Valentine's Day, with her dear her to commemorate the friendship. Five Sisters project to you, wish you love more than kin, always do each other the most intimate stomach worm.

Valentine's Day, you have also fantasized about buying all the world's Valentine's Day package, double movie tickets, so as to escape the sweet dead. But Ah, in fact, you do not really hate, just in this day of praise love, it happens that you are just a person, a bit afraid of their own walk in the noisy area appears abrupt, hateful is at home sliding face book a flash clock more lonely. Hey, this day, you can not be a person. (Extended reading: Enjoy a person's wonderful!) To spend a single day with you .

Think of the person who has enriched your life experience as a lover, you walk home together, you share the sadness, you warm each other's tears, you laugh to the voice of the mute, who is he?

Sisters, that is the kind of noisy today, tomorrow laugh, close to the annoyance, far from thinking, missing, see when annoying, they can bully, others can not bully the strange things. --"Those young times that can't go back."

Valentine's Day exclusive sister program, at the moment, we are not alone, because of you, this day has no meaning.

Plan one: Do not eat restaurant that set, sister I cook for you

On this day, let us be a green cooking for each other. Turning over the recipe book, clumsy thinking about the amount of seasoning, you know I eat sweet, just a little sugar.

The first time to wash the soup is not to lead to a man's heart, but to the love of a good sister. The woman cooks, is out of a pain cherish, a treasure, a we use the spirit to feed each other exchange. Today's feast, to be left to the good sisters, thanks so much for a long time, he does not abandon the act of garbage cans, without complaining to swallow your bitter. This day, you let him swallow is no longer a garlic skin-like troubles, but personally boil the treasure.

Woman Ah, don't forget to light candles, warm spring chill, add some wine, warm friendship.

A recipe for a sister, a person to do a more taste!
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Plan two: What about the dried fish girl! Lady ' s night with junk food on DVD

Lady ' s night! Do not have to go to the nightclub crowded people, at home to ease indulgence. Rent a couple of movies, take the fried chicken beer that you declined to contact on weekdays, and tonight the girls are bad.

Miss those who turn off the lights all night in the sisters time, Miss can with you big feast boring fart words and know you inexplicable smile point of her. Dear, tonight let us in this eight-ping junior suite, follow the absurd plot of the movie turned upside down the ex-boyfriend, open the jokes of the years!

Do not panic without a lover, because we have been each other's lives the most faithful reading of the public, this section is longer than the love of the relationship, ten years later, 20 years later, 30 years later, we will miss this night in the city full of lovers, chewing fried chicken watching the movie Tears of our happiness.

After the film is finished, the words are not finished, the persistence of the sisters is always after the story. Turn off the lights and let's keep talking.

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Programme three: Exclusive memory with the sisters! Two days a night of light travel

This Valentine's Day in Saturday, just two days on the weekend to a light trip. Do not have to take too much luggage, do not have to book a senior Motie, and sister's trip said go, you do not pursue to the most popular attractions, you would even like to get lost into the dessert shop no one knows, and travel as comfortable as a person.

Go to Yilan, do not imitate pick a cozy accommodation, give you a night Yilan stars. After Tainan, do not forget to taste the delicious lane, the spirit of roadside stalls as your friendship has been lasting new. Visit Taichung to taste the new coffee shop, and remember to add a little closer hand to your sister's family. Walk to Hualian, with her to embrace the comfortable sunshine, and the east Coast a whole piece of blue.

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Programme four: Exchanging gifts! Good things only sisters share

Gifts, send is the texture of the heart. How well do you know your sister? You'll know what she needs is not a Tiffany necklace, but a leather bracelet that presses your English name, and you'll know that she wants something more than a strange macho guy, a nice massage stick, and you'll know that it's better to play online games with her than to see a movie.

As your good sister knows that your obsession with comics is more than a gender expert's series, she knows it's better to give you a SPA roll. You guys are so blunt about each other's ghost ideas. After all, a good sister, not just in the donut shop 45 degrees elevation of the object, you but with high school together to see the first time a piece that share stupidity peculiar and absurd come!

The sisters will need it, you know it.
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Programme V: The word with weight, a letter addressed to her

Always remember to study, every birthday we all how to do anything, high school, she has never been absent your annual birthday witness, witness your growth. We always stay up late doing hand cards, preferably with a cheap plastic version of the memory of the kind, big and stylish, is simply to tell everyone, today is my good sister birthday general.

On Valentine's Day, write down what you want to say to her, perhaps more than the words you wrote to all your old lovers. Because this person, dislike several your ex-boyfriend, countless times will you from the ocean of tears pull out, to your drowning soul to do CPR, do not also participate in you do not go through the escape of the plan, those again unbearable years ah, you all come together.

In fact, also favorably, is not, despite the number of people who have rubbed the wrong, changed a few friends circle, but she, always in.

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Why are you so lonely with your sisters and your Valentine's Day? Happiness, is not the proper term of love, please give yourself the ability to have happiness, from knowing how to live with the good things.

February 14 Western Valentine's Day will come, and sisters to flash it warmly!

" string Love women " free tickets: and sisters to a concert bar!

Still don't know where to go with the sisters? Don't worry, we'll do it for you, let's go to the concert. As long as the message and share, there will be a chance to get the "strings of Women Heart" concert tickets! This concert in the way of Chinese and western merger, when the Erhu meets the violin, what kind of sparks? Listen to the music to agitate the woman's love mind.

Methods of activities

1. At the bottom of the message, write: good sister ____, Valentine's Day we go to the concert!
(Remember to mark your good sister, for example: Good sister @audrey, Valentine's Day we go to concerts!) )

2. Tick and share with Facebook.

Activity time: 2/5~2/10
Lottery time: 2/10 out of 5 lucky winners (each winner has two tickets)

The winning list will be published at the end of the article and we will send a ticket in 2/11.

Important Small reminder: please first to the home page, your membership data to fill in the full address (ZIP code + address), so that we can send the ticket safely to your hand yo!