Girls or women, the intention to dress not only to let others like you, but more important is to love, see and appreciate their beauty. You want a good party?

Party, is a group of people gathered, a group of people to celebrate, may meet a long time not met friends and relatives, may also encounter unfamiliar with him and her. In any case, with a cup of wine and music streaming, the slightly intoxicating temperature melted cold, warming each other's heat. ( party except for a few drinks, also try warm hot wine )

Just into December, a thick festive atmosphere infected everyone around us, planning what this year's Christmas party should look like. Do you want to go to the party again in the same little dress? Are you upset about how to be the party focus? Don't worry, give these little things to Christmas helpers! With a small helper, let everyone enjoy the happy party moment! Dear, it ' s Party time! (secretly said, want to know how to pick a gift and save the purse, be sure to see the bottom Oh!) )

(There are other themes of Christmas gifts Small helper: 10 kinds of fun and intimate Christmas gift collection , so that friends can not forget the whole life! Seven Exchange gifts , passion Christmas! A collection of gifts for each other's passions , a warm heart-happy gift for the family.

Decorate the most beautiful you

Bright Little Dress

Stylish glitter, even dress.

Sequins Lace sexy little dress

Serious work, sweat movement, or a little trouble, each of you are the most beautiful. At the party, put on a bright piece of small dress, every gestures are incomparable sparkle, add some self-confidence and charm, this Christmas, certainly dazzling audience. ( every day is charming, with the European and American actress learning autumn and winter warm wear )

Lace Hooded Small coat

A little dress, a fit-cut pair of jeans, staring at herself in the mirror, always feel a little less. Add a small coat of lace sequins, revealing a little inadvertently small sexy, can't hide you emit light. (Recommended reading: make you a shining light in the winter )

The spontaneous nature of the body T-shirt

Christmas is not only red with green, this time to a different! Use black and white with simple and neat you, put on high heels, tie up the ponytail or the hairstyle, no matter at which party, are the most eye-sucking focus. (same field Gayon: simple happiness, let you become your own sunshine )

Sexy Halter Tops

Do you think it's tiring to spend your mind thinking about party dress? Look at the wardrobe worry, but do not know what to wear. Hey, don't think too much, put on a simple cotton blouse, add a generous ornament, put down the usual tension and worry, so that you can be at a friend or family reunion, all relaxed. (Dear: To be yourself, is the most free thing )

Classic Pyramid Necklace

Why is it that every time Lady Gaga comes in, she catches everyone's eyes? Every piece of clothing, jewelry or makeup has its own appearance, and she wears out her own, and then weird is not surprising, because it is her! Changeable you, sometimes sweet, sometimes personality, your every appearance is lovable, because it is you. Wear a generous and character necklace to create your uniqueness. (Recommended reading: listen to your own most unique charm )

Three- dimensional cross styling necklace

You have a bad temper, sometimes like vexatious, and sometimes a little withdrawn, but others say to you, to be gentle, to be tactful. But the world is so vast and beautiful because it embraces the differences of everyone. Be yourself! Girls do not have to use shiny and lovely decoration, this time with lines, squares and a little character bar! (Extended reading:"People should have edges and corners!" Don't be too tactful to recognize yourself. ")

07. British victim x Patterns meticulous lace hollow stockings

A pair of exquisite lace carved hollow stockings, for women's legs plus sexy embellishment, more overall shape to find a focus! Discover their own unique style, not blindly pursue the trend, you will not become the victim of fashion, this is the travel British designer brand victim and Womany want to convey to you the idea!

Party Hair band

Clothes, jewelry, hair, there are so many to worry about, is not a bit impatient? Then tie a hair band, with their mood for hair transformation styling, but also when the body of decoration, small intentions and creativity, let oneself become the party's bright eyes. (To tell you one thing: a little secret to blow your hair )

The little details are not spared.

Aromatic Edge Oil

Women like to add some color for their nails, but secretly and you say, in the color before, the maintenance of nails is also very important in Europe! Especially in winter, skin and finger edge is easy to dry, first take care of each inch, and then with colorful color to become more beautiful. (The same field Gayon: to find their own color )

let you have an angry color the next day.

Natural good color, is the best cosmetics, let you shine all day. The night before the party, apply a one-sided film, soak a comfortable hot bath, let yourself a good relax, with a good mood and full of energy to meet Christmas. (Recommended reading: Change your bad habits, have a good face )

Each of you is unique and beautiful, do not miss this Christmas, a good show of self-confidence and charm bar! At the party, let everyone stare at you, can't forget.

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