Listen to Toetoe founder Howie said: "I started the site, is to want you to leave the site, go out and the world dialogue." 」

Morning approached about the studio, came a coffee machine grinding beans, open the door after the studio owner with a smile warm alive this morning. He is Yang Haoyu Howie, Taiwan workpiece Pipe graduate, in school hours because of a "creative entrepreneurship course" class and began to start a business, now 24-Year-old He opened a shared studio, part-time to do the design.

This last seven-year-old has done a very interesting thing in the age of Internet popularization, when everyone expects to develop technology to the best of extremes, he made a return to the "temperature" of the communication site, on this site, you can only talk to each other, but can not chat, you send a letter, but only the other side also think you this person wrote mail to you, Otherwise, the site will never receive an echo, the website caused a commotion in the start-up, two weeks accumulated 50,000 users. Then, let us chat, in a fast exchange of information in the year, deep words, how to "secretly toetoe" said. " (same field Gayon: The sense of loneliness of travel, from not even to the internet?) )

Secretly Toetoe, is designed to have courage, but not too much for people to use

"toetoe" 's birth is wonderful, originally is in the class of the final homework, to "fix the relationship" as the theme, let each group play. (Recommended reading: How to maintain emotional health: breaking the walls of interpersonal relationships )

Howie said: "The relationship needs to be repaired because it has been dashed at some point." And the reason why can not repair, often because want to and good but dare not and good. When you are afraid to talk to each other, the other side is ungrateful. Fear of receiving "read not back" or even do not read, now technology so advanced, you know he will see, but he did not want to read, in fact, is the burden and trauma, we think of this mechanism, you make sure that you will get the response, the letter will pass out. You will receive it when the other person has sent it to you at the same time. 」

In this way, Howie feels, repair relationships can be achieved. First, the assumption of a successful exchange means that both sides speak their minds. Second, the assumption is only one-sided, can also be used as a person's practice. The actual walkthrough. In any case it is said that it can be a kind of personal reflection.

Speaking of which, do you think we're talking about a communications website today? In fact, today Howie want to talk to you, is actually "courage." Why does this site appear? Maybe it's because we're all so used to hiding our inner voices. (Read on: Six a moment, let you listen to yourself again )

Howie that the toetoe mechanism is a silent cost (sunk costs). In doing this, you do not weigh the letter if it has not been sent out. You put your feelings and thoughts in the course of this letter, and if you receive a "No" notice after a week. You know that you have to let the other person know through other means. The most important thing is the "practice" process that allows you to think and say what you really want to say.

"We suggest you just leave the computer screen and contact him directly," he said. 」

If the other person does not reply or does not see, Toetoe's reply will tell you so. "The user-oriented real life, leaving the site, is toetoe the biggest goal"howie said. "

The ultimate purpose of this web site is to hope that through a letter you can change the behavior of the parties to find answers. We all have the fear of "communication", in the Toetoe actual exercise, maybe the other side really will see, if not, you will also through the writing to clarify their own. (Extended reading: will it become stupid not to write?) 5 keys to writing to make life better

I asked toetoe the probability of receiving an answer. Howie said, the operation to now, probably almost no answer, 20% have received a reply. 20%, it sounds like a little, but it's better to increase the 20% chance than you and a friend never speak again.

To start a business is to listen to birds with their friends and be happy.

You may think that there are several people behind this site in a small studio, daily repairs, revisions, and letters. But in fact, this site's team only two people, one is Howie, the other is his classmate in Taiwan-Huang.

Huang in the engineer this road is halfway decent, now is also an electrical engineer, Howie chatted with him, a more cherish the tone of the partner. "He studied very carefully, we two now actually have their own things to do, but I feel my partner is very enthusiastic, responsible." And he listens to birds together every day, in fact is also a kind of happiness. "(You will like: an interview with the Japanese legendary adventurer Takahashi step:" Action does not need reason, let the impulse push you to go ")

Two people are almost all spend their sleep time, to do the maintenance of the site, Howie said the division of labor between the two people cut very thin, and then to completely believe each other, they do not betray this trust, this is their understanding of each other's tacit agreement. Doesn't it look like toetoe? You have to believe, then brave to do, did, do not regret.

"You will have setbacks, blame yourself, so you must be a partner." You know someone is as miserable as you are when you help yourself heal and get tired of being half dead. "howie said with a joking tone.

Entrepreneurship, not just for their own courage

Before visiting Howie, I always thought that the entrepreneur is more courageous, more daring, but in the process of chatting with him, I found that the entrepreneurial people are not for their own adventures, but for the whole society. Like women fans have always believed that our existence is not just a message, not just a woman's small circle, but also want to unite everyone to see the world a better shape.

At the age of 24, these people chose not to invest in a large company or a stable salary, as if they saw a ship in the ocean, they chose not to take it, because for them, building an island in the ocean might save more people. (Recommended reading: Overcoming five entrepreneurial fears, the world is not so terrible as you think )

Howie a person and multiple positions as a marketing, design, website trend and presentation, I asked him why he is willing to spend so much heart betting?

He replied: "I have always been the idea that work and entrepreneurship are equal options, I can also go to work, just right now, I have the entrepreneurial option." In doing toetoe, I feel this job is urgent need me. If I don't do it now, Taiwan will have no one to do it now. But I'm not submitting my resume, and tens of thousands of people are handing that resume. 」

"Entrepreneurship is the blindfold, the pursuit of their own limits." 」

If you want to describe entrepreneurship in a word, Howie will say so.

"No one will tell you how to go." Just like when you lose sight, you can touch the wall with your hands, listen with your ears and feel with your body. To feel what the world needs. 」

Howie also said that on the road to entrepreneurship, everyone affected him deeply, and even all the people in the entrepreneurial circle are influencing each other: "In many entrepreneurial gatherings, when people talk on stage, they will know that many people like me are trying to do something new, their career is" hope can make society better ", I will know that I am not alone. "(same field Gayon: The True Story of female entrepreneur:" Social enterprise Flows "Lin Han )

He said he was a senior in the real "entrepreneurial" courses, so special thanks to Taiwan's creative entrepreneurship Chen Liangki Director, Huang Zhongyang teacher. He thinks he learns in them is has the outstanding ability, also pulls out the younger generation, selflessly for the student resources. I think because of these excellent teachers, there are so many willing to come forward and into the back of the waves! They see not only the value and status of money in society, but the ways to change them.

The appearance of the Toetoe, is a group of students called the head of the family to send out, you believe it? They rely on technology and are more interested in using technology in good ways. Howie said that he has been doing this site has been very happy, can let people rethink the "relationship" this matter, is his greatest sense of achievement. (Extended reading: What you need is not a job, but it can create value. )

Toetoe is not a communication site, but a mind-place

Toetoe's fan page will receive a thank-you note every day. Howie feel, these people also changed toetoe, because they attentively, also at ease write here, make Toetoe also become a "mind of the Place".

Toetoe fan Page sometimes accompanied by the text appears. (Photo source:Toetoe)

Once a person in Toetoe fan page asked him: "And the other person's Facebook relationship has been released from friends, but also to send a letter?" "The answer is no, Howie instead encourages the person to take the first step in real-life communication." He believes that Toetoe is a way to find out "I also want to continue to contact him, then I should be active?" 」

In our life, technology is more and more developed, people and people's distance is more and more distant, often even look at "read not, do not read not back" are scared. The mind has scruples, dare not open heart, apology, thanks, confession, we are very afraid of each other ungrateful. Through technology, narrowing the hearts of people, this is the temperature of the Toetoe, first untie their own heart knot, and then let the frozen relationship of the solution, warm, not hot. (Extended reading: technology makes us more lonely?) Research shows that ... )

"You can't stay here forever." Finally, I hope you will leave this site, go out and talk to the world. "howie said.

Not afraid of making mistakes! Be happier when you find mistakes

Remember who you are, where you want to go, and who you want to be.


First of all, to have their own beliefs, to think good goals, every day with this rhetorical question yourself, what do you do today, in the end the character does not meet their goals? If there is no success, do not give up, to further determine the direction of success in the short term is second, as long as you remember where you want to go. (recommend you see: interview with the Japanese legendary adventurer Takahashi step: "Action does not need reason, let the impulse pushes you to go")

He also told me that he was happier when he found the mistake because he knew the blind spot and you were closer to the target. On Howie, I saw a very firm courage, as if he did not face his own night alone, without doubting himself, but Howie said that every day before he went to bed, open his eyes, thinking is the same thing, is that they do everything right now, can help more people?

I am glad that in this year there are still so many people who are desperate to create a new environment, still remember when I first entered a woman fan, I was the concept of this team and as a 24-hour standby editor, as if no rest of the elder sister head deeply shocked, now, in Toetoe this site, I also feel the same excitement. "The world will always have a better chance, the colder the technology, the more we melt in our hearts." "This is what Toetoe taught me."

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