The Elephant Gymnastics Orchestra, has repeatedly broken the music circle to the digital rock imagination, and cooperates with many well-known musicians, attempts the different music style.

Low-shen BASS sound, harmonious guitar sound, crisp drums, three kinds of instruments in the air crisscross each other, sometimes dispersed sometimes converge, in the chaos and full of harmony, people can not help but want to continue to listen, guess the next second these instruments will collide with what kind of sparks, unlike our familiar music, but in the absence of vocals, Only use three kinds of instruments, let the whole piece of music is very rich multiple yuan, open up our to the music world more imagination, this is "Elephant gymnastics".

The young elephant gymnasts

After listening to the music of the elephant gymnastics, it is hard to imagine, sibling two Zhang Kaiting (bass hand), Zhang Kaixiang (guitarist), and brother Shangaching (drummer) of high school, three people just 20 years old young. They always say to everyone: "We are elephant gymnastics, a BASS-dominated digital rock band", but in the eyes of women, they are three of people who love to express themselves in music, to find their own big children, and constantly try to add new elements in the music, they are not living in the definition of digital rock band, but in the process of making music , redefining itself, and changing Taiwan's image of digital rock.

In creation, rewriting the definition of digital rock

In Taiwan we may not be very familiar with the digital rock, in fact, the biggest difference between digital rock and rock is: rhythm. the rules of Rock ' n ' roll are: 4 beats per bar, 4 bars (4/4), it sounds more well-organized, but the digital rock is frequently used asymmetrical beats, this kind of composing way, will let the instrument in the air sometimes staggered, sometimes polymerization, like a child you chase me to run the playful game. This kind of creation, at first glance, seems to need good music theory, or mathematical reasoning ability, but the elephant gymnastics in a very simple way, explain to us what is their minds of digital rock.

BASS hand Kay Ting said: "In fact, digital rock and music theory, math is not good or bad, for me, digital rock is a body rhythm." Even if a piece of music is finished, I will try to use another tempo, rhythm to try, is a kind of playing the rhythm of the feeling. 」

The guitarist, Kai Xiang, adds that the reality is impossible to follow the theory, definition, so we have not been very consistent with the definition of digital rock, but the elephant gymnastics is very much playing music, then other people, may be fans or critics will redefine the elephant gymnastics, And in this process, Taiwan and Asia also affect the definition of digital rock. (You will like: outside the silence, listen to Kangyong say music )

My brother, Kay Cheung, always uses positive thinking to explain what's going on around you.

The richness of the elephant gymnastics is inspired by the opening ceremony of the Stars Orchestra's concert: Shugo Tokumaru, who spoke of the bright eyes of his members, the drummer is calling out: "He is a genius!" 」。 Shugo Tokumaru is a one-person orchestra, in the process of continuous change of musical instrument performance, but it will not make people feel abrupt, this is his powerful place. So the elephant gymnastics also starts to think, uses the different musical instruments in own music, lets the audience realize the music different level.

Inspired by Shugo Tokumaru, Elephant Gymnastics has opened a new way to write songs, from the original only with their familiar instruments to write, added a new way: for the performance of the planning or want to present the atmosphere, and to learn new instruments, new style, and even to find different people to cooperate, In order to use a different language in the music, we found the famous Aboriginal singers: Banai, cooperated with "Swan" a song, let people to their music, and again. (Breakthrough restrictions: The rap world of Teresa Teng, breaking his Gethenssang MISS KO)

As creators, to find freedom in music.

Elephants gymnastics play music, will not be subject to genre or definition of limited, sister Kay said: "If I think I want to put some ballad elements, I will add (into the music), if I want to put some of the music, I will do, even if I am not the field of talent, but as long as I think it will make our music more exciting, I will use. "And because of the way the creative style of the genre, some people will doubt the positioning of the elephant gymnastics."

Like them this time because of "body" one of the finalists Jinyin Award for the best jazz single, and originally called himself a digital rock band gap, this is a question. The drummer said: "Most of the negative emotions I've felt lately have come from those messages on Facebook." "For those who are serious about music, these negative views of the outside world will certainly hurt them a bit, turning criticism into motivation and the lessons that these young members are learning," he said. (Extended reading: every day is a practice of letting go: relaxing the heart to face criticism )

A drummer with a few words in it, Ka-Chin .

In these disturbances, in fact, the elephant gymnastics did not doubt their own music, the guitarist Kai Xiang added tone to say: "The definition of genre, in the end, who is the definition of it?" And I am not a critic, I am a creator, so just concentrate on my music well. Once a critic listened to the music of the elephant gymnastics, he said to them in earnest: "You say you are a digital rock band, but do you know that your music is more than just a digital rock?" 」

The guitarist, Kai Xiang, smiled and said, we certainly know! But in order to remain completely free in music, do not want to compromise because of the market, so we in the publicity, marketing, planning, we need to do more to design, how to balance so that the market can know us, but will not sacrifice our music to uphold the value, this is what we have been trying to do.

When we're going to introduce a whole new thing to everybody, the simpler the better, so we will use "a BASS-dominated digital rock band" as packaging, so that everyone can easily explain our orchestra with friends, causing their curiosity, so that more people to listen to our music. Elephant Gymnastics knows its advantage lies in the richness of the music, and in order to retain the freedom of music creation, so more attentively to run their own brand, in the simplest way, to expand the largest market. (You will like: You are the best brand!) Planning the 4 golden rules of Life to know

Next, let's go with the elephant gymnastics to the intersection of music constantly to

Music and life, all in the convergence and staggered forward

There is no limit to the musical creation of the elephant gymnastics, because the elephant gymnastics does not have a kind of music style, but has a kind of attitude towards it. And they think that many orchestras, also have their own belief in the core values, so Taiwan has different characteristics of the orchestra, but there will be some controversy, for such a phenomenon, the BASS hand Kay Ting think, this can not really understand the value of the orchestra, the voice of the masses only bipolar criticism or appreciation, is because people lack empathy, like she doesn't understand the spirit of the music, but she will be willing to respect their music expression, and not use their own point of view to criticize others, but the drummer added: "But everyone has the right to express their views on things ah!" "(Extended reading: Communication is the process of communicating with each other )

The sweet smile of the group BASS hand Kay Ting

Brother Kai Xiang but with another angle to think, there are conflicts not necessarily bad, people have a lively mentality, like this time to be questioned jazz events, although some people criticize, but some people posted below our MV, some of them after listening to say full of good, because will really care about our genre is the academy or the critics, But the general people are listening to music, as long as it sounds good to pull!

Members of the expression of serious chat, look at photos can also let people feel the tacit understanding between them.

In this interactive process, it will be found that these young people, together with the topic of conversation, in addition to music, but also to the social phenomenon of fine observation, and find their own positioning, adhere to their own belief in the value, but also willing to listen to, accept other views.

People say words like their people, elephants gymnastics is like the people, such as why should the BASS mainly? Brother Kai Xiang immediately laughed and explained: "Because the BASS hand is a high-handed people ah!" 」。 They present their personalities, attitudes and lifestyles intact in their music, whether overbearing, introverted, and harmonious, and these characteristics are freely flowing in their music, sometimes converging and sometimes staggered. Whether in life or in music, the three members, sometimes dedicated to each other's own way, and sometimes because of the ideals of music, and together to agitate each other sparks, and strive to use music to find their own freedom.

Members can be static, serious play music seriously funny!

Finally, we invited the three members of the elephant gymnastics team to share their favorite songs with us, so that we could see the different elephant gymnastics from their angle again.

Guitar Kay Xiang want to share "head and body", because he for this song, to return to the early childhood piano skills back, also because this song and shortlisted for the Jinyin Award Best Jazz Single, so I hope you can listen to elephant gymnastics, showing a different style.

BASS first Kay wants to recommend with Banai cooperation "Swan", because a live performance until now, Kay Ting will still be inspired by this song and even goose bumps, she said that even if I did not grow in the Aboriginal environment, or contact with Aboriginal culture, but always because of Aboriginal music, and deeply touched, So I want everyone to be moved!

Drummer Ka Chin shares a new song "2014 song", there is no name, but in the preparation of this song, and in the performance of this song, all feel very comfortable, so I hope you can listen to see.

Elephant Gymnastics, a group of 20-year-old young people, be able to know so clearly that the purpose of each one thing, in the highly competitive music circle, set a clear goal: "A BASS-dominated digital rock band", so that they can use the simplest way to make the most people know.

But for them, "freedom" is a value that is never compromised, even positioning in the "Digital rock" orchestra, but continue to challenge the definition of the music circle, and adhere to the league members, a certain creative space, so that more different elements in the Elephant gymnastics music collision, agitation, and constantly looking for digital rock new possibilities. I hope they can continue to move forward between music and life, to bring Taiwan music circle, more to the digital rock and elephant gymnastics different imagination.