's, let the female body to reveal the curve become an elegant and natural thing. DVF's fashion concept, advocating "restrained insolent", also reflected in her return to the home of Europe, the design of London Claridge ' s hotel, elegant and meaningful, inside the interreligious of the insolent, just like that forever Classic DVF Wrap Dress. (In London, don't forget the five restaurants in London )

Address: Brook Street, London w1k 4HR, England

5. Armani Hotel Dubai , Arabia

Designer: Giorgio Armani

2010, Armani opened the first hotel in Dubaitari, 160 rooms occupy the Dubaita eight-storey space, domineering luxury and a combination of minimalist style, in the Middle East world, has a charm . The name is hot and spicy hanging on the Armani, I believe that design fans will not find the wrong place. Giorgio Armani is also the first successful cross-border hotel industry from the fashion design of the strong role, not only pro - supervised design to continue the brand's luxurious charm, but also to its home supplies Armani Casa has a place to play. If you're obsessed with Giorgio Armani, don't miss it.

Address: Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

6. Schlosshotel Im Grunewald , Berlin, Germany

Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

Black suit, white shirt, sunglasses, neat ponytail, in place of accessories, the Buddha Karl Lagerfeld don't have to say it, once as the Chanel creative director, more since the creation of Italian fashion brand Fendi and the same name fashion brand, the fashion of the great will always in the fashion circle hit the shock bomb! What many people do not know is that although the Lafayette is resident in Paris, it is born in German Hamburg and the mother is German. The hotel in Berlin, which is fenced by the Buddha, should definitely be on a pilgrimage route for fashion fans. (Recommended reading: chanel leader!) The stunning feminist manifesto of Paris Fashion Week.

Address: Brahmsstrasse, 14193 Berlin, Germany

7. Hotel du Petit Moulin , Paris, France

Designer: Christian Lacroix

The first impression of Christian Lacroix, the French classic designer, is probably its ill-fated brand. The 2005 was sold by LVMH to the American Falics family, declared bankrupt in 2009, and reappeared in 2012 on the Left bank of Paris, the miraculous resurrection. Christian Lacroix fashion design with a thick artistic color, but also the only one with the museum curator qualified designers, in addition to fashion, Christian Lacroix has long been good at interior design. The Paris Hotel Du Petit Moulin He built, just as his design, with a mask of the magnificent beautiful atmosphere. (Same field Gayon: This life cannot miss!) The most beautiful moment in Paris )

Address: 29/31 Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris, France

8. Indonesian Bali Island Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Bali

Designer: Bulgari

Time back more than 100 years ago, in 1884, a Greek goldsmith came to Italy to create the first shop, so far Bulgari has become the world-famous jewelry brand. The micro-and design-hotel macro, seemingly two different dimensions, is a Marriott of the Bulgari and Marriott Hotels group, making lodging a very artistic thing. The Bulgari resort in Bali, Indonesia, located at Jimbaran Bay on the southwestern side of the island, with its unique location near the cliff and its ingenious combination with the Hindu temple, adds a lot of mystery to the resort. (same field Gayon: imaginary Borderless jewellery designer Milko Boyarov)

Address: Jalan Goa lempeh, Banjar Dinas Kangin, Pecatu, Bali 80364, Indonesia

9. Palazzo Versace , Queensland, Australia

Designer: Versace

With the snake hair female demon medusa as the Spirit pointer, Versace fashion design always has thick Greek, Egyptian ancient civilization color. Mysterious, bright, bold, high-profile, when the Versace design color mixed with Australia Queensland holiday amorous feelings, let a person through the illusion of time and space, day relaxing vacation, the incarnation of the Ye Yan Snake Demon, realize what is retro luxury.

Address: Sea World Dr. | PO Box 137, Main Beach, Queensland 4217, Australia

Which of the nine boutique hotel designs do you like best? Dear, Busy day inside, may as well give oneself a vacation, to feel designer's cross knife charm, also welcome the message to share with us your favorite hotel design Oh! (also recommended: let's go on a sweet holiday!) The world's top ten romantic hotels )

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