Went to the Banff Museum, actually did not necessarily learn what knowledge, but very real experience of life, the temperature between people.

for BANFF, Winter is actually the off-season, with the exception of young people who love snow sports, and few tourists. That's why I can get such a cheap ticket and why I hardly ever meet a few Asians here. and Jamie work Banff Springs Hotel is off-season in the off-season, after all, the young people who love skiing, may not be interested in the upscale hotel, also can not afford.

BANFF bit in Alberta Province (Alberta)

"Don't you think you're here to live instead of on vacation?" 」

Jamie asked me that. Yes, I have this feeling deeply, no planning itinerary, where I want to go, most of the time with walking, really can not go to the place on the bus. Life here is like this, Jamie no class days, we will together think about where to go, and she work, I will be a person to participate in the local tour, or at random in downtown walk, wandering. (Recommended reading: in Europe, to the field without direction of wandering )

And I go to the end of a person, usually into the museum. Because of museums, we can always get to know unfamiliar corners quickly.

Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum: A complete reappearance of Indian culture

Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum was the first place I broke into. BANFF because it is a national park, the construction of all the houses have strict rules, where there is no high high house, there are many appear to be in Taipei City was robbed of the ground, the museum here is not very small, but are very able to blend into the local scenery.

Bow River on the other end is downtown, in fact, this museum is not far from downtown

Buffalo National Museum's appearance was very distinctive, but I spent some time looking for it, because it was completely closed to look like a museum, I was around it to find the entrance only in the dim lights! and I even have to open the door is full of uncertainty, with the creaky door, I came to this belongs to the mysterious space of Indian culture.

A door, the service staff at the counter warmly smiled at me, my heart finally have the feeling of the wrong place. The museum's visit fee is 10 yuan (NT $270), the entrance with tea bags and hot water can be used, in such a cold weather suddenly feel very warm. Since this was the first museum I visited, there was no particular idea for such a visit, and it was later discovered that the museum was BANFF expensive in all museums. (Share with you: Dream Museum collection: I have nothing to say, except that I love you )

Maybe it's the off-season and the early days, and I'm the only one in the whole museum, and I think it's nice to be quiet. The inner space of the museum is divided into two areas, and the right hand displays the Indians ' garments, jewellery and living utensils. In the Indian culture, men and women are equally important, men go out hunting, women will be at home in a shoulder to carry the housework, weaving and production of the necessities of life and care for children, in the photo, the Indian men and women's appearance is dark and rugged, revealing with the nature and the environment the only practical sense of integration.

Buffalo National Museum, the founding librarian:
Norman and Georgina Luxton ( photo source )

Buffalo National Museum, the most stunning, in fact, is the left side of the exhibition area. The museum will reproduce the life of the Indians in the form of statues, every face, every pair of eyes, is so true and vitality.

One of the works "buffalo jump"the Indians to capture the bison, at that time, the Buffalo was one of the main food sources of Indians, they will be to the wild cattle down the cliff, fall into a serious buffalo if there is a trace of breath, by ambush in the cliff under the person responsible for the end of the Buffalo life with bows or spears.

Walking to the deepest part of the museum, Flash's eye has been an hour long, the whole museum is still empty only me, and then this works called "sun dance" appear in front of me, frankly, there is really a feeling of fear in the moment (the positive photo is too real, do not put out).

Sun Dance is the traditional ritual of the Indians, in order to pray for the peace and prosperity of the people, will be in vivo sacrifice, to hold a ritual, sacrifice of the people will be like a picture of the appearance of hanging in the tree, the tribe will be around to pray. It was not until 1951 that the Canadian government There is a formal ban on the sacrifice of the living, and there is not much left in the Sun dance, because in order to ensure the sanctity of the ritual, the duration is prohibited photography. I wonder if this ritual is still going on in a corner of the world.

around a circle. Buffalo National Museum, a thought flashed through her mind,

The culture that was sealed in the museum was all life.

and now These living beings, they have become museum exhibits, have become the past. Will there be a day when our lives are now for posterity to watch and marvel at once? If you are interested in Indian culture, don't forget to come here for a walk. (Recommended: Enjoy a simple life, find the happiness of Solitude )

BANFF Park Museum National Historic Site of Canada: Wildlife! The source of vitality in Canada

after leaving Buffalo National Museum, I went over Shan (Bow River) to Banff Park Museum, where the museum was interesting in that its buildings were historical monuments, And that makes its name seem so long. It was built in 1903 and has a century-long history, showing almost all the precious species that will be seen in the Banff National Park.

(Photo source )

As I entered the building, a young Canadian girl was standing in the counter, and she and I briefly explained the characteristics of the museum and the things to be aware of when visiting. For me, to take out a visit fee of 3.90 dollars, is probably the most troublesome thing to visit the whole trip, in Canada, I do not understand the most is the change.

There are seven kinds of coins in Canada, 1 points, respectively. 5 points, 10 points, 25 points, 50 points, 1 yuan, 2 yuan, compared to Taiwan's commonly used 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 50 yuan four more complex, plus the positive exclusively is all the Queen Elizabeth side image, make me dizzy. because it is really a headache to see coins, simply put all the coins on the hands of her please help me to take.

She smiled at me and began to explain to me enthusiastically the patterns on each coin. in 1 points behind is the Maple Leaf, 5 is the Beaver (Beaver), 10 is the three-mast fishing boat, 25 points is the reindeer (elk), 50 is the Canadian national emblem, 1 yuan is the submarine bird (Loon), 2 Yuan is the polar bear (polar Baer), After introducing the coins, she told me where to find the animals on the coins in the museum. (see: Animals should have names, not just numbers!) Jane Goodall, who has a heart-to-heart with chimpanzees.

Image source: Wiki

I feel a sense of intimacy with these coins, and these patterns reflect the Canadians ' respect for nature and their intentions, as I have felt every day here. In Banff, I have seen almost all the children's books, such as Beavers, bears, reindeer and other common Canadian animals as the protagonist, so that children grow up with these animals together, and road names are often named after animals. Here, the animal is big, but the person is only the smallest foil in nature. And so what this museum shows is the source of Banff's vitality.

This day, a lot of parents with children to visit, the counter staff will always be very cute to remind children not to touch the museum of animal exhibits, if you can not touch, after the visit to the counter to receive a small gift. Canadian parents are also very serious with the performance, let the child "do not touch things" as a final task, a pair of small sister brother in each other can not help but to touch it will remind each other, really let me can't help but to steal a smile. But this is the Canadian education, all the children in the street are full of vigor and curiosity, but seldom see crying and chiropractor oversteps moment. (same field Gayon: Intimacy is the starting point of upbringing: getting children close to nature )

After the visit, I saw a little girl pulling his parents, and went to the counter to ask

: "Do the animals in the museum move at night?" 」
: "Do they look like living animals?" I'm not sure, but I've been working here for a long time and haven't seen them move. 」

This is much more romantic than saying that they don't move. The little girl nodded with satisfaction and pulled her parents ' hands out of the museum. What a pleasant afternoon, what a beautiful Banff.