Every year on Christmas Day, in addition to feeling very happy, but also a little nervous, worried if this gift not to his appetite how to do? ( nine good ways to lift the festive panic disorder ) to send every gift to their hearts! If you also worry about Christmas how to send out their own mind, let us recommend to you colorful and intimate 10 kinds of Christmas gift, in such a happy season, together with the usual put in the bottom of my heart do not dare to say the love , with the action to the side of dear them! (Look at last year's world's top ten coolest Christmas trees )

Winter, is the season of happiness, but also for the next year laying a bright road day. In this season, we tidy up a year of accumulation, and by reviewing the past, we set more expectations for the future. Because the mind can't be cramming, start picking Christmas presents now! let him know that every gift is thoughtful and tailored. (secretly said, want to know how to pick a gift and save the purse, be sure to see the bottom Oh!) )

(There are other themes of Christmas gifts for small helpers: for family , for Friends , for the Kiss of Love )

Christmas Wind Limit! Intimate Practical Gift

Instant Music Mug (Enjoy the Moment)

Three colors, find the one that suits him best!

This Christmas, Santa Claus busy, busy everywhere Express happiness!

But don't worry, I'm whispering to him, and he'll never forget your share. Usually we are busy, meet also not frequent, but in such a holiday, I want to tell you: "I am thinking of you, old friend." "So with the Christmas sleigh rush, pass my thoughts to you!" ( good friends, hope to inspire you )

season taste seasoning jar / winter summer taste seasoning jar

With the day when Ben couldn't go home for dinner, I thought I'd dine with you.

A Christmas tree, a cactus, like your warmth, supporting me through every spring and autumn. I know you are most worried that I am a person outside to fight, do not worry, I will eat well, but do you take good care of yourself every day? Selfish hope that each time you use this seasoning jar, think of me once, know that my heart is also the DAO Nian Nian you. In the small details, also can feel I want to accompany with your heart.

Deer Light Elk Photo Frame lamp

This time, let me be the one to protect you, okay?

Once you with the most no regrets waiting, patience with me through the most rebellious years. You are the home of the lamp, no matter how late always bright lights, look a bit stupid, but warmer than anything. My mouth said to annoy, but the heart is smiling. So this time, let me be the one who shines for you, okay? Let me be your strength, okay? (Because, some people are more important than myself )

Small tree Refreshment shelf (ornament rack)

Sisters of the afternoon tea good time, is a lifetime to have the sweet.

How long has it been since we spent afternoon tea with my dear one? Remember before we even busy, will be in one months a day to steal some leisure, for each other to leave only each other a good time, in the chat process, a lot of interesting and lovely ideas also emerged. This small tree shelf, can let us at home can easily have beautiful tea time, white elegant, green nature. Or put on our gifts to each other, such as Christmas tree-like arrangement, so that life every day is Christmas! ( to remind you of her side!) Four movies in a good sister plot )

Good want to warm you! Happy side ceremony

USB warm Hand device

You know my wild, I love my changeable.

When I embrace myself, the world begins to hug me.

Steal the words of Chan, the last gift to myself, but also to every one I hope in winter there are warm you. Want to say to oneself: "hug oneself, dear you, this year also work hard, next year also want to refuel together." "Want to say to you:" Reluctant to your winter in the hands and feet of cold, too late to fill the days, we a person a warm hand, heating and do not harm the environment. "(this year is over, I want to hug you )

mug coat warm insulation mug

Like you pretend not to care, a little man took my hand, frowning said: "Hey, why are your hands so cold?" "Thank you always remember in the cold winter hold my hand, just want to say:" There is the right person around, warmer than anything. "Because the heart is warm, the body is not afraid of the cold, we bought together with the cup, as if our little child, also help it put on a warm clothes , give you also give me." (Still feeling cold?) first to crack these six warm myths )

Modified Organic cotton cute animal scarf

Dear Baby, I want to use the most simple love to cover you.

Dear Baby, you come to this world is my life the most beautiful gift, no matter how cloudy outside the world, the future will encounter all kinds of setbacks, please believe that pure beauty exists forever. This cloth, which uses organic cotton as the outer material, is lined with naturally dyed flannel, and from the beginning of your birth, let me bring you the most natural and gentle protection.

Creating exclusive memories of our own

slow morning food cereal bowl

My favorite, favorite, most like to eat breakfast with you!

Circle of like a angry on the lips of my mouth, straight lines like you, a person does not quarrel. You always smiled and asked me, "Why do you like to eat breakfast ah", how do you know? In fact, I do not like to eat breakfast, I really like to eat breakfast with you. Want to secretly and you tick, together agreed 2014 years each day, again busy also want to eat breakfast, OK! (then you can do it together: love breakfast eggs )

72% Chocolate Headset

For you, sweet nothings never too much. Honey, you are my sweetest chocolate,

Because you are the sweetest, so you deserve the sweetest chocolate headset. I not only want to accompany you to drink and drink, but also hope that the day is not around, you wear headphones, as if you can feel me beside you, close to your most tempting mind, hear your most intimate heartbeat. Black Chocolate 72, let you guess my love for you a few? ( who first said I love you , important?) )

Alex and Chloe the exclusive necklace that broke the rules.

Life is not just a way to play with the world with your favorite angle.

From the L.A of the West coast of the United States, Alex and Chloe, mixed with free and unrestrained elements, a little funky, a little punk, a bit of rock, and sometimes a little sweet, very character. Breaking all boundaries, daring humor and simplicity, and approaching invincible design have fascinated many Hollywood stars. To special acrylic, precious metals, natural black gold as a design material, Jie Sikaaiba, goddess Kaka love it's different. A pair of ornaments, plus a perfect exclamation point for your wear!

2014 at the end of the 12 love their own Life Proposal 2015 table Calendar

Order here right now.

Hey, Honey, This is a table about companionship and love. We hope that every day you will be a little more sweet, more happy. Miss Sweetheart will be with you for every moment of 2015 years. Let us love ourselves more, embrace their own unique!

The above 10+1 warm gift, is our selfish choice, to the family, to friends, to men/girlfriends, to the dearest self. Let's give each other a most intimate Christmas!

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(Small teaching: can come to our December Fun Christmas election to find inspiration, or through Brand Overview find the most fascination gift, or come Fan Shopping a wide variety of goods inside the treasure hunt. )

Activity period: Immediate start ~12/24 (we do not want to be late for gifts, want you to receive before Christmas!) )
The list of winners will be 12/30 woman, you can be different. published.