Xu Youjie quotes mainland entrepreneurWang Shi as saying: "You're not strong enough, because you're too comfortable." Remind all working people not to share the direction and suggestions of practice privately.

"The scariest thing in the world is someone who's better than you, harder than you." "This is the first thought that I p&g with the vice president of PR Xu Youjie Rene In-depth one hours after the heart flashed.

People who are better than you, work harder than you. When you complain that no one knows how to appreciate yourself, someone in the world treats every setback as a practice; When you think the mistakes are the boss's fault, some people are willing to the boss of each of the strict as is to make their own better well-meaning. There is another meaning to work harder than you, and more than you do, you value every little thing you do at hand.

Time back one hours ago, and Xu Youjie meet in P&g's reception room. Already heard Xu Youjie, was the first person to bring the Pantene to the Philippine market, leading Taiwan's Sassoon Bob Head popular, but also Taiwan's "six-minute life-support" activities of the important mastermind. To see him himself, he used a leisurely attire, look at the ease of the demonstration of what is inner interreligious leader style.

Bao P&g is hailed as the cradle of leadership, with a rigorous and solid in-house training program, with outstanding talent such as Coca-Cola's chairman and CEO John Brock Brock, Hewlett-Packard CEO and CEO Meg Whitney Whitman. Xu Youjie is not only the current vice President of communication and public relations in Greater China, but also the head of corporate communication and brand building in Asia, and is responsible for the communication, performance management and leadership training of the overseas Chinese. (Recommended reading: an interview with P&g Communication and PR director Liang: Innovation, Trust, Agile Successful Program )

To be a convincing leader is a lifelong lesson for every boss, and leading people into leadership is more of an advanced effort. We also particularly Rob in Xu Youjie this brief to Taiwan period, and he meet, hope by his share, give us more career reflection.

"27 years, I have never satiation this job.

From marketing, brand management to Hong Kong Bao overseas general Manager, and then to the current communications and vice president of public relations, Xu Youjie in P&g for 27 years, many people should have the same question: "Is it really not greasy?" 」

Xu Youjie Hearty smile, said oneself these years, really never satiation this work. If you really want to say, this is probably the key words: "Growing up", "consistent concept", "the frequency of the same working partner." 』

"I feel like I'm growing up here and I'm always feeling inadequate," he said. For me, this is a fairly positive loop, because only when you feel inadequate can you grow. In the days of Bao Qiao, I am learning and growing every day, every day is different. 」

"Second, this company has never made me feel guilty about violating my conscience. P&g's central idea and values are very much in line with mine. 」

"In the end, it's the people here who work together. I feel that we have a common frequency in which we can communicate clearly and effectively to achieve the same goal. We are not just colleagues, more like friends, or comrades. 」

These three key reasons, so that Xu Youjie no matter what kind of serious challenges in the workplace, do not forget the original intention. "It's a lot of challenges, but it also makes me learn a lot," he said. "Just so lightly, Xu Youjie said through his own in the p&g growth of career landscape."

Choose a company that is not afraid of you growing up, more capable of making you grow; Choose a company that you agree with and who is willing to go all out; Choose a company where you can work and trust your team.

"I remember it now, then the boss said to me, you want to let the brand Evergreen forever, don't have a recession period" as the consumer goods industry leading enterprises, Xu Youjie smiled and said the most important thing is not afraid of setbacks, wrong to change, try again, along with the changes in the Times, is a living enterprise. " walking in the tide of the times, facing the challenge, Xu Youjie a leisurely and comfortable. Not only because he has already seen the big storms, but also because he clearly understand the tide, what he wants. So we can face all the challenges in a leisurely manner.

The process of growing up is to constantly expand the comfort zone

We often mention the comfort zone, encourage young people to bravely step out of the comfort zone, to explore the larger and farther world, out of the comfort zone, life begins. and Xu Youjie said: "The process of growth, in addition to constantly stepping out of the comfort zone, but also to continuously expand the comfort zone." "Xu Youjie in the days of the treasure, but also the best example of expanding the comfort zone." (Recommended reading: All the same !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

Forward from Xu Youjie Rene Weibo

Looking back on these years of experience in the workplace, Xu Youjie is particularly touched, along the way is a thorough expansion of their understanding, redefine the comfort zone. Think of a few years ago or brand manager, the first to get the brand is very small cold and flu drugs, he honestly said at the beginning of the heart is really not balanced ah, why others get big, they get a fragmented, difficult to operate the small card?

Xu Youjie Share, when a senior told him: "Forget the size of the brand, anyway, do it well, make A difference." "Xu Youjie was awakened, the brand is difficult to do is not a reason, solid do, the result is true." So the first year to hand over the results of the bright eye, was immediately transferred to the boss to take responsibility for the launch of the Philippine listing planning.

At that time, the boss only said a word: "I trust you, do not give you restrictions, you do it well, only successful, not to fail." 」

Xu Youjie hurt the brain, the company has other brands want to enter the Philippine shampoo market, but the defeat was a mess, what should be done to fly soft? Xu Youjie analysis, at the time of 1990, fly-soft main wash and protect the unity, in many people's mind very conflict, the company spent a lot of time research and development, so he positioned to fly soft as "breakthrough"breakthrough, and I believe that you only use once this product, absolutely will be stunning. "

In response to the theme of the breakthrough, Xu Youjie first made a rather bold pie-like, but also did the Philippines for the first press conference, the media invited to do a witness more pull on the trial, innovative approach is indeed in the media to leave a deep impression. Not only that, but also made a big show, inviting the entertainment industry King did not see the king, after the enemy of the same Taiwan, echoing the idea that shampoo and hair care conflict, proved seemingly conflict, in fact, cooperation can be more stirring sparks.

With the innovative experience of flying, Pantene also listed in the Philippines, then Xu Youjie to Taiwan responsible for Sassoon, redefining the Sassoon concept: "Hair, is also a tool to show fashion." "Sassoon fashion rebellious full of individuality, so at that time Xu Youjie to enable the model of short hair, bold challenge consumers for" long hair = beauty "of the established impression, more accidentally caused Sassoon Boberto of the pandemic! Then in Taiwan, the far-reaching "six minutes of life" corporate social responsibility activities, from 1995 to now, is still a catchy slogan in Taiwan.

Looking back on this all the way, in the marketing of this piece to jump for more than 20 years, Xu Youjie said: "The goal of marketing has not changed, is to convey the message in the most consumers can absorb and accept the time passed to him, that's all." 」

I asked Xu Youjie, this way to think which one is their most satisfying masterpiece? Xu Youjie smiled and said: "Every time there is ah, now think of the more in the lack of resources, the more unlimited creativity." Every period, I expect to have a masterpiece, not to explain to the company, but to their own account, this year has not been wasted. "(Recommended reading: Phoenix satellite TV chief anchor Wu Xiaoli: chongrubujing, do anything to be worthy of their own first )

"Success is not a revaluation, but a value" Xu Youjie the workplace four advice to the working people

In addition to the efforts to accumulate their own career experience, to transform frustration into growth momentum, Xu Youjie never forget the word "sharing" is more important. Four years ago, he half forced himself to open a microblog, 140 words a day to train their own language refining degree, but also in order to pass the experience to more lost children, all the way up to now, Xu Youjie has accumulated nearly 60,000 fans, because of his share, the world less than 60,000 lost, more than 60,000 practical direction.

In particular, we ask him to share with the readers of the female fans the four tips that seem trivial in the workplace.

1. Just ignore kpi!. Young people should know how to set up a masterpiece for themselves

"Have you ever learned a new skill for yourself every year?" Have you ever made yourself more and more refined on a particular skill? Do you keep expanding your horizons? 」

Xu Youjie asked us, also always take this question constantly ask themselves. "In the workplace, I set myself a masterpiece this year for every season and year." You can't get the Golden Horse award every year, but you won't hand over blank at least. "Work, not only to tell the boss, more important is what you do, you have no way to explain to yourself?" Can you be proud of yourself? Will you feel proud of this year's masterpiece?

2. Life is not always the checklist of the list, sometimes repetition is the path to mastery

"Always ask yourself, in the same position for three years, is the same thing done three times or 300 times?" Do you have a chance to do better with repetition? 」

Xu Youjie remind, do not care about doing things redo once, the more you do, the more you can see the last time you do inadequate, more can accumulate their own experience, leading to mastery. This sentence more to the lack of patience for the work of many workers to think, please do not take their work small, small things to do the most full, called professional. (Recommended reading: young people, don't rush to do big things before you can )

3. The workplace is important, but outside the workplace you have to have your own interests

Forward from Xu Youjie Rene Weibo

"My own experience is that the person who is prone to frustration at work is because he has the work as his whole, the emotions are led by the performance of the work." 」

Now many people often struggle to get busy with their work and never have a life. Xu Youjie Redefine this phrase, saying that everyone should have their own interests outside of work, not because of work to give up the things you usually love, or with their interests away from, in the end it is you make your life become only work, no other. (Recommended to you: Why do you love the job or not happy?) Find the value of self practice at work

4. If the boss asks a lot of you, you must thank him.

"A tough boss is a very unhappy person right now, but after that, you will find that he has taught you the most." 」

Xu Youjie encourage young people to get along with the boss for a change of mentality, don't always think of him where is not good, try to pull himself farther away from time and space, think five years later, you look at yourself now, will you thank him to remind you to do things more solid and accurate? if the boss asks you a lot, thank him, because you will grow up very fast. On the other hand, only people who care about you will want you better.

The bloody observation of mainland China and Taiwan: The market does not need to be hard, people need to work harder

"The mainland is big, people, the production of a high budget, a single set of good voice in China chair, may be Taiwan's a television production fee." When the mainland and Taiwan are placed on the same Libra, the game is basically wrong. 」

Ask the long awaited Xu Youjie of mainland China on Taiwan and the mainland market observation and prospect analysis, he said he was very optimistic about Taiwan's limited resources in the case, the burst of creativity. "I'll never say that the budget is limited and I can't do it." I think the most creative ideas, often in the least resources to come out! "Xu Youjie said that Taiwan people in the Humanities brand management has a lot of experience, cafes and literary creation shop is no longer just a meeting place, but also a concept, a brand quality experience!"

"Do not go to scale, do not go more than the number, but rather than texture, meticulous degree!" Xu Youjie Special mention of last year's family shop members of the project, let his eyes a bright.

At the same time, Xu Youjie also observed young people in both places Chinese young people often more dare to say, the body is full of fear of the loss of the leopard sex, Taiwan's young people compared to the more subtle, not clear what they want, even in foreign language ability, Xu Youjie said, formerly he knew Taiwan English ability, work solid, in recent years, But in the rapid growth of the mainland, Taiwan's progress appears to be less, the difference is more and more distant, Taiwan's children really need to add more oil. (same field Gayon:"Ding Juan Column" a shocking education of Chinese speech )

According to the latest ETS statistics, Taiwan students ' average TOEFL score is the penultimate sixth, losing to mainland China, South Korea, Pakistan and Vietnam, only to win Japan. Xu Youjie mentioned recently to Taiwan several campus recruiting speech experience, found that compared with China, raise their hands to ask students significantly less, many students do not know how to marketing themselves, Xu Youjie shook his head to call a pity.

Xu Youjie's observation is very real, the first five years to let Taiwanese vast proud of the English ability is now behind the Asian countries, when the world is progressing, Taiwan stalled, is a marked setback. Taiwan talent is not lost to the world, but the absolute need to complement language skills and self marketing, learning to express themselves.

Now is not the time to bide, professional talent explosion growth under the title, if the old feel that they are only want to wait for bole excavation, it too underestimate themselves, but also a pity such a good qualification. Modesty, is a Taiwanese proud of the characteristics, but modest to not marketing themselves, is definitely a waste. (Recommended reading: Top talent outflow first, what should Taiwan do?) )

"You're not strong enough, because you're too comfortable."

This sentence is very painful, but each hope that their better work people have to listen, have to take a sting in the ear to remind themselves. Continuing with the topic of China and Taiwan, Xu Youjie quotes mainland entrepreneur Wang Shi, "There are two kinds of people in the world, one is the strong, the other is the weak." The strong find discomfort for themselves, the weak find comfort for themselves. Which one would you like to do? 」

When the whole world with a sentence of proverbs to remind us Shaoguang perishable, we have no courage to actively seek discomfort, have the ability to accept suffering, there is no chance to bring themselves with Taiwan to the next juncture. (Recommended reading:"discomfort, the beginning of formal growth" to write a letter to the work of the confused you )

"I think for today's children, from school into the workplace is a great impact, absolutely to hold the mentality of learning to go." "In the face of the boss's guidance and criticism, as long as it is not a life attack, as a gift of growth, a good boss, really care about you will speak of you, will be more nervous than you, will be more worried than you are not growing."

"In the workplace, you will always have the opportunity to make mistakes, learn faster in the wrong middle school." You have to have the guts to face things you're not and unfamiliar with. It's normal to be frustrated and confused at work, but at this point you have to be more proactive in finding answers to others than it is to end up groping alone. "Xu Youjie Special Reminder.

When the original into the treasure, the computer is not universal, Xu Youjie even the computer will not use, and now he even run his own microblog, regular dispatch caused tens of thousands of people concerned. He smiled and said: "I am surrounded by young people, there is no reason I do not follow the times, and keep pace with the pace, I want to know what is happening in the world and the Times." 」

One hours, we from Xu Youjie and treasure the relationship between the Chinese and the essence of marketing to talk about the distance between Taiwan and the mainland, facing the broad but the truth is always consistent. Success in life is not just a promotion, but a creation of value. Do you believe that you have value, slow stew with time and experience, unhurriedly embrace every challenge, grow with insufficient exchange, and take career frustration as the foundation of the next challenge?

Xu Youjie walked for 30 years, came to greater China's communications and vice president of the public relations position, but still every day feel inadequate, hands-on with the Times walk in a piece, Ninze remind themselves, do their own most stringent supervisor. There is a dream to practice, is climbing up on us, how can we not point to wake ourselves? (Recommended reading: The first job do not be greedy, solid do small things get lost )

To share with you, from now on, in different positions of us, together to create value, do not forget the lost time, you have us.