The universe wants to share with us why they believe the "10,000 Hour law " put forward by writer Grawell, and how to put it into practice?

A little sultry afternoon, we came to and the universe about good music studio, a door, green wall appears soft and warm, three big boys just finished an exclusive interview, from the sofa stood up to greet us, small space, three people's height appears "indomitable."

"Space police Rob Fai, frighten you, the belly is crooked!" "August 2009, A and the whole Union of the MV, and began to broadcast on television, the network, a few big boys wearing super-fitting Superman outfit, in the screen lively twist waist swing hips." It may be your first impression of them. Just, in the course of an hour's visit, cosmic people have overturned such an impression, originally, in every seemingly crazy action, but hide a lot of let "cosmic people become Cosmic Man" element, talk funny they, absolutely not only does not make sense, very blunt, blood just, But a down-to-earth, step-by-step footsteps Walk the solid band. (Recommended reading: peeping music person Hush's room: My room is my small universe )

The universe of people by the lead singer Xiao Yu, guitarist Aquinas, Bass hand side Q three people composed. The little Jade does not speak, hides in the black picture frame the eye always appears thoughtfully, but has a kind of to be not penetrating mystery. Wearing a cap, like to hold hands on his face when thinking, the person who makes the standard action of the Thinker is Aquinas. Fang Q's small ponytail, always hiding the small smile of the eyes, so that he looks full of affinity. and the unique style, is their music the most fascinating place, "the Earth Walk" This album launched, their music even let the May Tianma jokingly said:"Who can tell me, how to objectively recommend a piece of jealousy?" "Funny but full of life philosophy of the song, as if this generation of young people's voice in miniature, we are very curious, how the Universe people are now the cosmic people?" (Extended recommendation: Enjoy the rhythm of music!) To rewrite the "digital rock" of the Elephant Gymnastics Orchestra )

Cosmic Man Orchestra (from left): Fang Q, Xiao Yu, Aquinas

Mount Himalaya Mountain, willpower is more important than physical strength

The Cosmic man has been in the army since 2004 and has been over 10 years, talking about their plans to mount Himalaya Mountain to celebrate this particular year, Fang Q was the first person to speak, "there is nothing in the movement, because the practice is spent more time, this action, will be more important than physical strength." Fang Q just finished, Xiaoyu can not help laughing said, "willpower we usually have in practice!" Because in Taiwan this society survives, it needs willpower. The Little jade discourse is meaningful. (Take a look: is Taiwan about to end?) 10 questions addressed to Taiwan )

Fang Q said, in fact, the first day to crawl when very want to give up, because the body has not been very comfortable in Taiwan, but the real mountain only to find that they are the youngest climbers, many grandparents are wearing knee pads and crutches to climb the mountain, gave him a lot of incentives, plus Aquinas to eat India's " The five towers march to scatter "(the universe person says everybody cannot learn! ), let him restore physical strength to continue to move forward, Xiao Yu added, because this trip is not to play, but to shoot MV, before the line is also very worried about the situation of Alpine disease, fortunately, finally successfully reached the task.

Cosmic Man is a very often surprising orchestra, they have been in the discussion album for the purchase of gifts, frequently think of a good idea, let Aquinas blurted out "simply send everyone air good!" 」。 I did not think this sentence finally came true, they set off to the roundabout, vowed to put back "peaceful air" to fans as a gift, to the Hualian Peace Village, the Universe people put more than 200 empty bottles on the beach, and then put the lid on a tight, peaceful air was brought back. Afterwards, they even boarded the Yushan to release three "peaceful air" and put the "highest air" in Yushan as a public good.

Do you know what peace is? What is the meaning of peace? And where can we find peace? If this is just such a fantasy, it is not a cosmic person, the real departure is the spirit of the universe.

Xiao Yu said that these ideas are in their minds when chatting, sometimes may just lift when someone mentioned, will cause a warm resonance, into a planning. Little Yu Yi said: "We usually chat is very interesting!" Everyone has the opportunity to come to see us chat! "In a joke, we found that the universe is a very capable of turning ideas into practical action of the orchestra, they say, absolutely not just say, every seemingly blood, no logical action, in fact, have a very deep thinking." (And you share: Westlife: Blood, no age and experience!) )

Optimistic face life, cumulative 10,000 hours

Many young people, often empty blood and dreams, but do not know how to dream into practical action, Xiao Yu said, "In fact, the young people's troubles, and" juvenile victor's troubles "like, haha, you go to see that book you will find, Yi, this is exactly the same as my troubles. He said that the troubles of each era are actually the same, young people will think that they were born in the wrong age, the last era is the real golden age. But if you don't do anything, there's really nothing. (Recommend you: young people, setbacks to early)

In this regard, three people think that this is the concept of their new album "10,000 Hours" is very relevant, Aquinas said seriously, "first said 10,000 hours is not short, if you practice three hours a day, you have to practice for 10 years." "Xiao Yu said, this 10,000 hours to do anything, whether it is to play computer games, coffee or design, as long as 10,000 hours to accumulate anything possible, do and do not just." He said, we all worry about walking for a long time but go to the dead end, or later found that they do not like the most things, but if the wrong, at least know to turn, will not be in vain, Aquinas said, "Everything is solidly accumulated in this 10,000 hours." "

I have 100 great ideas, no practice just waiting for me to grow up, like a fish eggs have not hatched, I want to do a poem to draw a picture, with a song to rule a country, I want to let this earth explosion, no hands and feet of the dream, and finally only wait to degenerate, I do not like a stone will eventually grind into sand.

These three young boys full of action, in fact, is a big background, said that the first to jump off the halo of prestigious schools, the choice of the process of music, three people have different stories. Aquinas is the whole visit down, the three people appear most introverted. Speaking of his family, he was silent for a few seconds before he slowly said that he was the eldest son of the family, therefore the pressure is bigger, the family member also does not support him to do this job, because oneself from small homework good, the family specially to cultivate, "more than 20 years all thought in one direction, the result one graduation I said wants to play the regiment, had all they thought all to be denied, to them speaking , the impact is too big. Aquinas said that he can understand the family's ideas, but still want to prove himself, get approval. (same field Gayon: How long have you been in contact with your family?) "Home" that accompanies us to grow up but is neglected

The former race of the tree, not the tree I want, I do not keep the tree waiting for the rabbit, the pond of happiness, I can not find a way out, and then the perfect future finally returned to the dust.

There will always be differences of opinion between generations, often causing each other to not be the same, Aquinas said, like the definition of success, the elders may think, to be like Gou's money to be called a success, but for this generation, perhaps in the underpass with a group of friends to sing a song on YouTube, is a success. In Aquinas's eyes, we saw his desire to do every little thing seriously, and adhere to do their favorite thing, perhaps, for today's young people, want to not be affected by the big environment, upstream, it is really not easy, but, you can also like the Universe people believe "10,000 hours" law?

The universe is not only willing to spend 10,000 hours to do the small things well, three people more revealed that the music on the road before, in fact, did not help themselves to stay behind. Aquinas said he deliberately let himself have no way back, "the road" this matter is he dare not think of, hope oneself can mind without distractions to do a thing well. Fang Q and Xiao Yu is optimistic, that they have confidence in themselves, all things optimistic in order to do what will not succeed? We taste the meaning of words in the universe, and perhaps we all spend too much time thinking about the "way to distract ourselves", but we spend too little time doing it wholeheartedly. (Practice together: 50 exercises that are not crazy about trifles, leave the scene before losing control )

Tomorrow I will challenge the ocean, there will be nothing I dare not think, water down I want to go up. Even if I end up like a fool, I don't want to be the same as anyone else. How did not have my road unexpectedly, how had actually embarked on your road, how unexpectedly so satisfies, you became you do not want to become the person, then forced me to become you want to become that person.

All of a sudden I know, this is the first "ambition if fish" is singing what life attitude, cosmic Man is a combination of words and deeds of the orchestra, they sing out of the song, and they say the same, not just say, not just sing, but also must accompany the actual action, this is the spirit of the universe.

Cosmic Man in the mind of the universe.

Many people feel that the music of the universe is fresh and happy, there are no lack of dreams and life, but we found that the music of the universe is much more honest than many people. They bring to the audience not only happiness, but more space for thinking. Take 〈oh girl〉 This song to Let Girls listen to the Angry and funny song , lyrics written to "oh Girl, something happened, last night I met a girl, and she kissed down, kiss down, Don ' t Girl, don't be so angry, because a fall a careless, so flutter up, flutter up! "Xiao Yu thought," Although everyone may feel that this song is very bad beating, but this kind of thing really happened around us, why can't we write? He said, he tried to use witty, funny style to write, balance the lyrics, both reflect the reality, and can be accepted by the audience. (Extended reading: cheating don't talk about who's right or wrong!) Listen to love Queen Liuliere talk about sex )

Besides, it's like, "I hate you." This song explores the phenomenon of Taiwan "ccr", the launch of a lot of discussion, also some people think he wrote this kind of song is very improper, Aquinas said, "At that time I and Jade after Luxy, and then found that there is really this phenomenon, just want to say otherwise we write!" " Xiao Yu said that the Universe people's music is honest to face their own or social phenomenon after the product, perhaps everyone has a lot of different aspects, but few people can be honest to face," honesty is a need for courage, "language, three people invariably fall into the contemplative, It was not long before he was amused by the tacit understanding. (Share with you: exotic lovers must watch!) Teach you to quarrel not knot English communication )

The Cosmic Man in our eyes is an "honest" rare orchestra, and we ask again, what is it like to be a cosmic person in the Cosmic Man's own mind?

Aquinas said that the cosmic man in his mind is "away from the small and true fantasy adventure Orchestra." Words a say, Xiao Yu smiled and complained: "You have told me to go!" "It seems that it really fits the spirit of the universe," he said. Aquinas believes that this generation of people are very good at escaping, do not dare to do brave things, often drowning in their own small days, he said, "Daydream of the King of Adventure" This film also gives the universe a great inspiration, dream, will set out to adventure!

In the heart of Fang Q, the universe is a very "cosmic" orchestra, perhaps this is a little nonsense, but the universe people really jump off the imagination of ordinary people, do some ordinary people do not think of the earth to do things. But when it comes to this, Xiaoyu said, "In fact, the universe or the Earth people, or ordinary people, is very real." "And we feel that perhaps the formation of cosmic people is like the universe of the" Jump "and the Earth's" real "into the blender mix together, burst out of the new taste.

When it comes to the orchestra, Xiao Yu says that the universe has experienced several league members, and the music style is different with the compilation, he said, "playing a band is like having a girlfriend, you have to practice time with the orchestra, it's like dating the girl." "And love has the possibility of breaking up, these have been growing nutrients, the next time you may encounter more suitable objects." Although the square Q was only joined in the universe three years ago, but from our observation in the scene found that the three people's tacit understanding and feelings good to no words, the total feeling of the universe of three members, is from army to now has never changed the combination. Fang Q jokingly said, "Because I am the five elements are water Ah!" It is easy to integrate into others, my uncle to help me calculate! The three men laughed again. (Intimate good friend: understand your strong, embrace your fragile )

Many people believe that the current music market in Taiwan is not good enough for musicians may be a kind of pressure, but Xiao Yu said that she was growing up in Taiwan, was moved by the FUNK music from Africa, proved that as long as the music well, people will like! Fang Q smiled and said, "We like music, there will be others like it, no one likes it, at least there are three people here!" "The small market in Taiwan is a well-established fact, perhaps some of the more unpopular genre really will not make money, but if you want to do their favorite music, it is necessary to adjust the mentality." The cosmic people's optimism, always in the words inadvertently revealed. (Bill Gates couple: optimism, let the world better motive force)

"If you don't want everyone to understand you today, you don't have to expect everyone to understand," he said. "said Aquinas.

Aquinas believes that in the music market with the audience "communication" is very important, at first, the Universe people do not know how to communicate with the audience, closed the door to do their own music, until the army, contact with different people from all over Taiwan, to gradually learn to listen and communicate. Small Jade with 1976 member Akai words for example, if you want to do music, no one will criticize you, but if you want some listeners to accept your music today, you may want to change the taste, all depends on what you want. "It's like you want to be considered handsome today, then you're going to be handsome!" "This kind of funny argument, but nail many musicians will encounter contradictions."

Xiao Yu + aquinas + Fang q= Cosmic Man

These three feelings are good to let us feel that there are always pink bubbles out of the boys, how to look at each other? We asked them to use an adjective to describe each other in their hearts.

Fang Q immediately said, "Although with small jade get along with a long time, but always think he is very" mysterious ", and talent seems to use not finish, will think, how can there be such people? He said, Xiao Yu is a mysterious geek, do not sleep at night do not know what to do. And Aquinas in his heart is a dreamer, Fang Q smiled and said "he is more in reading!" That kind of scholar! "Aquinas often has many good ideas that make the universe full of possibilities." In the eyes of Womany editors, the character of Aquishen stability and the personality of dare to dream, using "think tank" to describe him is also quite suitable.

Have a lot of strange expertise, is to shoot the rubber band of People's side Q, then by the small Jade described as "pioneering time of the geek," said Xiao Yu, "I often feel that he has so much time to do such a thing?" "Fang Q explains," as a child, I often do not wear clothes at home running around, my dad will take a rubber band to play me, once, I clearly have been hiding in the corner, he incredibly still play me, I feel very magical, and he learned to shoot rubber bands. Fang Q flashed a hint of pride, laughing that now the mosquito on the wall is hard to stop him. Little Jade is right, he is really pioneering time of the geek, but even this funny details, it is not difficult to find the universe people are accustomed to take seriously every little thing spirit. (same field Gayon: not no time, but will not make good use of time )

and Jade said, Aquinas like "A fire in winter", he is a very optimistic person, every action is like fire as full of enthusiasm, his heart will have a lot of ideas, once decided to do, will be brave to burn themselves. At the end, the turn to Aquinas described the small jade and Fang Q, he first threw a sentence "they both, are still the first time I saw them that way." " then we all know the legend of Fang Q, because he is really strong," he said. Aquinas's discourse is slow and sincere, he said, although they secretly jokingly called "seniors", but in fact they really respect him. "Very hiphop" is used to describe the small jade, "is a hiphop spirit of the hiphop! "Xiao Yu is a person who will strive forward for the spirit of identity in mind."

The three members of the universe were much more stable than we had expected, and in the course of the visit, we were deeply moved by several moments. We see them respect and cherish each other's friendship, and in the chaos of the generation of people with similar ideas, it is very rare fate. In the face of more often said than done, only a mouth of the mainstream society, emphasizing the "do show you" of the cosmic people, but also the existence of a commendable. (Extended reading: get rid of the delaying tactics that make you more and more tired, act now!) )

Ten years ago, ten years later, what do you want to say to yourself?

Over the past decade, the universe has launched 3 albums, experienced a small giant egg, the United States, Texas SXSW Music Festival,Neo Studio, and other large and small performances at home and abroad , these days, less confused, more optimistic and self-confidence, Standing firm and preparing to greet the next 10-year cosmic man, we wonder what they will think of themselves in the next ten years. What kind of fresh feeling will they bring to Taiwanese fans? What do you want to say to ten years ago, Santhio, a cosmic man defying tigers?

Three people into the contemplative, by the small Yuxian break the silence. "I wish I had a little courage ten years ago," he said. He said, at that time he had a kind of Santhio defying the tiger's courage, although the pace is not very stable, but go forward, is a very cool person. and little Jade to ten years later of their own, not too much to imagine, just want to go on like this. Hear the argument, Aquinas think of the film "Forrest Gump", the hero without fear of running forward, that may be small jade hope to run to the next ten years of the appearance.

Just after watching the movie "Interstellar Effect", Fang Q said that he was not too dare to say to himself ten years ago too much, because he is afraid to say more, now he will be changed, "So I should just look at the side, will not talk to him too much." "But he said that if he did, he would tell him to enjoy the process more than ten years ago, because he used to put too much pressure on him and it was harder to enjoy the happiness of the process." (Extended reading: Thepsychology behind Interstellar Effects: Cosmic Trek, Love is the final Act )

then, Fang Q joked, "I am not interested in ten years of my own, I would like to know 10 years after the girlfriend how long!" " after a burst of laughter, cosmic people back to the serious look, suddenly you a word, I talk about 10 years after the universe may be a kind of appearance, Fang Q excitedly said, before climbing Yushan, now climbed Himalaya Mountain, Maybe ten years later the Universe people on Mars, Hope to be the first orchestra to go to space for a concert if you have the chance !

These words, if by others, we must feel just casually said, but after the one-hour in-depth, we could not help the cosmic people each of the ideas are serious, the universe of people on the Mars concert picture, as if really in our minds appear. (Share with you: seven fantastic photographs to make you come to the parallel universe )

Always spend more time brewing the answer of Aquinas, now slowly said, "I hope that after ten years of their own can maintain the childlike innocence, after all, at that time also nearly 40, mature people, listen to others said will always be easy to be changed by the big environment, become more realistic and cruel." Ten years ago, I was hoping someone would say, "You dare, you're brave." "Now, we look at Aquinas, looking at the cosmic people, really from the bottom of my heart to say:" Hey, you are very brave! 」

Cosmic Man, really the universe! This is the experience that we jumped out after the end of the interview. On the one hand they are not the limit of the astronauts, on the other hand, but also ordinary earth people, hoping to be able to pass the courage and action through music to more people, so that the younger generation have more courage to dream. We hope that after the end of the visit this full of life dynamic and you share, dare to dream, we must have the courage to practice, I hope we have in 10,000 hours later, into the hearts of those who want to be the lucky one.