In the darkest moments, love is most needed.In an article written by the author, the author says, after the disaster, the five words of the word "Ann, Quiet, Performance, Binding, Wisheng"

Early in the morning, the Airline AATR-72, the number B22816 was from Taipei's Matsuyama Airport, and a small passenger plane flying 10 :45 to Kinmen crashed into the Keelung River, which crashed into the Nanyang Bridge, and the public took a look at the heart-felt heartache.(To avoid secondary damage, we will no longer put on a direct video.))

The plane was not on fire, but the fuselage was fractured, and the passengers were trapped in the fuselage.Five crew members and 53 passengers were among the 53 passengers on the domestic airliner, according to the Fuhsing Airline. At present, 19 people were killed, 15 were injured and 24 were missing.

From morning to afternoon, someone took a remote control to watch the TV screen, and some people continued to slide on the phone to see developments at home and abroad. They couldn't help but have to shed tears. Some people have been in the Penghu air crash investigation for only half a year.

The same thing is that we, the people of Taiwan, are heartbroken.

Maybe it sounds old, but we have to say, it's a good time to love, too much to love.In the darkest times, love most needs to be loved.I still remember the article in the article written by the author, "Sea Tess bear, after the incident in May of last year. After the disaster, the five words on the heart, " Ann, Quiet, Hear, Wet, "

  1. Find a place that is safe: home, or where you can feel safe and warm.
  2. First let yourself calm down: You can try not to slide the phone, take a deep breath, or draw a picture with your hand.
  3. Increase self-effect: Think about ways to protect yourself, and get sense of security and control.
  4. Connect with important others: support each other, and talk about the event itself as an emotional comfort, but reduce the sharing of blood exposure as much as possible.Because you never know, what's the effect of these pictures on each other?
  5. Then, continue to look forward to the United States, hoping to look forward to recovery and change of survivors, or to see more warm events, news, and to restore their faith in the world.

Look at the news footage, but we can feel pain, but remember not to let yourself continue to be exposed to disaster fears, and let negative emotions devour themselves.You can try to breathe deeply, think about five words.In a calm mood, we continue to pay attention to the victims of the air crash, and we hope to pray for the victims of the air crash.(Clague events: Malaysia Airlines crash, broken heart moment )

It's time for us to remind ourselves not to be stingy and to talk about love.

Say the love of your family, I love you softly and softly love you ;
say love to your friends, I keep you warm in my heart;
Say the love of the lover, and I always want to walk you farther away.
Say your love to yourself, thank you for walking through all the pain of my life.

speaking of love is always regarded as a matter of too much abuse, but it is too easy for Shaoguang to be excused. What about abuse?We're all in a short life, and we meet with love and love. Thank you for these people in your life, and I've always been grateful for meeting you.

The sadness is not hallucination, "Roland said." Our sadness is not hallucination. We use our tears to mourn those who have disappeared, and we know that life is too short, but maybe we can be more permanent when we talk about love."

Life is too fragile, but don't make it longer than life.

Let's talk about love, people around them, hug them, and don't even come before them.

(If you found it, we lit a candle on the website to pray for the victims and the missing, and also for the benefit of Taiwan)