From the sun Flower movement, to the North Czech Republic killings and the Kaohsiung gas explosion case, behind these events, there is a more powerful warmth of the rise, so that soft Taiwanese, brave standing.

In the 2014, Taiwan seemed so restless, the injury of great and small, the occurrence of unfair events, and the sad thing is wave surging. But what have we found behind these traumas?

Hey, did you see that, too? After the pain, change is quietly fermenting, all imperfect things, as if all make us more complete, at the foot of the pace more determined. We just have to see, to face, and then to believe that we will always have the ability to make the world better. (same field Gayon: review of the Times, 32 most inspiring photos )

Come together to review, belong to 2014, those moving and firm strength.

01. Love Like a rainbow: true love, no sex


"I have a dream, I hope that one day, gay friends can no longer be discriminated against in this society." I have a dream, I hope one day, love can return to the human nature, not gender. "Before the gay parade set out, the host shouted out his dream with the microphone, and this dream is the deepest desire of all the comrades," he said.

this year's gay parade with "embrace/disagree" as the theme, leading the people to think together "Sex/not" the various differences, and embrace the differences, respect for different, is the gay parade held 12 years, the largest number of. In the parade, many lovers hug and kiss generously, but this seems to be only a "limit today" opportunity, because in every corner of Taiwan, they still face a lot of understanding and discrimination. (Share with you: comrade, should not only be in the big parade to smile brilliant )

Under the warm blue sky and the gorgeous rainbow, we enjoy the same sky and the same land, May the true love be liberated, may the dream come true.

02. Gold is not a dream! Taiwan Athletes International Luminous


Inhale deeply, exhale, and strive. How many times do I have to repeat these moves to make the present forest-Qi?

Outsiders questioned "practice to not like girls," the weight lifters Lin Zixi, parents in Xzs open face booth, has been supporting her pursuit of the dream heart. Four years ago because of injury, no advance Guangzhou Asian Games, parents with her tears, four years later, she to the Chinese team "secret weapon" of the Dark Horse to break the weight of the female weightlifting 63 kg level of the world record, but also for Taiwan to take the gold medal, to prove their strength. (Look together : the most beautiful Asian Games weightlifting gold!) See Lin Zixi the feminine again )

In the presence of attention to adjust the breathing, and then bang lift the weight of the dream, so Lin Zixi, very beautiful. Dream, how heavy can it be? Always have to struggle to know.


"This evening, we write down history, Taiwan first!" "To 9:0 defeated the Japanese team, won the 21U World Cup baseball Championship, Chinese team captain Yang Dai are domineering shout, but already cried red eyes."

21U Championship, by the Chinese team to the Japanese team, the Chinese team until the beginning of the momentum such as the Rainbow, a succession of 9 points, coupled with the first Guo Junlin the perfect performance of pitchers, the Japanese team can not even hit a point. In the second half of the nine innings, the audience had already stood up and ready to meet the victory. The number of balls two good two bad, pitcher Lin Hao cast a key strike, three vibration off the Japanese hit, the Blue ribbon with the cheers of the masses, such as rain-like fall. (Recommended you see:after WBC, Hope is still: the World Baseball Classic game Taiwan's touching moment )

03. After the incident of North Czech Republic, embrace the power to regain faith


"It is an idea and a conviction, I just want to convey the power of love and positive, no matter this power can appease the bereaved family, the injured family members, even some hearts feel lonely, antisocial personality, I hope that through the positive force, gentle and determined strength, gradually improve the Taiwanese people's ideas. 」

Several university students in the North Czech Republic after the unfortunate incident, spontaneous to Jiang station, hope to use free hugs comfort Taiwanese injured heart. In fact, sometimes warm is not difficult to find, from the heart of the gentle force, can make the world very different. Jiang stand in front of a white flower sea, that light incense, as if to remind us not to give up good, do not forget to be strong. (Share with you: Don't be afraid!) Written in the Jiang MRT killings, the darkest of times need love most

04. The courage of the people of Kaohsiung, the love of Taiwan


"The night is different, we brave, pick up, help." Kaohsiung, looking high, hung up. Chen Chu, the mayor of Kaohsiung, wrote such passages in his face.

The night of the bang, let Kaohsiung overnight weather. But the people of Kaohsiung have not been defeated, after the wave of sadness, bravely into the reconstruction of the disaster areas, the whole Taiwan's money has also been pouring in, billions of of donations and supplies, and then show the love and warmth of Taiwanese people. At present, the progress of the reconstruction of the Kaohsiung gas explosion area has reached 90%, and we believe that Kaohsiung, who stands up again, will stand taller and more beautiful than before, standing upright in the storm. (The Taiwan phenomenon behind the gas explosion case: We think it's a stupid thing to obey the rules )

05. The Sun-flower movement, yearning for democracy, the tender cry


As the sky grew brighter, we sang aloud to the light of hope, to every man on the island. As the sky grew light, we sang aloud, and as the sun went up the hill, it turned away. Now it is the other worker, the brave Taiwanese! "--〈 Island Skylight

"Own country, save yourself!" "," back to trade, to defend democracy! "On theevening of March 18, a protest turned into a court attack, and no one thought that the students who broke into the forum would be in it for more than 20 days." "The people inside don't be afraid, we protect you outside!" "In this way, more and more people are gathering around the entrance of the Legislative Yuan, taking turns to watch and turn into the largest student movement in Taiwan's history."

The flower shop owner kindly sent the Sun flowers, the student movement to add a bit of tenderness, love and gentleness of the country, as if all was diluted into the flower. In a mistake, the name of the sun-Flower movement was thus born. (written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

The student movement is born of love and persists because of love, because love this land, only want to have good happen. This is never a compromise to the dark, always face the sun's persistent, it must be the spirit of the sun!

2015 is coming, do you want to use what kind of mood to face it?

Perhaps the way forward is always precarious, full of accidents and setbacks, but what we can do is to stand up again after these setbacks, erase the ashes on the face, and then bloom a smile. Thank you for all the things that 2014 taught us, 2015, we swagger together. I believe that Taiwan will be beautiful because of us.