Not everyone in the world is Charlie, but Amed Ahmed, even though the freedom of the press has vilified his beliefs, has sworn to defend them.

January 7, Paris, France, the most serious terrorist attacks in the past 20 years, 3 masked gunmen broke into the French satire weekly Charlie Hebdo, the Paris city head office, took 12 lives, including editor-in-chief Chabonnier (Stephane Charbonnier), 5 cartoonists, as well as two policemen, had a total of 20 injured to be sent to the medical staff.

After the incident, Paris in an unprecedented atmosphere of anger, the night of the major cities have launched #JeSuiCharlie "I am Charlie" protest, the fight to defend the Hard-won news and freedom of speech, when the gun to the pen head-on, They choose to be the fearless pen, the ammunition is exhausted day, pen will not have a stop day.

But it's worth noting that people incarnate Charlie, pick up the fearless pen, shouting that they would rather stand dead and not kneel on the site to continue to post the satirical cartoons against the Islamic religion caricature, not everyone in the world is Charlie, more people are Amed Ahmed, even if the press freedom of speech slander his faith , but they swore to defend it.

Who's Amed? Of the 12 people killed, two were not weekly-related, they were police officers, 42-year-old Amed Ahmed Merabet, and 49-Year-old Franck Brinsola. Both were working in the neighborhood of Charlie Weekly's Paris 11 district police station. As the name implies, Amed Ahmed Merabet, who guards Charlie Weekly, is a Muslim.

News footage, two masked gunmen approached Amed, ruthless end of his life, Amed finally died in their fellow gun. Ironically, when the gunman finished the slaughter, he shouted to the air, "we have avenged Muhammad Muhammad!" "Amed Ahmed's name actually comes from the same language source as Mohammed Muhammad, and Mohammed is sometimes called Amed."

To believe in Islam does not mean terrorists. There are many people in the world who are not Charlie and can't even grasp the "freedom of the Press" as Charlie, but they may all be Amed. He died defending the freedom of the press, even though his freedom had mercilessly mocked the religion he believed in.

"I'm not Charlie, I'm like a dead Amed." Charlie laughed at my beliefs and culture, but I defended his freedom and his rights at the last moment of my death. 」

"#jesuisAhmed He is a real hero, protecting a magazine that mocks his religion. 」

"I don't agree with you, but I swear to defend your right to speak." "(but actually this sentence is not by Voltaire said, many years by misinformation.) )

When the terrorist incident in France again set off the peak of anti-Islam, when #killAllMuslims became another popular Twitter hashtag, when several mosques were destroyed after the outbreak, when two yuan discussion such as peace and violence, civilization and barbarism, pens and guns, Let the Western world culture and the Islamic religion opposition is rampant, Amed's story has given us the ponder and the warning of the bitter experience.

Instead of imposing a hasty and brutal symbol of Islamic culture and Muslims and terror attacks on their heads, we should believe that there are more Amed in the world, that they endure the discrimination of cultural hegemony, and that they demonstrate the true freedom of speech by life.

Consider the nature of the incident as two kinds of violence, Western freedom of speech and violence in the Islamic world, and the violent confrontation of armed devices, tooth for eye, "You hurt me, so I want you to pay blood." Walking on the edge of such tension, everyone may inadvertently become terrorists, pick up their good weapons, perhaps the pen, perhaps the gun, attack each other, to the death of the party.

But only by ending this vicious cycle of confrontation, only put down the hatred, only to put down the perspective of a single culture, only to respect the freedom of the two created, to stop the confrontation and even deliberately to manipulate the confrontation between the two parties, so that terrorist attacks can not be repeated, so that we can remember this time 12 of human life brings us the pain, Rather than go into the next vicious circle.

Dedicated to 12 lives, 20 hospital casualties, thousands of Charlie in the streets, tens of thousands of Amed behind the screens, and France torn apart by hate but hoping to heal with love.