Chen Chanfen teacher, with a simple and profound question: "Do you have the professional quality?" "Remind yourself to take a leisurely walk down this road and share it with you," he said.

The workplace is almost the place where we spend most of our lifetime. If the school allows us to learn how to "study" the entry time, the workplace is to let us learn to know ourselves, define success, understand and change the world. Each career path, will eventually lead us to see the different workplace scenery.

However, no matter how many dangers ahead, only ourselves, can determine what kind of road we will eventually go to, and see what kind of scenery. "Self" is the core of all problems and the beginning of all actions.

"It ' s All about you." The success and failure of your life are only related to yourself.

For the workplace, we always believe that we are not enough, and the future is always better possible, February 8 this year, 12:30 noon, women fans gathered at the International Conference Center in Taiwan Major hospitals, participate in the "Leadership" forum, listen to Chen Chanfen Teacher's "leadership" speech, and Ihealth CEO Wang Zhaoyun and Taiwan's director of urban and rural Zhang San Lin teacher of the era of dialogue.

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Nearly five hours of sharing, talk about not only the development of the workplace, not only the accumulation of workplace literacy, but also not just the leadership, enrichment is actually a lifetime of knowledge, the hearts of the lungs, the bitter experience.

Chen Chanfen, a former chief executive officer and general manager of the Grand Director of financial affairs, the vice President of Asia Pacific, the Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, and the vice chairman and Taiwan District of the Asia Pacific, UBS Investment Banking Group, has been a senior advisor to the company and the Cloud Gate dance set, With the international financial circle and investment bank rich experience of her but honorifics everything is the weather, geography, people and, their own Shing.

Hem the teacher chooses not to teach from the profession, does not talk about the commercial management, does not talk about the management, but from "the accomplishment" and "the ego leadership" to talk about, because this is impels the society to advance, changes the time the key. The speech of the day, five hours of time, we deeply feel that they are not enough, but also should be better, and such a better faith, but also because of a number of teachers to share, have a clear goal and direction of efforts. Organize the highlights of the day's speech and want to share it with you in front of the screen.

From the essence of dismantling the firing field: Do you know yourself?

Chen Chanfen teacher at Tsinghua University in Beijing, two years of teaching time, to become a few of Tsinghua University was rated as the premium teacher. Now she has a career literacy lesson, standing on the front lines of the top young people on both sides of the strait, the teacher has deep observation.

Hem's EMBA program at Tsinghua University School of Management
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Chen Chanfen Teacher, in the speech, eyes deep, words refining, more than one time to mention the Taiwanese, we used to think of those advantages, has ceased to exist. Our English is no better than others, quality is no better than others, the competitiveness of young people on both sides of the strait is more and more big, now we have been at the intersection of death, Taiwan has gradually lagged the world, Taiwan's talent has been too late to nurture.

Chen Chanfen said: "In China, many people say I teach success, I totally disagree." I teach not to succeed, because all success is about yourself. "The only way to succeed is to define success first." The teacher also throws out the first question: "How do you define your success?" 」

The pursuit of excellence in the process, a deep taste of sweat and tears of the people, it is gradually approaching the "success."

After the definition of success, we can talk about the workplace again. The workplace, is the interaction between people and things field, like Yin and Yang, endless. In the workplace, any change is natural and inevitable. (Recommended reading: Learn to fail on success!) See the story of six successful women )

Confused, unhappy, hectic, bored, unwilling, is the feeling in the workplace, each person has. Chen Chanfen reminds us that we have to be aware of the nature of the workplace from time to time. In fact, all emotions come from the inability to know the nature of the workplace. Chen Chanfen teacher summed up the six of the nature of the workplace, reminding us to be able to often put in the hearts of the police, but also to share the screen before you.

1. The ability to cultivate "synergy forces"

No matter how individual you think you are, you live in the big category of the workplace, and everything has to help you back and forth. So when you say, "I've done everything I can do," it's an extremely immature performance.

Chen Chanfen The example of his past work at an investment bank, regardless of rank or order, he always asked his boss before he left the office: "I've done everything, is there anything I can do?" "In the workplace, the initiative to do the link of the person, considerate of you before and after the hand, only to respect their hands are doing things, and so do, learn things will be the most." Your life's work and skills are followed by you. (Recommended reading:"female Leadership column" When you feel like you're doing small things, you're doing little. )

2. Exercise the spirit of "natural selection"

The workplace, not for the pursuit of comfort, the workplace is another battlefield.

In a good team, if you do not expect yourself to become equally excellent or even better, then wait to be eliminated, be eliminated by the company, be eliminated by the times. Into the workplace, we must also adapt to the ecology of natural selection. Good people live, not good to find ways to become excellent. (Recommended reading:"I'm afraid I'm too comfortable to learn anything anymore" interview with the founder of the Ding of the Austrian-American public relations )

3. From talent to talent capital

(Photo source: Workplace Literacy and Leadership FB)

In English, it is from Human to Human. Work, in fact, is to prove to the company that you are not only a talent, but also indispensable, valuable talent capital. Otherwise the company by what when your bole, see your future unlimited?

4. In the face of sometimes no "standard answer" scenario

In the workplace, you should not be looking for the standard answer, but trying to try to never think of the answers. The same situation, even each time there are different solutions. You want to pursue is not to look for the standard answer, but not every time let yourself, always choose the easiest solution to do, not willing to try, not willing to seek new answers.

5. Accept the situation that will not be "immediate"

Do not ask for a crash, many things do not do immediately demand to see changes, as long as you know if you do not, even the shadow can not see.

6. Every day is a chance to backfire.

The workplace is not to let you everything is smooth place, encountered more hardships and setbacks, but it is a good thing. In the workplace, remember that you come to the company to reduce the likelihood that the company has "backfired", and that the supervisor is not paying for your company to feel happy every day. People who get paid, please prove that they have the ability to solve problems.

Chen Chanfen teacher took us to dismantle the nature of the firing field, point out the inevitable changes and challenges in the workplace ecology, also do not forget to remind us that all learning is related to their own.

Those of us who seem to be successful in the workplace, in fact, in the pursuit of excellence in the course of the deep taste of tears of sweat, gradually close to success. Because very hard to survive, because they do not let go step by step close to excellence, one day to put on the success of the Laurel. (Recommended reading: before excellence, need to endure is loneliness )

If you really are a steed, why no one saw it?

In Taiwan, many people feel that they are not waiting for bole, so filled with anger, but few people mention you, perhaps you are not or not a steed. Can not show their ability to the Maxima, the value of that bole. (Recommended reading: If you don't know what you're saying, don't blame others for misunderstanding you )

Before you have the ability, don't just think about the bragging to do the big things, do the little things at hand, save yourself. Chen Chanfen teacher put forward, in the workplace, we have too many skills to accumulate, too much for the need to ponder, the more to do is from the self leadership, there are plans to lead themselves, Coach yourself.

Self-leadership, originated from "I Know Me", to understand personal characteristics and interpersonal relationships, remember that "I" is the main axis of accomplishment, self leadership is an important issue of life. Chen Chanfen Teacher reminded five of the ability to be a good career person.

  1. Understanding "Workplace Literacy"
  2. Exercise "Communication Skills"
  3. Strengthen the "mood intelligence"
  4. Construction of "professional image"
  5. Cultivate "humanistic accomplishment"

These five vectors, indispensable, we can not only capable but not literacy, but also can not be literate but not with intelligence, five vector with the growth, in order to let us walk in the workplace for a long time happy.

The teacher then threw out a lesson to let us think, "Do you know you enough?" Can you talk about yourself? "And suggest that we start with a three-minute version and spend three minutes talking to ourselves." After three minutes of practice, you can try a one-minute version. Self-awareness and introduction of these two pieces, in fact, is also a lot of people lack of practice lessons. (same field Gayon: brutal, but young people can not be unaware of the workplace five small things )

Commencement Chen Chanfen Teacher's workplace Literacy class "

Do you think you have a sense of professionalism in your workplace? More career topics, to learn in class! Chen Chanfen's "workplace Literacy" is about to begin again in the 8/11 Coursera, reminding us to start at the very beginning. This lesson will help you learn more about the workplace, enhance your international vision and expertise, and integrate yourself into your career. Come on, arrange your study plan for yourself and enjoy all six essential lessons!