Last time we took a big family to see the work related to the "Transcendent" special show in the 2011 London Design , which was shared by Greece independent industrial designer Athanasios Babalis and Christina Skoulodi , in Greek mythology: "Argonaut" is the six works of the starting point.

This work highlights the cleanliness of the materials itself and the features of the good sculptures, and also hopes to create them with respect to the characteristics of the raw materials themselves. At the same time, they are also closely integrated with local industries, and the experienced teachers will help to create this series of products!

These six designs come from the concept of designer originality and do not follow traditional specifications, but are also based on the design concepts of "simplicity" and "utility".

The Greek myth "Argonaut" described the story as a group of warriors that started a long journey to find the Golden Fleece, and used the metaphor of modern gold miners: Designers have embarked on the journey to search for excellence in the design of their own design.

Next let us introduce one of these six works:

” Actor ” Notebook Packs

This laptop bag can accommodate a 17 ” laptop, a power source, and a mouse, except that most of the materials are made of wood, which is different from the soft PC package, and the opening is designed with a stainless steel switch that allows the user to lock the bag!

” Atlanta ” fruit bowl

There are three different forms, each of which can be independently used in any form of desktop, table, and three together into a larger vessel.


The “ Atalanta ” salt and pepper shaker

Follow the shape of the Atlanta Fruit Basin, which is also designed to grow ready to serve you on the desktop.

” Lolas ” Serving Tray)

This design not only combines the texture of the timber surface, but also has more practical use!besides, the design of the surface groove can be used for stably placing the object, the hollow design users at the two sides are better taken, and the material is made of light wood board, so it is not laborious to use.

" " " ” tray ” (The "Staphylos" fruit bowl)

This fruit tray is designed to fit any fruit of any size and shape, and is made in the form of a grape string, using black or white wood chips.

” The " Asterion ”

Last design is the most abstract in this series and is the only product made using non-timber elements, inspired by the fish's gills, and when the entire lighting fixture is expanded and opened, it will project a remarkable light image on the walls around it.

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