This time we invited Sophie to open the box, and the company of the red box gave her a lot of warmth and sweet heart to continue to face life, and let her face up to the courage of an imperfect life!

These two days of cold wind, leaving the cotton to the heavens and the paradise fell into hell.After more than a week of the New Year, the things that haven't been done have yet to be dealt with, yet they always want to be happy in the spring break, and they don't struggle.In this kind of weather, with such a feeling, if you are again experiencing a biological period, will it be equal to _____?
I think it's just a lot of rain and strong winds and strong winds."But
the Emperor closes the door, he will open a window to you, and from the window, it is a small box of red boxes that are full of wood. It seems that the stars in the night, or a lighthouse in the middle of the night, will bring endless comfort and hope to people.I think this is the February little red box brings me the mood, the surprise of time and time.

Let womany give you love, sunshine, and a little flows.

Love and sunlight are what I need right now in the torrential rain. If you can bring in the gentle and perseverance of the hibiscus, it is a luxury.

Can't wait to open this month with caution, and slowly open this month Little Red Box with tenderness and discount.By convention, all of this is well prepared, and there is also a small surprise in which the eyes of the eyes are lit.

  • Chinese herbal Cotton Cotton (daily flow) X1
  • Hocka Galley Light 98 light weight, drink X1
  • clear green tea for shampoo (50ml) X1
  • Bevy C. Net powdery (5ml) X1
  • Daily Beautiful Energy Jewelry Beauty X1
  • Renee Night Safety Pants X1
  • Rise Cake Card X1
  • Warm Hot chocolate X1
  • Woman's Bitty Red Bag X10
  • Miss Sweetie I Love Your Card X1

Let's first talk about the warmest this time, the most important of the Hekka kitchen, Light and Fair, and the " Gus

In the cold days, in addition to the hugging of her boyfriend, the heart of the cold is the hot drinking of the hot soup.But when the hot pot barbecue in the winter is full of calories, what can be done if it increases the burden of the body?It's a good thing for me to drink in the kitchen of the kitchen. A packet of calories is 98 large cards, and it adds a feeling of dietary fiber.The sweet heart satisfies my mouth, and it warms the heart of humid and irritability.(Recommended reading: There is no mention of gently: Introversion to boys is actually the eight reasons for the best boyfriend )

Again, this is the most beautiful, evoking mask and Bevy C. Net powdery

Life is always going to be different, just as the skin condition can fluctuin with a physiological period.At this time, we need to take care of ourselves more carefully, and the gem mask just needs to be used!Although it takes a little bit of courage to make a living on a cold facial mask in winter, it is necessary to work hard. How can such an ice age not be the exercise and stimulation of life?In the morning, before leaving the house, Bevy C., the light and humid vermicelli, was a little bit of a dynamite and a bit more dynamic and a good feeling.In the face of the next day of challenge, it seems that it is full of courage.(Sibling: Living with your heart, a habit )

Last-to-view's little surprise: "Miss Sweeds full of love cards" and "Women's Ball Ball Bags"

In February Valentine's Day, Miss Sweet tells us that she will always love you and stay with you, whether or not she is in love with you.It's like a woman fan, 24 hours a day, a whole year, more than just convenience stores and temperature.I think I will send this card to my future, and let her know that no matter what the low tide of life is, some people love her, and she will definitely persist in.

February, another expectation is the longtime Lunar New Year.I didn't expect the first red envelope of this year, and the women were ready to help me prepare the "ice-carrying" red envelope. I thought that it was not just good news, but even to tell each other, "Hey, even though life is not perfect, you have to be brave and unique!"" (Recommended reading: stare, scars, dedicated to you )

Every time when a job is forced to breathe, you encounter a little demon in the middle of your life. Don't forget the beauty and hope of life that has always been in life.Like a small red box, it is filled with love and sweet heart, which is filled with love and feeling.And these good intentions are giving us the courage to live imperfect.

I want to share this sentiment with you, a small red box, > > Experience the Red Box