Today, we invited three Taiwanese celebrities to talk about running, not stars, world champions, pros, but three runners who simply love to run.

Lin Yijie, Taiwan's hyper-horse athletes, run through the Antarctic ice, the Sahara, the Amazon jungle and so on, and so on, bring back one or another medal; Zhang Jiajie, a Taiwanese track and field athlete, is a 42-kilometer marathon runner, ranked 32nd in the world; Van Yisen, who has just challenged Mongolia 111 with Lin Yijie Kilometer Super Marathon, although in the super marathon industry is still a rookie, but it is more serious.

These three people, at first glance less than three, appear on the same occasion, they are not so much friends, but rather they are running friends, this time, in order to Reed Foundation Vmen Public Welfare Road run and common voice, three big boys frown also don't wrinkle the wear high heels, in order to appeal to men more in the woman's shoes, In order to invite everyone to participate in the road run, these three men in the field of light, today and women are fascinated to talk about the story of running. Some of the pain in the middle, there must be some tears, but the end is to see, by running and more determined story, is a movement, for the major changes in life. (Recommended reading: Every runner has a firm reason behind it .)

In any case, life goes on like a marathon.

When it comes to running, three of people talk about opening up, the first question of women fans, what is the biggest impact of marathon on life? Zhang Jiajie, an active player, immediately said: "A sense of achievement, and the establishment of confidence." "And this sentence behind, is a once inferiority small boy, by jogging stand up story."

Zhang Jiajie said that the time will be a good child reading, but he is not too adept at the study. "In the process of running, to achieve their own goals, you will find in fact I can, not other people's eyes will not read the bad child." "Zhang Jiajie said seriously, in the eyes of a professional athlete has a firm, he is not everyone in the eyes of good results, but in the running on his own step-by-step a footprint of the efforts to run out of the results.

The experienced Lin Yijie simply said, in the marathon, learned to "insist." Perseverance in the competition, persistence in life, even in the life of perseverance. Short but concise, simple "persistence" is the reason why he won countless medals.

A foot in the Van Yisen, for running is different from professional runner's sentiment: "In running as long as you insist and practice, you can see your growth, not necessarily to win others, mainly to challenge themselves, you will find yourself can run farther, easier, or faster certain, have greater confidence to challenge the farther distance, These are actually reflected in work and life, you will find that in fact, your willpower can be more powerful than you think, these feelings of achievement may be I do not have the means to work. 」

For professional players, running is a life, for amateurs, running honed willpower, their common answer is, perhaps life is like a marathon, anyway to continue to move forward, and running, let their road more determined, also saw the different scenery. (Guess you like: the first woman to run into a marathon )

Man, why run?

American writer Christopher American writer. Maddug said: "The human body, is born for running and design." 」

Lin Yijie began to run for medals, he conquered all corners of the world, such a world champion should have seen the confident pride of the storm, but the eyes of him, but more humble than anyone, after running the earth a circle, choose to return to Taiwan, roots, for Taiwan and run. "I used to want to achieve a certain grade, but now I come back and feel healthy, everyone has a purpose for running, and for me, the most important thing now is to promote running." "So he runs the running company himself, organizes many races, and stays in Taiwan with practical experience and strength, not only to help the contestants but also to run with the average person."

And for Zhang Jiajie, the pressure of achievement must be very big, ran several international competitions, for him, but not for medals run. "To get the gold medal is the best result, but the important thing is the process, the last look back, the most profound memory is not how many prizes you won, but in the training process to gain growth, which is why many athletes like Yijie, out of society or continue to work for the community." "For him, athletes are not just desperate for the prize, but it is important to enjoy every process of chasing a dream."

Then why did Van Yisen run? In fact, he and every one of you and I, at first just hope to be able to ease the pressure, from a few kilometers start, to this year and Yijie challenged the 111-kilometer Super marathon, his feelings are profound. "Running has made me learn that there are many choices in life, like this is the first time I've been to the desert, they also choose the scenery is very good route, but you have to run, but also to see the scenery, but also photographed, a bit of a dilemma, delayed results, but there is no way, you do not know when to go next, see a lot of the usual view, And this life may really not go to go that section of Road again! 」

Beforehand, he and Lin Yijie together training for a long time to start, but to Mongolia, still met a lot of challenges. Van Yisen said, running on the road because only oneself a person so some boring, but let him think more about the philosophy of life. "Do you think about starting a new path?" Besides the possibility of seeing a different view, it could be a shortcut. Just like life, you have to follow the footsteps of predecessors? Or is it a new way to start? You have to guess where the path is going, sometimes it will be larger, you have to step on the more loose sand, there may be the risk of taking the wrong path, but if you go to the possible reduction of half the distance. 」

"Just like life, uphill although hard, but to the top will be very successful, downhill although easy and fast, but the most vulnerable." 」

He smiled and said he often ran halfway to the ground to bask in the sun, hesitate to continue to run or in situ rest, thinking about the moment, perhaps some things began to become clearer. Listen to these, the front of the Van Yisen is not a star, but the down-to-earth runner, perhaps just starting the pace of a bit staggered, but you can definitely feel his incomparable enjoyment of the good running.

Running, let you know the lazy and strong yourself

Does running have time to give up? When we asked, Van Yisen the first funny to say: "Often ah!" But who the hell you are! He said, everyone immediately laugh, his reaction is very direct real, we all think the contestants always go to the end, but in fact, they are mortal, there will be slack moment ah.

Zhang Jiajie said: "Marathon is the most difficult time after 30 kilometers, 35 kilometers of time glycogen depletion, this time is the most want to give up time, but this time I will ask myself" why come here? Why don't I go to the night to sing like other young people and come here to suffer? May still be anonymous no one found "but I found that the body continues to run, but the brain's memories to keep back, you have to think back to the start of the line of thought, that you are to complete your dream, you want to go to the Olympics." The first you want to run a marathon mood back, with psychological impact on the body, creating some kind of power, back to the original intention. 」

Lin Yijie also said that the important thing is not the ranking, not to get the first. "Long time you will realize that the stage of your life is not every time to get the name, but it is you can further progress, your ideas can be realized and implemented." "So every time the goal of the competition is very careful, to give up before must be a long time, it is impossible to give up casually."

Lin Yijie said that casually give up can not become a good athlete, unless the body is a little uncomfortable, that discomfort may cause physical damage later, it is possible to give up the game. Heard here, we thoroughly understand what is called "sportsmanship", more important than the position is not to give up, it is the respect for their own and sports.

And the Van Yisen that began to sound had a little to do, "you are in the desert, there is no car, thirsty, you can only choose to run forward, or to go back, to the last repair station, and then continue, sometimes when you have a comfortable choice when you have difficulty in discovering your potential. "He said, the same 10 kilometers, there are flat roads also have mountain roads, people will think, why to run the mountain?" It's better to run the ground! But once you have chosen a rough route, you will see that your abilities can be even more different, and that philosophy can also be reflected in your life. (Recommended reading: Finnish girls like this exercise, not for thin but for life )

"People are easy to give themselves a big excuse, but if a person can continue to go on, it will grow a lot." You will know oneself lazy that side, will know oneself insists that side, knows own good and bad, learns to manage oneself. 」

Perhaps give up the moment will always have, in the running, in life, important may not want to give up the number of times, but the firm does not mark the courage to go forward how many.

If running can help people, isn't that a great thing?

In Taiwan, the concept of public welfare road running is not widely, this is the first Vmen road run by the pioneer in the mileage of the new way to raise money! Lin Yijie said: "I have participated in many overseas public road run, one of the things I think is very good is Hong Kong trailwalker 100Km, is 100 kilometers relay road race, a group of four players, men and women, runners will find their friends and relatives to raise money, a year more than 8,000 people to run, I participated in five times , we put this concept back here, Taiwan does not currently have the concept of running donations, so now it is everyone running a kilometer, by the enterprise to support the number of kilometers, to return to the charity event. "Sounds a bit difficult to understand, but basically is to invite corporate sponsorship, a certain amount per kilometer subscription, the number of players, run more, donate more, a kind of you run my donation concept to respond to public activities.

Van Yisen is the friend who was Lin Yijiela, from friends to run friends more advanced to support the public good partner, Van Yisen said: "Yijie invited to know this activity, I have always wanted to use their ability to do the public good, whether it is using music or other channels, if the ordinary simple behavior can be converted to help people behavior, this is great , Taiwan has so many people like sports, if it can be transformed into a public good, the strength is not very large, but also let us the average person in the running time a little more motivation and incentives, today is not to burn calories to run, but today to run can do charity. 」

Zhang Jiajie itself is a runner, the first contact with the public welfare road run, when he was a student, he saw a small volunteer doctor wanted to raise money for the Taidong Christian Correctional Institution to buy insufficient equipment, and to challenge the Taroko Marathon, their own training, finally in Taroko ran 5 hours back, that is the first time, Zhang Jiajie See someone who can run for others and run for everyone. "At that time I was particularly moved, after reading this program I also wrote a letter, clip 1000, I hope he can complete the fund-raising project, although I am a student can only provide small donations, but also can provide arathorn experience, this vmen road run so I can continue such a move." 」

If running can help people, isn't that a great thing? So this time three people stand out, become AV Warrior (against Violence), in order to run by a violent woman, Lin Yijie said: "I very understand that the kind of injury, but still want to continue to run down the feeling." "He said this when the time is very firm, we can not help thinking, Lin Yijie is also crying to have today's results." (same field Gayon: the world's top ten marathons not to be missed )

Women puzzle questions, men will not be afraid of 30 years old?

At the end of the interview, women are fascinated by the three of men of different ages, and what do they think about the age of 30? Lin Yijie was the oldest, he first exclaimed that he was nearly 40 years old! Then said: "Your 30-year-old, is the 20-year-old results of the struggle." Your 40-Year-old is also the result of your struggle at the age of 30. I am looking forward to my retirement at age 40, so I work very hard now, I am 40 years old want to learn music with Van Yisen, sing a song every day is also good. Van Yisen jokingly said: "This will affect my retirement time, then I am 40 years old after I start to participate in the Super Marathon." "Between laughter and laughter, we can see the good feelings of the two people.

Lin Yijie added: "In fact will be afraid to pull, that fear is not negative, but positive, can urge you to do better now, so that your future performance better, to achieve your goals, even beyond your goals." 」

Van Yisen, who is the undersecretary of the age, said: "It's just a number for me, and we often say what happens when you're 30 years old, but 30 years old that year waited for a long time nothing happened, in fact that is just a saying, in 30 years of life will have a clearer direction, for me, this at 33 years old 34 years have gradually come out, from 20 years old debut also ten Years more, before the accumulation of learning, and gradually some results, you will find their growth, but also found that their own understanding of the more thorough, will be more courageous to face their own strengths and weaknesses. "For Van Yisen, numbers are not important, they are another stage in life, they are becoming clearer about the future, and they know how to spend time on things that are worth the most." (Recommended reading: Dear woman, you deserve to be nice to yourself )

Three a person's common feeling is: "30 years old really not how!" "A little funny, but also point to the core of the facts, maybe like a marathon, at each stage, you will have to pursue the goal, and we are in the only our own path."

This visit is a bit unreal, when you don't think about the identity of three people in front of you, one is an Olympic athlete, a super run champion, a well-known entertainer, but actually return to the original, they are three runners, three people simply love to run, with their own efforts, ran out of three different, but the same wonderful life.