Jolin Tsai MV "not the same and how" invited Lin heart such as, to Asia Lei, tell a true gay story. Let society see the appearance of gay love, there is blood and tears.

Jolin Tsai's latest MV "not the same and how", deeply depicts the gay story. In the picture, Jolin Tsai and Lin heart such as white gauze, affectionate kiss, time and space and then transferred back to bed

"Are you Chiu's family?" asked the secretary. 」

"Would you like to have a relationship with him?" 」

Therefore, love is no longer just a nameless faith, but a real picture so Manama. No matter how love, is not only a stranger before the law?

I can't help thinking, when can I see this white-spun picture in Taiwan? When a gay friend is asked about a relationship, you can choose a noun between "good friend" and "family" and say this is my wife, my husband, my partner.

The one who looked straight at the camera, the eyes were heartbreaking. MV performance Zhang Shuyue and Chiu story, a relationship is not legally recognized, beautiful picture can only rely on the story of imagination. Such a story is not far away, because it is also happening in your side of the story. (same field Gayon: I want to marry "she")

I thought about the year before that I was studying in Lyon, attending a local gay parade , when the French President O ' Rand passed the gay Marriage and Adoption Act, and basically France was in a row between supporters and the opposing sides, taking turns on the streets. Remember that day is very cold, we from the city center Belle Cour began to the city Council Hotel de Ville direction, cold trembling, the comrades around me pinch my palms. In the middle of a distance, several homes on the windows are also hanging on the "marriage is the rights and interests of all" "Le marriage pour tous" the words of the cloth. I was impressed by the one who opened the window and sprinkled the colorful pieces of paper and said loudly in French: "Comrade, I love you, I really love." But you can't get married, I don't agree. 」

"You're getting married, I don't agree." "Or now a lot of people shouting" comrade I do not reject, but marriage is another thing. "In fact, it is no different. I can't help but think, is this love, still count love? Or the banner of love, with Love as the name of the area separated by the clear line of "can Do", "can not do" violence?

Almost a short time ago, there was another story, in Marseille, France, where a picture of a female kiss was spread in France. October 23, 2012, 17-Year-old Julia and the 19-year-old Austrian Sian, in Marseille, France, before the anti-marriage demonstrations in front of the crowd kissing. Lightly a kiss, face is behind the scold sound four, they shout they "disgusting" "dégueulasses" "Not Beautiful" "Pas Belle", but they still kiss at ease.

After the two girls in the interview said they are heterosexual, but want to use the action to express the belief that "comrade together, is a normal thing." Julia said: "No need to be gay to express support, a simple, pure action can be done." 」

Le Baiser de Marseilles

Le Baiser de l ' Hôtel de Ville

A kiss, gently, but with strength, lays the beautiful picture of Le Baiser de Marseilles, a contrast to the Le Baiser de l ' Hôtel de Ville photographed by the renowned photographer Robert Doisneau. 50 years apart, kiss each other for love, Kiss and kiss.

Back in Taiwan this year, 10/25 of the gay parade, the 12th session, Taiwan also for the gay rights and interests to do not know how many years. On the way to the gay parade, a pair of parents marched on the stroller, clearly expressing their position, "We are heterosexual, we are Christian families, we support marriage equality, multiple family." Children's rights and interests, is to take them to join the gay parade! "What a touching moment?"

On this day, comrades walk on the road, holding each other's hands, while walking small peck each other's cheeks or mouth. I think the heart is very warm, also can't help thinking, when, every day can be a gay parade, when can not only on this day particularly brave, when the gay parade, the community still willing to listen to their demands, the media still willing to report their news? (Recommended reading: comrade, should not only be in the big parade to smile brilliant )

So, like the lyrics of that love has blood and sweat, every love is so, and look at the struggle of gay rights, not all with tears fed even blood-stained heap out? Good hard work, the days dragged on particularly long, but want a basic human rights, but only the year-old waiting to change. (See the struggle of the country: France through the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act behind the tears of Blood)

So, what's different? The world has no need for more "homogeneous" and "heterogeneous" of the label, do not need to be homogeneous, in order to realize each other. What if it's not the same? I can't help thinking that everyone in the world is different, and we all have our own objects of love, or old or little, or high or short, or beauty or ugliness, or men or women, we are eager to go with the object of love to not too far after, want to die and Ze Cheng, and said, hold the hand of the son, and the son old. What if it's not the same? We all want tacky love, I love You, you love me, I take care of you, you take care of me like that.

Not the same, all the same.

Chan once said in a concert: "I'm more happy to see the same sex legally married than to see my wedding." "Take away the ideology of conflict, take away too much and disagree, I just feel that we have no right to prevent others from falling in love ; We are not entitled to deprive them of their shared vision of the future ; " There is no reason for them to love each other, but only to be strangers before the law . without medical agency, no partner to enjoy the work and social welfare, no protection of property rights, only the society itself as generous to the "love".

Denmark became the first country to pass the law of gay couples in 1989, and in 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to pass the Marriage affirmative Act. So far this year, 16 countries have passed the Marriage affirmative Act. But Asia is still dark on the road to marriage equality. (Recommended to you: Holland 13 years ago through the world's first gay marriage )

2013, the plural Marriage Act passed the first reading, to the judicial and Legal Committee for Review, 2014, the 12/22, especially beauty legislators will be in the Legislative Yuan to review the relevant legislation on marital equality. I want to know if Taiwan can meet the first line of marriage equality in Asia, so that love is no longer just faith, but a long time to be put into action.