Women fans think this is a multifaceted open platform should have the necessary elements, invite you to write down your concern. Because we believe that chatting is the first step, action is next!

The event of the Queen of the Sun, so that everyone has a lot of thinking. Some people tend not to look, not to hear, not to discuss, to avoid secondary injury, some people began to face the problem of "sex workers" in addition to the crime, some people scold this is a modern witch hunt, someone saw the single mother's topic deserves more attention, either way, all express our concern about the matter. And from the Wednesday weekly magazine published an article, out of the film to this day, women fans and friends stand blush red, a total of five articles related to the report, there is the next brewing report plan!

Five reports, five different views, from the involuntary public figures , women's "enjoy sex" should not be demonized , Candid Camera questions: everyone's sexual rights , the Sun Flower Incident Witch trap and single mother angle, there are three articles that we do, and two are the authors ' submissions. And the next, we expect to invite to the Association of Sexual Rights of the executive long, sex workers, counseling volunteers to chat!

Now, if for this time of events, you also like us to think, hope to have a good sit down to rational discussion, listen to different views, also say their own voice space, that is here, invite the screen before you with us to see the following article finishing!

12/10 talk about the hard work of "involuntary public figures"

Dear you, face this kind of news, be honest to say, still not tired? There are so many things in life that need us to worry about, why should we take the time to judge these people? What right do we have to do that?

Because the sun flower movement is concerned about the Liu Jiaoan, overnight was sealed as the sun Flower Queen, since then become the object of media chase, but has anyone asked her whether she would like to? There were people who asked her how she felt about living in the media. To talk about the "involuntary public figures" in Taiwan, from Liu Jiaoan to Youqing to Chen, it is time for the media to give them the freedom to live. (See the full text of Taiwan Media!) Please let go of the involuntary public figures .

What's wrong with 12/10 women enjoying sex?

Why does a woman's body have to be clean? Why is it that when she says she loves sex in the film, the image of the Queen of the Sun blossoms is completely disintegrated? Why make such a big news when a woman shows her passion and talks about "tight and not tight"?

When the film first time by the e weekly outflow, Liu Jiaoan in his own film said he likes to make love, and very tight, the media said the "Sun Flower Queen" image presumably will collapse. What we are curious about is that women enjoy lust. Everyone has the absolute freedom to enjoy their own desires, to find their own body, to admit that they love sex, the "enjoy sex" labeled "innocent" label, is the media's biggest smear. (See the full text of the Sun Flower Queen likes to have sex have what not )

12/11 refusing to candid, defending everyone's sexual rights

See the way of a weekly, many people should be able to immediately associate, Taiwan police have a period of time, love to catch up with phishing way, the state machine's hand into a variety of individuals have not occurred in the sex life, immoral and infringe on privacy, the personal sexual desire conviction.

This article is written by the woman fan editor Vivian Wu agreed to reprint, we would like to talk about the more interesting "sex" issues. How do married men and women face their own sexual gaps? And the "active pursuit of sexual relations" women must be a slut or very sad love? The more serious problem is that when today with filming, Candid Camera become normal, in fact, the damage is everyone's sexual autonomy rights and interests. (See the full text: The Sun Flower Queen's Media witch hunt revelation: Refusing to take photos to defend sexual rights )

12/171 Media of the modern witch hunt

In the face of the constantly hunting witch society, the heart has a lot of questions, is not a trial of the witch, we do not know how to love this society? In such a distorted media environment, we have been a few witch hunt trap?

After a few days, all these candid camera events are "one weekly" malicious framing. 12/16 days, Liu Jiaoan in face book on Facebook, published up to 7,000 words of public confession letter, threatened to "one weekly" to the end. We see a modern witch hunt in the media reaction, we observe that there are four common attacks: "We are not tried enough", "bad women should be thrown stone" We do not talk about these low news, "sex trade is the materialization of women", let us look at these traps. (See the full text: the Sun Flower Queen event: Four witch hunt events, how many of you?) )

12/18 Single moms and kids growing up together

A young single mother without skills is not easy to bring a child, want to give the child the best mood all over the world, but the "best" definition here seems to be the best toys, the best "education", The best "school" ...

This is from the mother author's contribution, the author saw Liu Jiaoan Confession wrote: "At that time only a heart read, is" I want to raise this child ", as long as she can grow up happy, I would like anything. Immersed in the sensual place, unavoidably inferiority ... "Everything is for the children", let her faint smell uneasy, because no matter what choice to do today, is for themselves, not because it is a child's relationship. Otherwise, such children grow up, is not to feel "if the mother does not like the present life, it is because of me?" (See full text: want to give the child "best", single mother can have a lot of choices )

12/19 women fans Next: Talk to the association! Talk About sex worker rights

Women fans have been in contact with the executive and staff of Taiwan's most concerned sex workers last week and are sure to be invited to visit this week! At present, sex workers and volunteers will be interviewed this weekend, the personal story of targeted workers, the status of prostitutes in Taiwan, sex workers to wash three of the stigma to do in-depth interviews. (Recommended reading: immigrant women's disillusionment with the American Dream: The Voice of sex workers in Big Apple )

At the same time, we also drew up 12 questions to talk to the CEO, talk about her way of fighting for prostitutes, talk about the imperfect of the current Taiwan law and the development of the Taiwan prostitutes right movement! We hope to open more discussions on the rights and interests of sex worker by interviewing.

Every different point of view, perhaps behind it, represents a different stance. Women fans want to be more open, provide a platform for discussion opportunities, so that different voices, different views, on this platform, there is the possibility of the rendezvous. We hope that we are not yiyantang, but that everyone can make their own voices, and not afraid of their own voice.

And believe, you also have your own voice, also have something to say. Are welcome to leave a message or contribute to tell us: (Submission please send the manuscript to Content@womany.net, if you care about sex, care about current affairs, care about society, also welcome you through the submission to become our author! )