You must be familiar with the name, but what is your impression of him? Fluorescence behind the scenes of him, perhaps and you imagine the very different, a come to know Kangkang again!

"The doorbell battery quickly change, don't let others wait outside." "This is the first thing I heard from Kangkang, standing at the door of the Kankan company, and the bell was not ringing," he said. Different from the usual funny image on TV, I really see his first impression, actually think he is quite rigorous. Kangkang let the hairdresser help him tidy his hair, while reminding the assistant immediately to change the battery, before long, then heard a test bell rang.

And what is your impression of Kankan? is in the variety show not regardless of the image of the funny host, is using the "Happy Birds days" to wish everyone happy Birthday nonsense singer, or sing "You Do Not Love Me", "mutiny" that affectionate man? After nearly 20 years in showbiz, he is always trying new possibilities, and this time, he even spans the film circle, to share with us his first self-edited, self-directed, comedy movie "100,000". (same field Gayon: with short film ahead of the Cannes Film Festival!) Wang Xitei Director: In the movie circle, the character is more important than the gender

Ten years to sharpen the knife: "God to you a door, will open a window for you."

"I really wanted to try out a movie early, but I didn't have enough skills," he said. Kangkang said, his eyes revealed a little firmness. In recent years, the environment of the arts circle is not good, the program is more and more difficult to do, did not think this seems to go downhill luck, but was Kankan as the opportunity to change the runway.

I have been told that I recently looked more and more high hair lines, fewer and less, asked me to do a hair plant, when the spokesperson, the cost of 1 million. But I refused, not any money to make, I can not imagine being put in the kind of fourth, there are before, after the control of advertising!

Think carefully, Kangkang is never in a similar advertising endorsement has appeared, always on the stage regardless of the image to bring us laughter Kankan, in fact, it has its own perseverance and strength of character. "People often say, God will open a door for you, you'll have a window." " He said, this is a bad environment, or want to stick to what they like to do."

If I hadn't sung those songs, sent those albums, presided over the variety shows, I wouldn't have been here today for more than 10 years. Every little thing is cumulative, I hone ten years, do a good job in everything, play every role, and now the time is right, want to make the idea of the film will come naturally. I am a said to do the people, must not just stay in the thinking, said to make a film, I just want to make a film.

Showbiz's changeable and difficult to test, let many people always stumble, carry the floating load sink, perhaps a lot of people decide to leave here when there is no stage, also have a lot of people in the road is not smooth, what work is connected. But the choice of Kankan is to make a new battlefield for himself, and for himself to strive for another stage. (Extended reading:"When there is no stage, do you dare to fight for yourself?" "An interview with the Golden Horse Film Festival strength Nova Li Ying )

Saw the movie billboard appear in the theater, the tears almost fell off

Talking about the first contact with the film, Kankan actually bitter. The original idea is very simple, I wrote the script, very afraid to give others do not make their own mind to look like, decided to guide the play, their own play, but the idea that he had enough experience to suffer. "Did not think so difficult, the material is easy enough, constantly pat, through the system to strengthen, light after the system has done a year, the last chaff to 90 minutes version." 」

Do you believe it? After the movie was finished, I found my film, there is no theater willing to go on! A few days ago in China Navisho See "100,000 gang urgent" movie Billboard stood there, really, tears almost fell off.

He said that now the film is to be released, all depends on the face of the theater, especially the National film is more difficult. "If everyone is going to rob the Christmas schedule, Li's posthumous" Love of the Aurora "can get the theater to 500,000, but Hollywood's" museum Fright Night "can make theaters earn 5 million, which is what the theater is supposed to do. "Talking about the Kankan of the film, the expression is very serious. (Recommended you see: The existence of first love, is to regret the aurora of love than the Aurora more dazzling love )

I asked Kangkang how he had been through so many setbacks. Kangkang took a deep breath, said lightly, "the master Sheng Yan once said that encountering difficulties is" face it, accept it, deal with it, put it down, and I think I only do the third step to "deal with it" and try to resolve the frustration. And I went on to ask, why do I say only the third step? Kangkang smiled and said: "If I put down, now I will not be here to complain to you about this!" "This is the first time that he has shown me the familiar humor."

"Don't care, let me have more"

We all know that Kangkang has an excellent popularity in showbiz, so that he always needs help when there are many friends willing to lend a helping hand to him. I'm curious, how did Kankan do it? And he said, the success of the method is "don't dispute", do things must not ask for return, if small nose small eyes of everything to care, but can not get good results.

He recalls that a friend of the restaurant in Xiamen opened, he did not report to the brokerage company, then and Dongzhi into secretly fly in the past to help friends cut the ribbon, did not think the other assistant is a novice, and he gave the wrong time, to find the opening ceremony has long ended. But Kangkang not only not to run for a trip and angry, even after the invitation to 50 artists to friends restaurant to eat, leave the signature on the wall, for each other to do the full face. (Share with you: before 30 years old, do not care about the matter )

As a result, the friend became the Kankan film when the Big Gold Lord, the original did not dispute, let Kankan have more. But Kangkang said, the wide knot of good is always a mountain and a mountain high, never think that they do well, there are many small details themselves often did not notice. " There are always people better and more thoughtful than I am. Kangkang looked toward a Darwin on the wall, he said, and Wumengda, without his knowledge, donated a sum of money to the charity in the name of the "100,000-gang-hurry" cast.

Listen to Kangkang mouth kept saying thank you, I realized, these in the showbiz break out a day of senior artists, in fact, all have this kind of quality, today you helped me, next time, I will change the friendship, will not be in the present, because of gain and loss, can never only look at the present, but a time to pull the long, In order to truly see things.

"I am a funny artist, just can sing some songs, and singing, is sincere." 」

Chatting about how this would like to use a concert to promote the film, Kangkang said, this is not an ordinary concert, in addition to serious singing, will also bring the show culture, the whole show, just as wonderful as watching the show. Combined with Wu, Baiyun, Wang Yahao, etc. in the new film appeared in the senior comprehensive artists, hoping to let the audience listen to the song at the same time, can also laugh constantly,"comprehensive artists, the use of comprehensive arts skills publicity film." (same field Gayon:"Chinese good voice" burst red!) Why Taiwan's variety show makes people want to turn the table

Kangkang said that in addition to singing funny "Happy Bird Day", "nen elder sister live City" This kind of song, also sings "You Do Not Love Me" This kind of love song, but sings, is sincere . Many people may not know that Kankan is actually from the pub in the singing started, but also by the singing competition all the way into the showbiz. But, he was a star in the attitude of the popular, elegant demeanor has covered his good voice.

Many people tend to despise funny artists, but I don't want to be seen flat. In fact, to be funny, is to do a lot of homework, otherwise those jokes from where? When I sing, I will deliberately shape myself into another image, hoping to give people the feeling of uncertainty, do not want to let people think I am very shallow, so will try different roles.

Kangkang High School painting, tracing the movie "fast-food cart" poster

Since the early days of the Kankan, the country began to be the school's man, everyone knows he will host and sing. In high school, he won the folk song Contest, and the same speech contest and the championship, but only second place because the Mandarin is not standard enough. He said that in school, he found his performance can bring everyone happy, see people like their performances, the feeling of affirmation, it is difficult to say, also let him have to continue to play the driving force.

Funny way, there are many kinds of

One of the bridge sections of Kang's favorite director, Woody Allen's work, "The Fool in prison", is this:

Woody was held in prison because he wanted to escape, brainwave a piece of soap into a pistol and then painted it black. After finding an excuse to ask the warden to take him out of his cell, he used the soap pistol against the warden and threatened them to let him go. Unexpectedly, the sky was raining heavily, the soap pistol melted into a bubble, and Woody had to return to prison with an innocent face.

Images intercepted from Youtube

Kankan dancing in this fragment, he said, this is his favorite humorous way, not so direct, turned a corner found very funny. "There are many kinds of funny, there are not allowed that kind of very direct, was taken off trousers or smashing cakes, people feel very embarrassed, very funny." But there are those who need to think about it like Woody Allen, or Michael Hui, to find out where the smile is, and I like it myself. "(Recommended reading: the highest level of advertising: a sentence without saying that humor )

We often too underestimate the funny thing, a homophonic, a pun, any simple stem, are after a long period of accumulation and exercise, in order to show in the right time. And the performance is not successful, in the present, look at the audience's expression will immediately have the answer, so think up a bit cruel, also from the bottom of my heart to admire the ability to put down his body, only for Bo Jun a smile.

Through 20, 30, 40, 50, looking back to find the most valuable family

When I was 20, I was mutiny, my girlfriend felt like I couldn't see the future, marry others, I am sad to only get drunk every day, 30-year-old business failure, but also to take care of the sick grandma, had to often pick up the highest in the night to earn money, the field is full of gangsters, but also was a gun pointed at the head, I now think: "Solve me, There is no pain, "the day did not happen, there is a chance to win the singing contest champion, into the showbiz, all the way to develop smoothly; at the age of 40, the program opened more and more, it was unstable, and the environment of Taiwan's comprehensive arts circle became worse. And my 50-year-old, is now, a father, a director.

Kangkang said, before young and sensible, in order to make money, what jobs are connected, more than 10 years ago, the variety show environment is very poor, I hope that artists to do some dangerous things, cut-knot book written all are English, half words are not understand, can only bite the bullet, to finally ask others only to find, cut knot book written, The artist is responsible for any accident in the program.

"When the father, those variety show desperate, I do not want to play." In the past when the program, from the height of the jump down is not okay, now light to see his son on the sofa jumped on the jump, will be afraid of his injury. Really want to be the parents, can realize that kind of mood, before doing those things on the show, don't know how worried parents. Kangkang said to his son and family, the eyes and words are full of tenderness. (Share with you: How long have you been in contact with your family?) "Home" that accompanies us to grow up but is neglected

I often play with my son, every time I say "I love you" to my son, he will deliberately return "I do not Love You". On one occasion, he saw me singing on TV, "You Do Not Love me," turned his head to ask my wife: "Mom, dad than look so sad, singing who does not love him?" Are you talking about me? I am joking, in fact I love him very much! "It really touched me.

Kangkang's hands were clasped and his fatherly feelings were palpable. Through frivolous 20, 30, and the Metamorphosis of the 40, now Kankan, the life is very round, think money enough, family and friends all safe, is the greatest happiness.

"The outward appearance is crazy, has the connotation"

At the end of the interview, we hope Kankan can describe himself in a single sentence, citing a female classmate who wrote to him in high school: "The appearance is crazy, quite connotation". He said he was embarrassed to describe himself, but the girl described it, and he liked it. I hope that the future will be able to continue to excel in their own, create more possibilities.

Kangkang office seat on the wall, hanging friends send him the couplet, the above written word is: " jin field a smile people 绝倒, Rong palm thousand sound customer desire Mad ", will Kankan's name Kangjinlong into the couplet. This couplet, as if Kangkang is on the road of showbiz continuously in the pursuit of the goal, and today, he brought to everyone's laughter, and received applause, is obvious to all. (Extended reading: big sister Zhang Xiao Yan, 50 years of constant entertainment warm power )

In this short talk of less than two hours, I saw a different Kankan with my cognition, he is not only funny, but also a tolerant person, not greedy, don't care, nor dare to say their good, I asked him several times how he looked at himself, he chose to quote other people's words.

"Ten years to grind a sword, carefully do every little thing, not in the present dispute gains and losses, and so the time is come, things will come naturally." "

Kangkang spent more than 10 years in exchange for the philosophy of life, in this afternoon do not hide private all share to me. And I put this mind and moved, translated into words to you, go forward in the process, there is always a smile and tears, I hope to go to the end, we will be laughing at the group of people laugh.