December Little Red box, did you start? This time by our editor Rachel to open the box, hope to pass the warmth of small red box, let your heart warm up.

December, full of joy and romantic atmosphere, such a suitable and family, friends, lovers embrace the season, but it is so cold. The most difficult thing to endure is the temperature. For me, December is not a pleasant season, I like summer, the hot kind, the best heat to the morning at all can not endure to stay in bed for a second. That kind of weather, let people full of driving force, let me feel alive.

For someone like me, December is probably a great need to be encouraged and loved. Imagine, lying in bed, endure menstruation when the discomfort, for a while do not know the line, WhatsApp, or in the face book to find who to speak. A year of work pressure, endure to the end, almost also elastic tired, need a little warmth and rebirth of power. (Hey: dear friends, the vacancy for the calendar is always left for you )

Then the Little red Box just appeared in front of me.

The painting of the painter's bread tree never let us down, still so tender, so full of love. When I got the Little red box, I didn't know which one was right, so I held it out, I found a bar in the café near my house and sat down, and the boss said, "I'd like a glass of ice latte." "The ice?" Are you sure? He looked at me with astonishment. "Haha, yes!" Just don't put the ice on it, thanks! "The ice latte without ice is the temperature after I received the small red box after the cold winter." ( small red box designer: Warm brush Power bread tree )

I slowly prepare to open the box, unexpectedly have a primary school time to open a stationery store to buy a surprise bag of excitement, think of childhood, that kind of surprise package is also not want to buy can buy, must wait until mom which day suddenly merciful nod, take out a 100 yuan note to buy me, that find 1 money secretly put into the pocket, go home and throw into the shop full.

Small red box did not let me down, I have a few boxes of surprises, as a child opened a surprise package the same.

The December small red box has:

  1. Intimate cotton cotton (general flow) x 1
  2. Intimate Pads (non-menstrual use) x1
  3. Woman fan 2015 Miss Sweetheart Limited table calendar x1
  4. Every day beautiful Energy Gem series Mask x3
  5. Famous brand Cleansing soap, beauty muscle milk, beauty muscle dew x1
  6. Raspberry Extract Live Yan drink x2
  7. Health Tea Bag x1
  8. Chocolate Cake x1
  9. Chocolate Nut Drink x1

At this point, the quick hands of the boss has put the ice latte to the table. But after opening the Little red box, I suddenly felt that maybe it was just a cup of hot. Little Red box, probably as warm as hot latte.

These days, pamper yourself from the outside

Menstruation comes a few days, always want to lazy stall in bed, no spirit and strength, even maintenance feel trouble. This kind of mood often makes our menstrual and sallow face even darker, right? I often have this experience, because the mood is bad and want to stay at home all day, but look at the mirror sloppy myself, but feel that everything worse! This time I often forced myself to get up, first a hot bath, and then put a good mask or use the maintenance products to massage the face, and then make good makeup, change the most confident clothes, go out and walk. (Share with you: the physiological period is also important before and after!) Grasp the "golden four weeks" effective slimming body )

This method is always tried, when I start from the outside to treat myself well, the uneasiness and boredom in my heart also follow dispelled. Who said that must be in the time to have an appointment to properly maintain, dress up yourself? Every day, it's my little date with myself. (Look together: the misunderstanding is big!) Cracked 10 physiological periods of myth! )

Small red box in the maintenance of goods, mask not only appear in the box a few items, but also a reminder and encouragement, told me should not forget to love themselves, although in this cold day, sometimes even apply ice cream mask need some courage, but, every little bit of the cumulative life of small courage, Can make us more strong face the need for great courage.

Needless to say, we need these inner favourites

Here, the coffee is half the rest, but the warmth is still filling up.

Although the physiological period is unwell, but in the cold winter someone specially sends the cotton cotton to you, always the piece how thinks all warm matter! Has anyone ever done anything like that for you? Silly selection of brand, traffic, in the convenience store shelves before picking dizzy, finally simply took several different to the counter checkout, a bit embarrassed to touch the head to ask the clerk to wrap up with a paper bag. Perhaps finally you found that there is no bag in the paper bag is the one you love to use, but laugh and laugh, do not care. (Recommended reading: Enjoy the freedom that cotton strips give you!) Don't be afraid, nine benefits make you fall in love with cotton strips )

I have never forgotten the memories of chocolate. Although many studies have taught us that chocolate does not slow down our physiological pain. But whenever someone comes to me with a piece of chocolate, it always makes me think that the research is not important at all. I like the perceptual living, follows the heart to walk the feeling, does not need to prove anything specially, simply enjoys the present move. Some things cannot be confirmed in any way, but they are real.

Those days, in addition to appearance, but also take care of their inner! Hands and feet cold, drink a cup of tea or nuts to drink, feel bad, just a little Live yan drink, let oneself from the inside out beautiful again. "You are not alone." " The Little Red box seems to have been quietly reminding me of this matter. (Extended reading: menstruation to do more than six kinds of good sports, to the United States will move!) )

The things that are always reminded of you, both outwardly and inwardly.

"Every day, make it a shiny new day." 」
"Because of the limited time, we must grasp each time profoundly." 」
"From now on, promise your own business, try to do it!" 」
"Occasionally, listen to the voice of the little girl in my heart and give her a warm hug." 」
"Learn to be alone and enjoy a person's freedom and beauty." 」
"Never change yourself to please a person, the right person should make you feel confident and comfortable." 」

Out of the box to the end, sweetheart. Table Calendar appears in front of me, I will slowly stand up, a page of the turn. Thinking of 2015 being able to have her company, I feel as if I had met my better self in the coming year. as the years went by, I saw the Christmas tree and the cross-year message across the street. At the end of each year, it is always easy to recall their own growth in the past years, happy? Are you brave? Are you stronger? ( exclusive limits for women!) 2015 Miss Sweetheart Table Calendar )

isn't that what life is all about? It would be nice if there was someone who could always remind me of how good I am when I need it. We may not have to pursue perfection, but we can always choose to pursue the good. I think so, what about you?

May the small red cassette give me the warmth, also can in your body heat.

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