Do not talk about film delivery mirror, do not talk about the details of the director, do not talk about the color of the picture, just believe that after watching the film, can use text to open a dialogue with the film channels.

Three hours of "golden age", condensed is Xiao Hong 31 too short life, in the era of war is another independent chronological, recorded Xiao Hong has been forgotten story.

I saw born in the cold family, 20 years old from Hulan with cousin Runaway to Peiping, was rejected by the family outside the door of Xiao Hong, the Xiao June, a total of chewing a loaf of bread justly walked in the street Xiao Hong, love Xiao June, admired Lu Xun, finally married Duanmu Xiao Hong, I see living, not covered by the history of Xiao Hong, Saw her peering into the lens, then bowed her head to write, and a cigarette was twisted in her hand.

I see in the era of war under the Dianpei, longing for peace and quiet, but full of dynamic a pair of female body , perseverance and determination, carrying the fire and baby, rich in flesh and blood.

I saw the light of a few words, but the poor and lonely writing startling, I see the most cruel, never binghuangmaluan, I see as long as there is love, there is no freedom without concern.

"For what life, there is such a desolate night."

The people of our generation, in any case, can not feel the golden age of that kind of love. That emotion, is Xiao June in the night roadside pick up a piece of broken glass, cut off half of the shoelace, squat body in Xiao Hong Shoes edge, one half. Is Xiao Hong wrote "Money in My pocket, so, two people walk confidently in the street, through the electric lane, through the noise of the broken street." 」

Two figures are two little beasts of the time, experienced too much, a group of names accompanying each other, there are Xiao June Xiao Hong, there is Xiao Hong has Xiao June, the life of most of the development, two people are together, endure poverty, survived the war, experience betrayal, feelings of life and death, try to depart, finally did not walk together. Xiao Hong in the late regrets, all my friends are Xiao June friends, you ah, are the Xiao June party.

When Xiao Hong and Xiao June in the train, a bent guerrilla, a want to write things that moment separation, they know their own with each other's details, the relationship is like the more the more the finer the thread, toward permanent rupture. All the drifting away, from the iron heart to choose a different direction to start.

Two Shaw's story has Xiao June and duanmu of different versions, DUANMU version of Xiao June even a bit funny, the movie theater everyone smiled, I feel particularly sad. No matter what kind of words, the truth can not find back, the end will never return, Xiao Hong with Xiao June children, henceforth with Xiao June said good-bye, never see again.

Xiao June forbid ordinary, Duanmu can't get suffering, Xiao Hong both love and freedom, pick two men all with her life. In Xiao Hong's side, all the Nanche, naturally reduced to a supporting role, had to express implied in a variety of ways unwilling to go, the most lonely Xiao Hong, in the sickbed before the eyes, two men are not beside her.

The most brutal, not Binghuangmaluan, but love time and time again to mend knives.

The Golden Age, it is ironic to see the end too far away. But I would rather believe that such a golden age, destined to belong to the soul of the drift, is unwilling to move Xiao Hong and the Xiao June of wandering, and that emotion, also destined with Xiao Hong died.

The lens is gradually far away, Xiao Hong has had the tragedy in the big time, but is not has the choice. She cried for love, but there are too simple moments of happiness, she is lonely, but this road is not alone. Love and freedom are difficult to reconcile, but she finally caught a few.

Do not take too much mutton sentiment and criticism, Xu Saddle hua end out of the story of Xiao Hong, more once said: "Xiao Hong's question, is my question, the Xiao Hong's question is clear, my own question is clear." 」

Xiao Hong's question, is not only her, is Xu Saddle China, perhaps also all women common, the flies, although, we ask the people around us, the person is why to live, and what the reason for death, we like to love and freedom, to die endlessly.

Big storms, but I think the story of Xiao Hong, more like her in the "Hulan biography" wrote in the "above I wrote and there is no beautiful story, only because they are full of memories of my childhood, forget, hard to forget, on the record here." "There is always a four change in the yard, there is death, there are scattered, there are good and bad, is life."

In this lifetime, I can never understand the feelings of the Golden age, I do not understand, but also this era of my misfortune and luck. But I will remember that body weak but exceptionally strong Xiao Hong, remember that she pushed open the window, from the hotel imprisoned her jumped down, to the distance, soft and sonorous. (same field Gayon: gentle and resolute!) 19 for your female force movie